Free things to do in Las Vegas.

Free activities to do in Las Vegas.

The big top.

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As the name suggests the theme for this hotel revolves around the circus theme with a big top circus tent and a megadrome full of fun rides. When the resort first opened in 1968 it was just a casino and circus acts however it was doomed to failure as it did not attract any high rollers. It was aimed more for families than adults alone. The other reason it was failing because it did not provide hotel facilities. It is a fairly isolated hotel away from the main strip although still on Las Vegas Boulevard. Currently there are no big hotels near it as they have been knocked down for future development.

Quite a few holidays are offered to this hotel because it is quite cheap to stay here but to be honest I would not recommend it as it is too far away from all the action in the centre of the strip although it is not unwalkable.

The adventuredome is a covered dome like structure housing all kinds of fair ground rides including the canyon blaster which does the loop the loop and corkscrew at speeds of up to 55 MPH. The disk ‘o’ ride which spins and rocks you all over the place canyon cars which are a bumper car type ride and a massive pirate swinging boat ride and no circus would be complete without the carousel ride so these are just some of the few rides that are available. Being covered the Adventure dome is open nearly every day apart from days where they do maintenance. Hours are variable so best to check opening times. Throughout the casino you will come across actors on stilts clowns and other circus entertainers.

There are circus acts showing for free from 11AM in the big top permanent circus including acrobats. Skaters, trapeze artists, jugglers, tightrope walkers etc etc.
Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
2880 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 734-0410

Land ahoy!

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The sirens show at TI.

Outside the Treasure Island hotel there is an old pirate galleon sitting in water near the entrance to the casino. It is also along the sidewalk so there is not much room for pedestrians to walk past when one of the shows are on as many people stop and gawp at the show. There is a raised platform you can stand on to watch the show or if you are early enough and there is space alongside the metal barriers you can often get a fantastic view of the show.

The show is noisy and interesting to watch there are lots of scantily dressed girls who storm the boat to overrun it and sort out the pirates on board. There is a lot of choreographed dancing and stomping of feet thrusting of hips and bosoms. The sound is very loud and is accompanied by loud bangs from the exploding canons and flashes of flames. There are pseudo swashbuckling sword fights going on between the Sirens and the Pirates. There is a musical accompaniment too. It is filled with flashes, bangs and pyrotechnics which culminate when the women have over run the ship and it is hit by canon fire forcing it to sink.

The pirates start to jump into the water as the ship starts to sink. There are a lot of acrobatics from the pirates and the sirens. The Sirens are left on their own boat celebrating when the pirates return and board their boat. There is a lot more dancing and diving into the water from the towering masts. Finally the show comes to an end with fireworks and then all goes silent.

The show lasts for just over ten minutes from 17:30 pm and repeats every hour and a half up to 11:30pm. I wouldn't make a special trip to see the show but if it is on while you are passing by it is ok to watch.

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino
3300 South Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 894-7111

Let there be light!

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Freemont Street.

Where is Freemont Street?

Freemont Street is in downtown North Las Vegas and for the majority of people the area surrounding the place has become a mega place for violence, robbery and muggings. However it is probably prudent to take a taxi right to Freemont Street for your own safety. It was one of the most run down areas of Las Vegas and encouraged the criminal element however just recently there has been some developments down that end of Las Vegas with the opening of shopping malls art galleries and other interesting things which has now seen a decline in the crime wave in the area.

So what is so special about Freemont Street?

Freemont street houses some of the original hotels of Las Vegas including the Golden Nugget hotel and casino, The Freemont hotel, The Four queens hotel and casino plus Binions Hotel and casino to name a few. It was the first street in Las Vegas to become paved in 1925 although it has been in existence since 1905. A couple of other firsts for Freemont Street include having the first set of traffic lights and the first elevator was installed in 1932 in the Apache hotel. The hotels were the original hotels in Las Vegas with neon signs that were shown in old films. Gambling was not legalised until 1931 and from then on Las Vegas has become the gambling capital of the world.

In 1995 a project was started to upgrade and make downtown Las Vegas more people friendly so they covered four blocks with a canopy and made it pedestrianised. Now in total Freemont Street is open aired and covers seven blocks in total. In 2004 the 90 foot canopy above your head was installed with 12.5 million neon light bulbs that provide shows to stun and amaze the visitor on the hour from dusk. There are also concert stands and at different times bands play including some famous bands too. There are also street entertainers that pass up and down the street.

Is it worth going to see?

This is one of Las Vegas’s free attractions and is certainly worth a visit. In the past it was brilliant in Las Vegas to hear the sounds of coins dropping into the collection tray on the slot machine. In the newer hotel casinos all you hear is an electronic ching ching and you are paid out with a ticket to collect your winnings but there are a couple of casinos downtown where you are still paid out in coins albeit 25 cents but there are collecting pots which you fill with your winnings and where you can take your winnings to be cashed in.

I certainly think it is a brilliant place to go and see a neon show and to spend an hour or two downtown to soak up the atmosphere. It is brilliant to witness and experience the wonderful free entertainment of the neon show. I would however make sure you have your wits about you as there are pickpockets as there are anywhere else where there are big crowds and you are absorbed in what is going on around you. Just be careful and you should be ok. Go there by taxi if you are coming from the main strip and take a taxi cab back. There are plenty of police walking around and on bikes who patrol the area. Just be careful not to wander too far away from Freemont street and you should be fine. On average 25,000 people visit Freemont street every day and around 17 million people a year enjoy the free shows that are put on hourly.

What happens?

A few seconds before the hour all the neon lights along the pedestrianised area go off and the light show begins. Sound effects are superb with massive speakers along the street booming out sound during the show which may involve jet fighters flying across your head and various scenes from around the USA. The shows are all different the two shows I have seen each time I have visited include a patriotic show and also one based on sea life with sharks and other fish flying around over your head. It really is quite entertaining. The shows last for approximately five minutes and then once over Freemont Street returns to it neon clad hotels brilliantly lit up providing its own show.

There are plenty of hotels downtown where you can stay or have something to eat. For example Inside the Golden Nugget there is a massive piece of gold ore that was discovered by chance by a guy in Victoria Australia who had just bought himself a metal detector. It is known as the hand of faith and is the second largest piece of gold ever found and was reputed to have been bought for a million dollars by the casino weighing in at around 61 LBS.

Would I recommend a visit to Freemont Street?

Yes, yes, yes.It is definitely worth a visit to soak up the atmosphere, to experience the old hotels and casinos and to marvel at the wonderful free entertainment provided for everyone to enjoy.
AS I have previously said just be careful take a taxi there and back. Watch your handbags or wallets and stay within the boundaries of Freemont Street and you will be fine. I have visited Freemont Street every time I have visited Las Vegas and have never had a problem. I have been to Las Vegas Five times now and will continue to visit Freemont Street at least once during my visit.
Fremont Street Experience
Westernmost 5 Blocks Of Fremont
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101
(702) 678 5777

Volcano show!

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The volcano at The Mirage hotel.

Right in front of the Mirage hotel is a beautiful rock and water display. During the day you can watch the water cascading down over the rocks which is quite a soothing sight to see.

After dark this all changes and from 17:00 hours to 23:00 hours there is an hourly eruption from the volcano. The show starts with some music which builds up to a rumbling sound. During the rumbling sound you can just see some of the red fire just teetering at the top of the volcano until the drumming sounds reach a crescendo and the volcano comes alive with some large explosions.

The explosions are accompanied by jets of fire shooting up and water. The water is lit by red lights which gives the impression that it is actually fire exploding from the volcano. Parts of the rock formation splits giving the impression that there is magma spewing down the sides into the waters. Fire jets start exploding in the water sending fire up into the air. It then all settles down and becomes quieter until the volcano erupts again.
The show lasts for approximately 5-10 minutes. It looks really brilliant from a distance. I much preferred watching it from my room in the Mirage although of course it is then without the sound effects which actually enhance the display.

I would not go to see it specially but if I were passing by it is quite entertaining to watch. If you are a frequent visitor to Las Vegas you are likely to have seen it at least once but I certainly would not go out of my way to see it again however as a first time visitor I would encourage you to see it at least once.
Mirage Hotel and Casino
3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(800) 374-9000

Water water everywhere!

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The fountains at Bellagio.

The fountains at The Bellagio hotel are one of the most popular free activities in Las Vegas. Anyone who has been to Las Vegas will have probably seen them at some point during their visit. If they do not then they are very foolish and have missed an awesome sight.

Surrounding the lake are some of the high end restaurants in the Bellagio hotel and it has been made to resemble Bellagio on Lake Como in Italy.

The lake in front of the hotel is full of water covering an area of 8 Acres. It is vast and from 3pm every half an hour up to 8PM there is a choreographed fountain display. After 8PM the fountain show is every 15 minutes up to Midnight. This is dependent on wind conditions because if there is a slight wind then sometimes the fountain show is cancelled. It is well worth waiting for and the surrounding lakeside walkway in front of the hotel and the pathway leading up to the hotel is usually very crowded with people waiting for the show to begin.

The show begins with a slight rippling of the water then suddenly to the sound and rhythm of the music the water fountains jump into a beautifully timed and delightful performance some pieces of music are quite short but other pieces will last quite a long time. The water jets are lit up at night and it looks absolutely brilliant either at ground level or from higher up. The best vantage point for watching the display is from the top of the Eiffel tower opposite the Bellagio or in one of the very expensive lakeside restaurants.

The actual fountains.
There are four kinds of water nozzles used for the display including oarsmen which swirl around. Shooters that shoot water upwards super shooters that send water to a height of 240 feet and finally extreme shooters which blast the water to 460 feet high. The sounds of the shooters sound like guns going off. It is one of the best shows in Las Vegas and the best thing of all it is free to watch.

The water comes from a well that was originally sunk to water and maintain a golf course. The water does evaporate in the extreme heat of the Nevada sun but they actually use less water for the water display than they ever did when it was used to water the golf course. This is my favourite sight and attraction in Las Vegas.
Bellagio Fountains
3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 693-7111

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