Groningen the netherlands

Groningen the netherlands

Bastion Hotel Groningen

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on May 2, 2011

Situated on the A7 motorway on the outskirts of Groningen. This is one of the characteristics of the Bastion Concept. They are always on the outside of a city and near the highway. For business travellers it’s perfect to stay at. They are easy to find as you can see from afar the Bastion logo on. Personally I find this hotel a bit too far from the centre of Groningen. But one advantage is that it is in the vicinity of the Martiniplaza conference centre.

It's not a big hotel and there are only 40 rooms. The hotel has a spacious parking lot and is free parking with a number of disabled parking spaces. You enter the hotel and you're immediately in a familiar environment. A typical style of the Bastion hotel. There is an internet facility where guests can surf the Internet. There is a restaurant and a bar. Again the typical facilities of a Bastion. There is also a restaurant at the hotel which is a necessity in my eyes since the hotel is so far from the centre of the town. Most business travellers don’t want to spend 30 minutes to go into town to find a restaurant.

You pay at Bastion always one price for a room and it doesn’t matter whether one or two people staying in the room. From the moment you get into the hotel you are helped by professional staff who help you with a smile. The details are known and within five minutes I have my key and are on my way to the elevator.

There are 40 rooms in this hotel. The concept of the rooms in all hotels Bastion where I've been are the same. A reasonable room with a bed for two persons. (Two single beds), a small desk, a television and even a mini bar. Spacious shower and toilet facilities. Very tidy and clean. Even with shampoo and body lotion on the sink. You know those little goodies. Free coffee / tea making facilities are on the worktable. There is a bar and a restaurant. The price for a room (one or two people) is reasonable. You pay 66 euros here.

Around the bar are wooden bar stools with a blue coating. You can sit quietly, maybe do some reading. There is much to gain from beer to spirits. Even coffee and tea. The prices are reasonable. In the spacious restaurant section, the tables and chairs are arranged for 2 or 4 persons. There is also a round reading table for 6 people when you just have to wait for someone. The tables are nicely decorated with a light and salt / pepper set and a bottle of wine. You get here the morning breakfast buffet with cheese, meat, and sweets and a variety of egg rolls and breads. This is for 10.50 euros good. But you can also have lunch and dinner. The Bastion menu, a three course menu or daily specials. On the menu you'll find lunch and a la carte dishes. All at reasonable prices

Throughout the hotel is free wireless Internet available. Downstairs is a free Internet facility. There is an information desk where you can pick up leaflets and brochures on area attractions. The hotel also has disabled facilities. But for disabled rooms you have to make a reservation. They have their own magazine company where you will find listings for the entire chain. This magazine is also in each room.

I also kind of a credit card (membership card of the Bastion Group. You can register for this free. It also offers you several advantages such as the magazine home and receive special offers with discounts on accommodation.

The Bastion Hotel Groningen is a reasonable hotel, the characteristics and facilities of a Bastion. On the outskirts of Groningen. Just a good hotel for a very reasonable price. You're just not as close to the centre. And the beds are good. You can sleep well.
Bastion Hotel Groningen
Groningen, Netherlands, 9723


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on May 1, 2011

From the street you have to climb a few steps first coming onto a large terrace for the restaurant. Walk straight ahead you come to the entrance. Once you enter you are in a corridor with these kind of two living rooms with a number of tables. Once you sit in one of the rooms, do you really feel like you are sitting in a living room. The floor is wooden and so are the tables. The walls and curtains are red and at the ceiling hangs a large chandelier. There is a large fireplace with a large mirror. It looks cosy and pleasant and because there are two spaces it is also small. From the hallway you walk on to an indoor conservatory idea with many more tables, behind is a large outdoor terrace, overlooking a large playground. Back in the hallway you'll find a door to the toilets.

We chosen mustard soup for 5.75 euros per person This was very nice and hot. As main course we took a meat plate where you can get all kinds of meat and even order extra from the normal menu. The dish was filled with satay with peanut sauce, chips, lamb, park and large pieces of spareribs. \the whole was served by garnish which many bowls filled with rhubarb, mixed vegatables, cabbage raisin salad, leek salad, baked potatoes, fries. When everything was on the table it looked like a meal for at least four adults. The meat dish will cost 26.50 euros per person The smaller dishes can be ordered for about 19 euros and you can get a fish or meat dish. Drinks are normal prices, 2 euros for a bottle of soda, 1.85 euros for a cup of coffee. Desserts are from about 5 euros to get.

The soup was very tasty as mentioned earlier. The meat dish was just fine. The starter I found the tastiest of all. All the side dishes were delicious. There was ample choice, but it was a pity to see how many have returned to the kitchen. It was all too much.

The service was good, we were on a Monday and to the surprise of the people at the restaurant it was very busy. There was even one person to operate because they did not expected the crowds. However she did her very best to be friendly to everyone she could handle.

For children's there is plenty to do here as there is a big playground at the restaurant. There are wooden toys but also trampolines, bouncy castles, a ball and an obstacle course and free mini-golf to do.

We had a good time and the restaurant looks very nice. Because of the smaller rooms that are made, you have certainly no idea that it is massive. After the delicious appetizer I found the main course which frankly disappointing. It was all too much. It's a very nice restaurant to go with children, especially if the weather is nice because of the wonderful playground. It is a fine place for lunch or just a cup of coffee. The service was good and friendly.
Restaurant Waddengenot
Hoofdstraat 84
Pieterburen, Netherlands
0595 528558

Pathe Groningen

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on April 24, 2011

Who does not love to see a movie? Often we just watch a movie at home but sometimes it's just a fun to go to the cinema. Pathé Groningen is situated in the center and gives the perfect opportunity to go see a movie.

The Pathé cinema is located in the center of Groningen and within walking distance of the station. If you walk straight from the station to the City Centre, you will pass the cinema. This is therefore 5 minutes walk from the station, but also about 5 minutes from downtown. The cinema is located on a busy but pleasant street with many cafes and restaurants. Especially in the summer you can find many terraces. When you come by car you are dependent on pay parking since you're right in the center. The parking garage is right near the cinema and costs around 1,40 euro per hour.

Through the web page of Pahte you can get tickets for a movie. Before you can buy tickets, you must first have an account on the Pathe website but it's easy to apply for one. Then you can easily pick your movie and time you want to see and then you can pay. You can pay with several credit cards. You will receive a barcode that you must print out and take it with you. If you can’t print it out then simply write down the barcode.

At the entrance of the cinema you can see around 6 machines were you can buy or pick up tickets. Here you see the movies and the times they are running. When you walk on the left you see a desk where you can buy all sorts of drinks and snacks. Here are two cash registers but often there are queues. Further down you still have two cash registers where you can buy a ticket. Again you see the times of the films. Links from the ticket office you have the passage where your ticket is checked. You have 9 cinema rooms distributed over three floors. Each floor is accessible by the escalator.
On the second floor you have a counter again with snacks and drinks which is meant primarily for duringthe break. On each floor you will find toilets. On the ground floor you also have a café where you can sit and have a drink and snack.

With nine rooms it is a large cinema. You have a large movie theater where well over 500 people can go and the rest of the rooms are much smaller but may still fit more than 100 people. The seats are comfortable to sit and there is enough room for your legs. I am 1.98cm and I can always sit. Before you have space to put down your drink in a container. The rooms are always kept and neat.

As said before you have the ability to buy and drink with snacks. You can find all kinds of soft drinks but also beer. Unfortunately I don’t know the price anymore, but I do know that it wasn’t cheap. I think you pay something like 3.50 euros for a Coke Zero bottle and be something of 4 euros for a bowl nachos. I always find it a waste, because we always easy with two people spend about 10 euros for a drink and popcorn. Especially the drinking I think is really expensive and we have even a few times just bought the same bottle at the supermarket five minutes away from the cinema for half the price. It's more a matter of principle.

I've been several times at Pathe, and I think it is a good cinema but it can sometimes just be very busy. Especially in the usual busy nights with all rooms a movie running there are just sometimes enormous queues for the cash registers at the counter and with ordering food and drink for the night. They do have great rooms with large screens that are suitable for 3D movies. We have seen the movie Piranha 3D. Always a shame that you must pay extra for a 3D movie. A normal film screening costs about 8.50 euros which is a fairly good price.
Pathe Cinema Groningen
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 78
Groningen, Netherlands
050 5844050

a great pub in Groningen

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 12, 2013

Groningen is a town with many little bars, restaurants and shops to be found. It’s mostly due because it’s a student town. With over more than 20.000 students going here to school you will find many great little bars that aren’t too expensive. The problem in Groningen can be to find a bar that hasn’t have the typical brown wood colors. Unfortunately the Chaplin’s Pub located near the city center has the same problem.

Chaplin’s pub is a great little bar located on the street Zuiderduip which is right on route from the main train station to the city center. It’s about five minutes walking from the station and five minutes from the main square in Groningen. At the street there are many bus stops and you will find many other bars, restaurants and even a cinema just across from the street. With the cinema right near it means that this bar can be very busy with people visiting the cinema.

I think around a hundred people can visit this bar and at some nights the bar can feel very crowded. During the winter there are just a few tables outside with heating for people who want to smoke outside. What makes this bar unique is that there is a smoking area inside. It’s something you don’t come across that often since the new smoking ban in bars. Groningen has actually a few of these places where you can still smoke inside although it’s not allowed. During the summer there are around 20 tables outside.

Inside you will come across a great atmosphere with at your right a bar with friendly staff. There an are a few tables were you can sit of a few standing tables. What gives this place a real charm is the fireplace.

The prices are reasonable although I feel they are a bit higher than the average bar in Groningen. It’s probably due the location as it’s right on route between the train station and the city center.

It’s overall a great bar with a great atmosphere and especially during the weekend it will be very busy here. Overall four stars.
Chaplin's Pub
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 73
Groningen, Netherlands
050 3148864

Groningen Town Square

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 21, 2013

Groningen is a wonderful town in the north of Holland. It’s the largest city in the north but still small compared to the main capital of Amsterdam. It has around 200.000 people including a large numbers of students. Since the large number of students the town has a large variety of bars and restaurants.

The town square of Groningen is called the Grote markt, translated it means the big market. Almost every town in Holland has a square with this name and it’s mostly the center of the town. It’s truly a lovely place to wonder around with history buildings as the city hall. There are also shops to be found and activities as a market but especially in the summer you can also find music festivals here.

You can relax and get a cup of coffee at one of the many terraces the town has to offer. It’s quiet a unique town with a relative large town square.
Groningen Town Square
Groningen, Netherlands

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