Germany a great country

Germany a great country

Resort Bad Bentheim

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by missj1981 on January 14, 2013

Family trips are one of my favourite things to do and we go around once a year with the family away. We don’t always have to go far to enjoy ourselves and this time around we opted for a holiday resort in Germany called Resort Bad Bentheim. It’s near the border of the Netherlands and easy to reach by car and by train. When travelling by train keep in mind that you will have to take taxi to get to the park since it’s around half an hour walking from the station.

We received a confirmation of our reservation by e-mail telling us that we could arrive at the park from 9 o’ clock. When we got there we had to go to the reception desk and checking in couldn’t be any easier. They had all our information already and they only needed our credit card. After everything was done we received our key which a card like the size of a credit card. Very handy.

We noticed that the house was very clean when we arrived and in the living room there was a huge information package about the park and the house itself. What you should keep in mind that there is no food or drinks present in the house. You need to bring your own food. There is a supermarket at the park were you are able to get food and drinks. I did have to say that the prices are higher than a normal supermarket.

The house was quiet luxurious and consists of two floors. On the first floor you will find the living room and kitchen. The kitchen consists of a espresso machine, dishwasher and of course the basics as a fridge. The living room is quiet spacious with two couches and several chairs enough for around eight people to sit. The only downside about the living room is the small television but further the room was comfortable and spacious.

The bedrooms are located upstairs and were fine. The beds were comfortable and nightstands with lamps were present. There is a bathroom with bath/shower and a separate toilet. There is no cleaning service and you will have to keep everything to clean yourself.

The park itself is spacious and well kept. There are a lot of flowers to be found and during the fall even mushrooms. It reminded me a bit of a fairytale forest. There was also a small lake with different kind of birds. There are a few shops but further on there isn’t really that much to do at the park. 200 metres from the park there is a subtropical swimming pool. At the park itself you could go bowling and there are some more activities organised for children.

We enjoyed the park as the house is comfortable and the park itself was very peaceful. The problem we had was there wasn’t really that much to do. We went to the subtropical swimming pool nearby were we spend one day but there isn’t that much else to do. For that reason I give this park three stars.
Roompot Parks- Ferienresort Bad Bentheim Lodge
Gut Langen 3
Bad Bentheim, Lower Saxony, 48455

Cafe del Sol

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on August 1, 2012

Cafe del Sol

If you go with car so this cafe, you have plenty of parking spaces available, you can also easily accessible by lines 25, 40, 41 and 38, the restaurant.

The restaurant is characterized by its already Spanish country house style, and thus is very inviting. Even indoors, it is very bright and friendly, in addition to high bar stools and small tables there are the benches and many large tables where more than 4 people can find their place. Outside is a large smoking area, which is also open in winter, and in which one of patio heaters is not too cold.

The staff is very friendly and competent, but it irritated but if one is familiar terms of the waiters. For questions or problems, the staff is immediately available.
The food and drinks are usually served very quickly, so you do not have to wait long for his order.

The menu is diverse, from light and delicious starters to salads, chips, pastas and pizzas. The food has always tasted really been very good, the portions are large and plenty of food.

Every Monday is pizza night, here you pay for a pizza and can make as many pizzas (various kinds) as you want and there is a reasonable price of 6.90 €.
In addition, there are at irregular intervals called chips vacation where you can select for 9.90 € from 5 different variations of schnitzel and, of course, can also order as many times as you want.
On weekends and holidays is always breakfast / brunch at Cafe del Sol, but I can not say here whether it is worth it because I myself have never been there during breakfast / brunch was.

The drinks menu is as extensive as the menu, here you find besides the "standard drinks" also delicious Zitroneneistee that tastes like homemade. There is also a great cocktail list on which there are also non-alcoholic cocktails (Driver).

It is advisable to book before visiting a table on weekends, especially at night because the tables are usually occupied indoors. However, the tables outdoors usually not busy, so here you will find a quiet place where there is a little quieter (especially on Saturday nights it is very loud).
I can recommend the Cafe del Sol, in any case further, because the food tastes really delicious and one in the atmosphere really feels like being on holiday. The prices are reasonable and in any case once you get a delicious steak del Sol has gefuttert you definitely want to come again and again.
Cafe del Sol
Bremen, Germany, 28307
0421 1785593

Hotel in Center of Bremen

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on August 3, 2012

The hotel is located on the outskirts rather than in the center of Bremen. It is right next to the university, the city forest and the "Science Center universe." It is accessible by public transport with the tram line 6 (from the airport and railway station). By taxi it costs about 10 € from the central station. By car you drive most of the Highway 27 towards Bremerhaven and use the exit "Horn-Lehe/Universität". Then you need only follow the signs towards the city center and is in about 3 minutes there.

I had a very large room, which was called the studio. You could almost say this suite. It consisted of a very large living room, large bathroom and a small bathroom (some kind of guest bathroom).
The living room was very modern styling, recalling IKEA. By that I mean the color and shape of the furniture. That was a big red couch in the room with glass table (open bottom end, very hard mattresses), a large double bed, several blue cabinets and a desk.

Technically, the room was equipped with an old TV (not flat screen TV!, But pay-TV for 14.50 €), a type of ironing machine and telephone. The minibar was also present. The present therein drinks were not that expensive. Sun 0.33-liter price of a beer € 2.90, a 0.25 l-Cola 2.50 euros. A bottle of water is free. Moreover, even a kettle was provided, with which you could prepare yourself tea or coffee.

When there were only a small bathroom sink and toilet. The large bathroom was against it again abundant and very modern. There were a bathtub, a shower, a sink with large vanity, a bidet and a toilet in it. The towels were soft lying ready. In addition, there were plenty of utensils and cosmetics, a hair dryer was there. However, there were small signs of wear. So were three or four small mosaic tiles chipped off around the door. In terms of cleanliness, there was none to complain about.

Breakfast was served at the restaurant on the ground floor between 06.30 and 10.30 clock (served on weekends 07.00 and 11.00 clock). The buffet had everything you would expect for a hotel of this category. There were cold food (sausage, cheese), hot (sausages, scrambled eggs, bacon, stuffed tomatoes), sweet (cereal, jam), fruit and everything was fresh and was also filled up pretty quickly when it was empty. I felt as disturbing a corner at the buffet and also in the seating area itself, we were at a point where it was quite busy. Since the buffet was quite small, there was a longer wait until they could lay their desired things on your plate. Then you had to have in place to "fight back".

At the 3rd floor is the sauna. There you can make it a good time from 17.00 clock. Lockers and towels are provided. Who wants to play sports, go have to walk in the park or to the "Sports Lounge", a fitness center. This is a cooperation partner of the hotel and is located in the vicinity. As a hotel guest you get a little discount (€ 2 less). Nevertheless, there is still a bit expensive at 12 to 17 euros per day. Since I was not there, I can not say more so.

All in all a great hotel to stay at when in Bremen.
Atlantic Hotel Universum
Wiener Strasse 4
Bremen, Germany, 28359

Hotel Pension Haus Neustadt

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on August 3, 2012

Hotel Pension Haus Neustadt

The hotel is located south of the city center in a pedestrian zone in a one-way street. The environment is quiet and relatively clean. At the time of my visit, the area was tiled before the entrance, which was not quite finished. The staircase is decorated in a friendly and warm red and orange tones. The facility is clean and new. On the walls are reproductions of paintings.

Including rental housing, the allocation of single rooms on four floors (including basement).
Rooms and Rates

A total of 11 rooms available in which one can sleep up to three people. The room was quite comfortable, although it did not claim my place including all possibilities of movement is sufficient.
The room had a bed, chair, small cupboard especially for hanging jackets but there were no hangers with a small storage compartment. There was also a table, bedside table with drawers, lamp and clock radio and a small television. The bed was comfortable.

All rooms have a typical description of Bremen. The adjoining room was called, for example, "The Slaughter". Screams coming from the room I could not hear.

There is a bed and breakfast, i.e. in the hotel only breakfast is offered. This is included in the room.
Breakfast is served from 6.30 to 10.00 Clock. The breakfast room is the hotel's small size and correspondingly includes a total of three tables, which take on a "normal" use of every 4 people could. The facility is clean, new and comfortable. On each of the tables was a coffee pot filled with. The coffee tasted good (for my taste, not too weak nor too strong). In addition, a variety of teas and orange juice were also available.

The different foods could be gathered from a relatively rich buffet. There were different types of sausage, cheese, jams, honey and Nutella available. Also corn flakes, muesli and milk were available.
In addition, there were crisp bread, toasted bread and dark bread. There was no limitation regarding the number of rolls. If there is no more bread in the basket are, you should ask the staff.

The room contains no mini-bar (which I normally but do not take well to complete), but are drinks for the guests It also reflects freely accessible in the basement: 0.5 liter apple juice for 0.80 €, 0.5 liter of water for 0.80 €, 0.33 liters of beer for 1.00 €, coffee for 0.50 euros, for 0.50 € cappuccino, tea for 0.50 € (at the breakfast table, the latter will cost nothing extra).
A little tip for lunch and dinner: about 100 meters in a northerly direction, there is a delicious and inexpensive Greek restaurant (Meteora).

It is a free Wi-Fi ( are available. This is an unsecured wireless network that can be quite easy to select. At the beginning you will be redirected to the web browser to a page with advertisements. Once you have clicked on a button, another page with advertising. With another click, you then have free access to the Internet, where it is first routed to MSN. After about an hour you will be redirected again to the two pages of advertising. As far as I could, there are no functional limitations with regard to the appeal of various sites on the net. Both FTP and e-mail functioned without problems.

The hotel has no parking facilities. While parking in the vicinity (Graudenzer street and the wider environment) free of charge, however, no guarantee can be given that can be found in close proximity to the entrance of a parking lot. My observation is one week and the day rather than a parking lot on a Sunday evening.

The Hotel Pension Haus Neustadt is a small hotel in Bremen, where you can come in very affordable, comfortable and close to the city.
Hotel Pension Haus Neustadt
Graudenzer Str. 33
Bremen, Germany, 28201


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on August 6, 2012

The first impression was anything but convincing. To warn the reception I had called the hotel and announced our arrival time. The gentleman on the phone was abrupt and without a word put an endto our conversation before I could ask my other questions, so I had to call again to get information about parking. When we arrived about an hour later, the man of the reception who was working was friendly and professional and also special needs (ie, for example, smoking rooms and rooms side by side) as far as possible in a fully booked hotel without asking for long. Also, subsequent requests and inquiries, such as the wake up call and taxi went without problems.

The building, which houses the Swissotel is purpose built and spacious. In the Old Town just a few minutes on foot. One side of the hotels in the incidence of road with heavy traffic and tram face, while the main pedestrian entrance on the opposite side, on the Hillmannplatz also is seeing. The ground floor accommodates the reception a number of conference rooms, as well as the smoking lounge and bar.

The first floor houses the restaurant Hillmann's where the breakfast was served, and other conference and dining rooms for larger events. In addition to the normal elevators are on the basement (with Cine Lounge) up to the first floor also has a glass elevator that is at least as important as a decorative object, such as transportation. Everywhere it is clear that the hotel is a conference hotel in the first place. Everything is very modern, but also sterile and designed almost intrusive discreet. Well to remind the visitor that it is a Swiss hotel chain, meeting rooms, all names of Swiss cities and in each room is a brochure with destinations in Switzerland.

The rooms are located between the third and fifth floors. It gives up two elevators and a bit of searching I managed also to find a staircase, partly because I'm claustrophobic and elevators largely shun if I can, and partly because the line was too long in front of the elevators to wait .
Both the elevator and the entrance to the stairwell, you have to activate the key card, so that the upper floors are difficult to access without a key. (Even if you can get through the first floor without a key card into the stairwell ...).

My room was on the third floor and out onto the street. Although it had been booked for single occupancy, although I had a king size bed and more than enough room for two. In addition, there were a desk and two bedside tables and a chair in the room. To a phone (expensive!) and a TV that is also the same order from room service, wake up service and other services could be used. The program selection was great and internationally. More important to me personally was rather the free internet access, which is obtained as a guest.

At the entrance there was a large wardrobe with safe, mirror and drawers enough to survive a two-week vacation. The bathroom was spacious, very clean and inviting, with a combined shower / bath. Besides the usual small bottles with shower gel, shampoo, soap, there was hair conditioner and body lotion and a nail.

Everything was very clean and tasteful, but also here for my personal taste-neutral. The breakfast each morning was what appealed to me the most. In contrast to the device, it was striking local, fresh rolls, croissants, pretzel sticks and various forms of bread that did not all of the rod. In addition, there was also jam packed homemade jam to fill itself. To a huge variety of fresh fruit, hot dishes, yogurt, smoothies and freshly prepared muesli and cornflakes with milk alone, six different versions to it. The restaurant staff was extremely friendly and accommodating, and the buffet was not refilled until after 11 clock, the actual end of breakfast time.

On our last evening we had ordered a dinner at the hotel. Therefore, we were specifically asked, a separate hall. The group was distributed to 10 round tables, each of which stood on a menu. Here, too, realized that this was entirely in German, so had to be surprised that the majority of the group.
The food was excellent. As a starter, we had a salad with shrimp, beef and then a fruit salad for dessert with ice cream. Drinks were not included and had to buy separately at a bar that was located in a corner of the hall.

Even the checkout on the day we went out without much difficulty. Unfortunately, there was no parking at the hotel so we had about 15 minutes, the car have to park far away. But at least there is enough space in front of the hotel to be aboard at all there.

All in all, the Swissotel Bremen in a good hotel. Clean, professional, spacious and modern. The breakfast was fantastic and the location is very central. I myself would probably still do not live there again. First, it is quite expensive, on the other hand bothers me but above all, the anonymity and interchangeability. I am sure that the Swissotel in Kuala Lumpur did not look different, surely a deliberate strategy, but I personally rather unappealing.
Swissotel Bremen
Hillmannplatz 20
Bremen, Germany, 28195

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