Frankfurt a great city

Frankfurt is really a great city to visit in Germany

Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on March 26, 2011

Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy

Our stay there was this time (it was the second there) for 2 nights. We had made a reservation beforehand and the easy thing was that they still had our details stored. When we arrived the doorman was a bit disoriented and ran around without giving us a glance. He was probably just overwhelmed because it was very busy at the hotel. We only had to wait a few minutes and he was there to take our luggage.

At the reception all the information was there so checking in was really easy. It was also upgraded to a Classic suite from a standard room, which was really nice! The woman behind the desk was really nice and helped us with a smile. There are free newspapers at reception or some other things against charges.

The Room was a very nice room on the first floor, lounge, work area, large dressing room, very large and beautiful bathroom, additional separate toilet. The room had a balcony. Furnishings were very nice, not too cluttered, not too cool. Short - a really nice, luxurious rooms, all wishes fulfilled!

Here one must be careful, however: The last trip we had a "normal" room in one of the upper floors, which was very plain and not very large, with close bathroom and without a real luxury! That was different this time and showed that there are really nice rooms there. The rooms have everything that you need with a television, air conditioning, telephone, wake- up service, room service and bathroom with bath/shower, sink and toilet. The rooms were cleaned every morning and the towels were replaced. The room really clean and no dust or anything.

At the hotel is a really nice bar with nice seating and tables in a comfortable height when eating a snack. Large bar, enough staff and very friendly service. I once had excellent pasta with zucchini, tomatoes and prawns, really tasty. And then I once tasted the sausage, not too bad. So all in all, recommended.

One of my guests ordered the Tagliata and the other one the beef. Both got the same which has surprised us. The Tagliata was a cut of beef. We complained and the chef came out then. He said it was "his interpretation of a Tagliata" what surprised me very much. Annoying you should get what you ordered.

Breakfast is in the main restaurant in buffet style with the possibility of additional eggs to order and so on. The buffet offers everything you need, fine cured meats, fish, including shrimp cocktails, wide choice of breads, rolls, etc.. All in very good quality. The service is friendly, if sometimes a bit too slowly especially with the fresh coffee. All in all, great however 32 euro’s is a bit much if you ask me.

We had a late check-out and this wasn’t difficult when we asked and we could leave the last day at 2 p.m. The bill was correct when we checked out so that wasn’t any problem. I think the hotel is wheelchair accessible since the corridors were wide enough but to be sure you better call the hotel first because I don’t know if they have special rooms. I can imagine that the bathroom would be a bit small with a wheelchair.

The Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy is tastefully furnished and we had an wonderful time. The service is mostly good but not excellent. The price / performance ratio is just about acceptable, but already clear at the top limit. Compared to Rocco in Berlin, the Hotel de Rome this hotel was a bit worse, especially because the restaurant, which is less good and comfortable and a bit rude chef. In summer you can safely enjoy the beautiful at the inner patio which then would probably devalue but also by noise, the room a bit, which lie inside.

Be aware of the mini-standard rooms that would not justify the price really! The Classic Suites, however, are great!

In sum again - by the central location - recommended, especially if you can get hold of an upgrade to a Classic Suite! Eating at the bar highly recommended in the restaurant less because Frankfurt has better restaurants to offer!
Villa Kennedy Frankfurt
Kennedyallee 70
Frankfurt, Hesse, 60596

Best Western Imperial Hotel on the Palm Garden

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on March 26, 2011

Best Western Imperial Hotel on the Palm Garden

Arriving at the hotel my partner and I have travelled by car. We have stayed at Frankfurt before and think it’s a nice city with lots of restaurant, shops and culture things to do. Always it’s nice to drive out the city. The hotel is very easy to find from when you come with car and the hotel is well signposted from the highway.

At first it was a little confusing to find the parking facilities as the hotel is located on a busy street. At the reception there was unfortunately some problems with the reservation and they seemed to lost it. But it wasn’t really a problem because we could still get a room for the same price and it only took a few minutes longer. After that we got the key and went with the elevator to the second floor.

Upon entering the room we were a little disappointed at first because the space was made of dark wood, which gave the room an old-fashioned look. This was supported by the blue carpet. In the room there was a large closet which had enough space for our clothes. Furthermore there was a chest of drawers on which a television on top was located. It was a bit older television but still working fine and you had pay movies. There was also seating consisting of a chair and a sofa-like bench. In addition, there was a glass coffee table. The double bed was very big and not too soft. Beside the bed there was one bedside table. A telephone was available.

When you enter the bathroom you could see right away that it was very small but still light and airy. It was held in white tones. A bathtub was unfortunately not available but a large shower. Additional, there was naturally a sink and a toilet. The bathroom was clean just as the room itself and I didn’t discover any dirt.

In total we paid about 180 € for 3 nights. For this because it was on New Year's Eve so you can’t complain about the price. I think it was a ok price but wouldn’t pay that amount if it wasn’t on news year eve.

It was free parking behind the hotel in the yard. There was also a pay parking (8 € per day) in the garage. With the elevator you could go down to the garage.

The hotel is located on a busy street in the district Bockenheim. The traffic noise is heard through the window and it’s not isolated. A good motorway access is available. Until the city of Frankfurt it was about 2.5 km. A station is in the immediate vicinity. Shopping facilities are within about 5 minutes away.

The rooms were always cleaned well and there were fresh towels daily if required.
The staff at reception was always very friendly and helpful. There is a small spa - the area is on the top floor available. It consists of a small sauna and steam room. There is also a shower facility, a toilet and a small fitness room. The towels in the room you have to take, since there are plentiful. If you want to use the steam area you would have to make a reservation.

Worth a visit?

I think so. The hotel had everything we needed and the room was comfortable. We really enjoyed our stay and were friendly helped by the staff of the hotel. It was especially nice to come to the hotel after visiting the city and then enjoy the wellness area. It really makes you relax after a long day of shopping and doing cultural activities. I think if you are not with car it might be a little bit difficult to get into town. There is public transport so it’s not that difficult.
Best Western Imperial Hotel Am Palmengarten
Sophienstraße 40
Frankfurt, Germany
069 7930030

Urban Kitchen

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on March 26, 2011

Urban Kitchen

This was my first thought when I heard about the new restaurant in downtown Frankfurt. Meanwhile, the Urban Kitchen is one of my favourite venues in the banking centre. The Urban Kitchen is a restaurant, bar, lunge and Club. Granted, I was in the club yet. But I have tested the other areas extensively. When you enter the rather large restaurant, you have the choice between the spacious lounge area with large sofas, armchairs, stools and bar, generally very open and held by the nested arrangement of the places more interesting.

There is a dining area with large, heavy wooden tables found in which more people can sit than expected, or smaller tables that also allow to have a chat in a small group. In addition, if you look from here in the open kitchen and can watch while the food is prepared. There is a separate room in which four groups of seats are set, you can sit here so to speak on the floor and can make yourself comfortable with cushions. The Kitchen Club on the first floor of the building.

The entire restaurant is decorated in dark colours combined with furniture made of solid light wood and a very interesting wood-panelled ceiling, which forms a harmonious contrast. The lighting is indirect and adapted to the use of priorities in the various rooms. The atmosphere is thus well-designed and created in a hectic city like Frankfurt serene contrast that invites you to linger. By choosing the option between a number of areas, the Urban Kitchen offers many opportunities, both with your partner, your friends or colleagues go out here, as well as business lunches here, to hold. The only drawback: When it is fully clear, it was in the Urban Kitchen to quite lively, and because of the many people it is sometimes quite loudly. The exception is the small room with the booths in the soil, since no "through traffic" there. By the way, of course, you get everything in all areas served - you don’t have to move in between, for example, if you sitting in the lounge area and spontaneous but want to eat something, or vice versa.

The Practical Kitchen is on the Urban, it combines many different countries kitchens. The menu is extensive, offering something for everyone: pitas and kebabs, pizza, burgers, soups, pasta, salads, wok dishes, meat & fish, sushi and curries. Purpose a larger than average selection of starters and desserts. The food is prepared in front of guests in a sort of open show kitchen. For the different countries it seems to be different kitchens kitchen areas and obviously there are different chefs responsible for different directions (at least I had that impression). I've already tried quite a few dishes and have always been satisfied.

After dinner we were offered a tea from the extensive selection of teas although I really do not like to drink tea, I couldn’t resist the delicious "Kusmi tea" (My favourite: black China tea with "love effect" - a black tea with delicious spices). When after that I wanted a cocktail, the cocktail menu offers a sufficient choice.

With the service stands or falls all in a restaurant it is also the same in the Urban Kitchen. The staff here especially stand out due to his kindness. I've never experienced that the waiter would have not even smiled! The staff is really always looking for guests to have time for a few jokes and are happy to help if you have questions. Unfortunately the waiter seemed not to know exactly who is responsible for each table - the consequence is either lucky, and is operated by the same three people, or pitc and no one feels responsible . However they respond to complaints promptly and cheerfully, and it comes after that (at least on this evening) no longer apply, that will be forgotten. The service is therefore not very mature yet, but by his friendly demeanour makes up for that much. Here is still room for improvement.

Prices are in Frankfurt's midfield. Most main courses cost just under 10 euro’s for coffee and teas, you pay an average of 2.50 to 3.50 euro’s and cocktails cost between 5 - and 8.50 euro’s. The price-performance ratio in my opinion is appropriate.

The Urban Kitchen is located in the centre of Frankfurt, in the stock market Straße 14, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, within walking distance of the shopping street. The nearest metro station (Eschenheimer gate) is only two minutes’ walk. Near the Urban Kitchen there are many other bars, restaurants and some clubs.

The Urban Kitchen offers a wide selection of tasty food and strong cocktails in a pleasant atmosphere at reasonable prices.
Urban Kitchen
Börsenstraße 14
Frankfurt, Germany, 60313
069 92884804

Chalet Multilounge

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by missj1981 on March 30, 2011

Chalet Multilounge

The chalet describes itself as multi Lounge. What this exactly is reveals itself at the first glance at the area. This is divided into several zones as entrée, bar, plateau and relaxation. There is a very comfortable sofa-corner, two dining areas and one additional large area with sofas. In fine weather there are also tables and benches in the square between the chalet and Main.

The interior of the chalet, as the name suggests, is heavily based on a Swiss winter chalet. Wood, natural materials and elegant white dominate. Unfortunately, there is instead of a real fire only plasma screens but you cannot have it all. Basically it's an interior architectural masterpiece.

Unfortunately, this beautiful facade is crumbling: the benches look now worn out and not inviting, the pseudo-fireplaces are partly failed; the tables and benches were at my last visit repeatedly sticky, the tables wobbled, despite a flat floor. All in all, the result is a scruffy feel of this perspective in and of itself incredible atmosphere again. At worst I can smell the kitchen. It is of course inevitable the smell in a restaurant of food - but if it is so penetrating, that I can’t go to a business meeting with the same clothes.

The chalet has a well-chosen selection of different dishes, which is likely to be something here for most visitors: From pizza and pasta dishes to burgers, soup variations and finger food to salads and meat dishes, and fondue and a fine selection of desserts is the menu promising but unfortunately it let me down. It started when my beloved "fresh gnocchi in tomato sauce and mozzarella" actually tasted different every time. The gnocchi were partially serves still half-raw and fresh means out of the bag from the wholesale market which I don’t mind if they were tasty.

I went for a pasta dish but I got a half plate of pasta when it was normally full. Because I was the last time for lunch they said it was the lunch version so it was less but funny enough the price was 6,50 euro’s for the lunch version while it only costs 6,70 during the night! Not a big different in price but a big difference in the quantity. It was nice that they give me two slices of white bread. Still, I had to leave the chalet that day hungry.

The service, in addition to the disappointing food, isn’t that much better. The problem is first that you even cannot foresee how long you need for lunch. If you're unlucky you wait endlessly. Not necessarily just on the food, but possibly also on the bill. The evening is perhaps less dramatic, but those who come here for lunch here and then continue must have other things to do than to wait.

The restaurant looks clean further on and that’s always important to me. The only problem I had were the sticky tables but further on it was clean. I have been here a couple of times to the toilet and every time I thought they looked well. They are modern toilets and it looks like the staff keeps a good eye of them.

The restaurant isn’t so much disabled friendly I think because I have seen some obstacles but it’s always better to check the website or contact the restaurant before you go.

The chalet is located in the Speicherstraße 49-51 at Frankfurt West Harbour. Click here for some years a well-kept office and residential district - probably one of the most expensive residential area of Frankfurt, directly to the Main river. Unfortunately, the area is just outside of the lifestyle centre of Frankfurt, so that the audience rather from local residents and office workers made up the neighbourhood - who do not intentionally seek the chalet, it is probably hard to find. Mediocre food, overpriced, poor service and unkempt interior.
Chalet Multilounge
Speicherstraße 49
Frankfurt, Germany, 60327
069 15249171

Mercure Columbus

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by missj1981 on December 23, 2012

We have stayed in the city of Bremen many times before and we normally go for the hotel where we can get the best deal. This time we tried the Mercure hotel and were confident it would be a good hotel as we always have had positive experiences with this chain. The chain has hotels trough Europe and are considered to be a budget but reasonable hotel.

The hotel is located at the Bahnhofplatz meaning it’s directly opposite from the main station giving it a supreme location. You really can’t miss the hotel since it’s a massive hotel almost stretching the entire corner. The outside doesn’t look that impressive so I was a little bit worried.

We checked in at the evening and to my surprise the reception desk was empty and we had to wait for around five minute until somebody came around. We actually received pleasantly help and she was helped us within a few minutes. The lobby itself is large but quiet bland and I was actually glad we could take the elevator.

The room was on the seventh floor and was located at the back of the hotel. A shame because I would like to have a view at the train station with all the trains. The room has a double room for around hundred euros’s a night. This is without breakfast and that would have cost us 16 euro’s each which we thought was too much money. The room itself was a little small but sufficient and had a small lobby, bathroom and bedroom.

The room had a desk, a television, a tray with water and glasses, two windows, wardrobe and a double bed. The bed was comfortable and the pillows were quiet firm but soft enough. The bed felt clean but I didn’t really feel like the rest of the room was. I saw dust on the desk and the bathroom felt very dated. The toilet was old and the shower curtain should have replaced by a new one by now since it was brown at the bottom.

Checking out was easy and really quick. The hotel was ok as we had pleasant nights. The breakfast was too expensive we thought and I thought the room could have been a bit cleaner.
Mercure Columbus
Bahnhofsplatz 5 - 7
Bremen, 28195
+49 (49) 30120

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