The lovely Hoorn

The city of Hoorn is located north of Amsterdam and is a great little town to visit

Bij de buurvrouw

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 17, 2011

The restaurant is named Bij the buurvrouw (at the neighbour)

Restaurant Type: Steak
Address: Communicatieweg April 1967 PR Heemskerk
Tel. 0251-235579

Location and parking

The restaurant is just in Heemskerk. You take the Heemskerk exit of the A9. It is adjacent to the ski center of Heemskerk. There is a large parking place, which is also used for sports fields. There is ample parking space and it's free.


This restaurant is really necessary to book. It's almost full on daily basis. We were once on Monday 19.00 an hour unannounced at the door, but there was really no room for us. That says enough, I think. Reservations can be made by telephone.

The restaurant

The building is striking. It was built in the round, or rather has an octagonal shape. The roof runs into a point. Inside the section covered with dust, so it just looks like a big umbrella is folded up by strong winds. There are windows all around so much light enters. You enter through a common entrance to the ski centre. The hall has a coat rack with hangers, where you can hang coats at your own risk. If you walk through the entrance of the restaurant is, go get a cosy space. Left is a large bar and see you in half open kitchen. Along the windows are all dark wood tables and chairs up and the space in the middle is also used with tables. In the middle of the building is a large pillar, which is supported by the roof. The tables are candelabras with four candles. The whole restaurant is decorated with old household and business complex attributes, such as old hand sewing machines, irons, Frisian skates, an old pram and more. The lighting is atmospheric.

The reception

Upon entering we were welcomed and brought to our table. It was soon brought something to drink and then we got the menu.

What kind of things can you eat?

If you want to know what you can eat, you can look at the website for the complete menu. To get an idea what kind of things you can get and what prices I will give you a few examples;
For lunch (12.00-16.00 hours)
• Soup 4.25 euros
• Sandwich, for example, ham with mustard sauce 6.00 euros
• Dutch shrimp salad, smoked salmon, eel EUR 12.00
• Romanesque salad at. chicken, garlic dressing, parmesan cheese 9.00 euros
For dinner (from 16.00)
• smoked chicken salad, bacon, pesto dressing 9.00 euros
• thinly sliced beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese 9.00 euros
• Warm goat cheese salad, walnuts, honey EUR 9.00
• Sautéed mushrooms, ham, onion 9.00 euros
• Soup 4.25 - 5.00 euro
Main courses:
• Halibut fillet with red pesto and cheese from the oven 19.50 euro
• Grilled salmon with mustard dill sauce 18.50 euros
• Spareribs sweet or fiery devils 500 gr. 18 euro 750 gr. 21 euro
• Tender beef bacon, onion and mushrooms 21.50 euros
The meat is medium done, you want it differently than you have to pass on your wishes. Order extra sauce is 1 euro.
• French fries, sausage, applesauce, mayonnaise 6.50 euros
• French fries, hamburgers, apple sauce, mayonnaise 7 euros
• French fries, grilled salmon, apple sauce, mayonnaise 8 euro
• French fries, ribs, apple sauce, mayonnaise 7.75 euros
• Baby Cup with vanilla ice cream 3.75 Euros
• Reverse Dame Blanche, chocolate ice cream, vanilla sauce and whipped cream 4.75
• Vanilla ice cream with eggnog and whipped cream 5.50 Euros
• Palm beer 2.85 euros
• Malt beer 3.25 euro’s
• Orange / 2 Pepsi Euro
• Coffee EUR 1.90
• Tea EUR 1.70

What we ate

There were six people, three by three by chance we chose the same dish. Half chose pork seroendeng 19.50 euro’s (pork with shrimp crackers, satay sauce and a corn cob), the other half chose pork with smoked salmon and a layer of brie gratin in the oven for 20.00 euro’s. There we got fries, fried potatoes, red cabbage salad and beans with cheese sauce. If there was mayonnaise sauces, garlic and curry sauce. The tender pork was delicious, I had with the brie and salmon. It tasted delicious, but the brie was a pretty powerful court.

The boys and my father wanted to have ice. There was a small ice ordered for 3 euro’s, this was a pretty big with lots of ice cream to be Goodies Neighbours', a waffle with ice cream for 5.75 euro’s and a reverse Dame Blanche for 5 euro’s. The desserts looked nicely presented and tasted delicious too.
After we ordered we got warm bread with garlic butter of the case and when we had requested the bill was still a free liquor for the boys brought a small liqueur glass filled with sprite.


The service was friendly and there was kept a close eye on whether a glass was empty. The rate of use was good.


The restaurant is accessible for wheelchair users. It is useful when booking to pass as someone in a wheelchair, then more space is made around the table. The toilets are not very spacious. You should be able to stand up and turn around you will be able to use the toilet.

Toilets and hygiene

The restaurant looked nice and clean, the toilets smell fresh and look well groomed.

My experience

We have been very nice and good food at normal prices. The service is pleasant. You should certainly book, otherwise chances are that you again have to search for another eating place. The restaurant is easily accessible from the motorway, but just from Heemskerk itself. The building was built and fun inside the decor is cosy. I had no picture with phone, but if you want pictures you can see on the website of the restaurant. Bij de buurvrouw is a great venue for the whole family. You also saw many families with grandfathers and grandmothers, just like we were here with the six. Payment can be made by cash or PIN. In the summer you can relax on the terrace overlooking meadows.
Bij de Buurvrouw Steakhouse
Communicatieweg 4-d
Heemskerk, Netherlands
0251 235579

Wok Vrijburg

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 17, 2011


Vrijburg Avenue 3
1962 VA Heemskerk
Tel. 0251-233197

Opening times

Mon to Fri. 16.30 to 22.00
Thurs zo16.00 till 22.00 pm

The restaurant

Wok's Delight is a large restaurant with seating for 400 people. It has wooden partitions dividing the restaurant into smaller parts so it looks not very massive. At the entrance is an indoor pond with koi carp. In the front of the restaurant you can find parking space.

The food:

You can compose your own dish of what you want to eat and how much. Everything is on self-service buffets prepared.

The soups

There is always a choice of two soups, which changes each time. The last time there was a choice of tomato soup and shark fin soup, I made the choice for tomato soup which was very nice. There is French bread and butter.


There are all kinds of appetizers, such as spring rolls, satay, but such for the children also croquettes and meatballs. Furthermore, a choice of noodles, fried rice, fried banana, meatballs in sweet and sour sauce. There is also sushi.

The wok buffet

There is a large buffet for stir frying. Here you can find all sorts of diced vegetables such as sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, leeks and small pieces of chicken and others, beef, pork and seafood.

The buffet on the baking plate

There is a buffet for baking. There you will find large chunks of meat, pork, beef, chicken and fish for example, such as salmon and even frog legs and burgers.


For there to choose from different fruits including pineapple, kiwi, tangerine, strawberry, apple, grape, peach. The choice depends on the season. You can also order ice cream, but one must be paid for separately. There is a choice of strawberries, pistachio, vanilla and banana.

How does it work?

You consider whether you want to wok or grill. Depending on your choice you create everything on your plate. When you grill meat or fish is flavoured with herbs and grilled salmon.

In wok, meat / fish and vegetables all stir fried together. Wok implies that the meat, fish and vegetables in hot oil over high heat in a very short time, prepared in a special wok. This way of cooking the meat stays very tender and the vegetables crisp. The woks happened to "show cooking", it is accompanied by many large and flames sweeping movements. You can choose a sauce, which you choose, or the sweet taste and a little spicy or very spicy.

If you clear the board and you want more you let your board are new and will eat. The dirty board is automatically removed. If it is quiet so you turn, it can happen that one time in the line up for you helped. In the baking done it once that you do not exactly get back what you have submitted, as they fish and meat on the plate at each other. Not every cook knows exactly what afterwards heard together.


Upon entry you will soon welcome you and your coat hung up, you get a song along to find the right stuff to leave. You will be brought to a table where someone soon come to collect orders for drinking. We always kept a close eye on whether your glass is empty and you want some. The dirty dishes are retrieved.

Accessibility for wheelchair users

The restaurant is accessible for a person in a wheelchair. Only the tables are quite high and from a wheelchair is a bit uncomfortable eating.

The toilets

These look neat and are clean. There is a fresh scent, probably because air fresheners hanging. There is a quiet music heard.

My opinion:

This is an excellent restaurant with large groups or with your family eten.Met two of us, I would not be so quick to eat, therefore I find it not nice enough (too large). It is a bit restless wok restaurant food because everyone is walking back and forth. The restaurant is easily accessible (located just off the A9 Heemskerk exit) and there is plenty of parking. Through all the spices and salt is best because the food you get thirsty, making many drinks you order what the final price of the bill could increase substantially. The food and the service is good here, so I definitely recommend this restaurant.
Wok's Delight
Vrijburglaan 3
Heemskerk , Netherlands
0251 233197

't Pannekoekenhuisje, Noordwijk

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 17, 2011


Parking is quite expensive in Noordwijk. There are several parking lots, but we chose very luxurious on the boulevard, in front of the restaurant. You pay for parking here is about € 2.20 per hour. Not much when you compare it to Amsterdam standards. If you are on one of the parking park, then you are a bit cheaper, but you need a little further walk.


The restaurant is located at the Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard in Noordwijk. This is the street right on the beach. The boulevard is known from the Hotels van Oranje and a little further Huis ter Duin. On the boulevard is a statue of Queen Wilhelmina and there is named after the boulevard.


On the boulevard you'll find plenty of cafes and restaurants. You can eat anything, but the choice had fallen on pancakes, so on to the Pancake House. This restaurant has two branches, one in Scheveningen and 1 in Noordwijk. The restaurant was founded in 1980 in Noordwijk and has been owned by the grandson of the founders.

At the door of the restaurant is a large summer terrace where you can eat outside, in nice weather. When we were there was still a little chilly outside and we therefore chose a place in the conservatory. Since we obviously wanted to throw a glance at the boulevard and the people who pass by, we chose a seat by the window. What immediately strikes me, that is that the tables were not cleaned. The tableware is certainly clean, but not the table (quite a lot of tables). The tables are wooden garden tables with spaces between the wooden planks (where everything falls neatly in between). We had to remind the waitress whether she wanted to clean the table first.

The second thing to note is that there is no other language menu available. That is something I absolutely do not understand in a very tourist area. Noordwijk is flooded with all kinds of people from many countries, so a menu in German, English and French is really not a luxury.

On the weeknight we were there, it was quite busy in the restaurant. Many people from the village who still like drinking a cup of coffee came with some pancakes there. The food showed a normal time in coming. A total of 85 pancakes you can choose from. I had a pancake made with ham, cheese, tomato, butter and herbs (€ 9.20) and my table mates with a pancake Vegetarian refried vegetables and melted cheese. The first bite I took was not great. The pancake was very thick and not well cooked inside. Luckily it was better with the rest of the pancake, because if I have something to hate, then I have a gooey inside, but it was so with it. It tasted great table mates and myself eventually, not too good, but nice. A simple pancake with syrup or sugar has been for € 4.95. For a coffee you pay € 2.25 and € 2.30 for a soft drink (from). A beer is € 2.20 per glass and a wine costs € 3.50.

For those who do not love pancakes they also have other dishes. There is also an ice cream menu and have fresh fruit. We have taken no dessert, because it was € 9.90 for fresh fruit with ice cream and really too much for.


The toilets are fully back in business. You walk past the open kitchen, where you can watch the pancakes are fried. For the toilets facing the stairs. Everything is fairly old, but besides that the toilets are clean.


The restaurant itself is all pretty tight. The tables and chairs are fairly close together and if I remember correctly, there is even something of a step as you enter. The toilets are downstairs, so no option for people in wheelchairs.


'S Pancake House Noordwijk
Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 15a - 15b
2202 GT Noordwijk aan Zee
071-361 68 50

My opinion

It's a nice place to eat after a day at the beach or adventures in Noordwijk. I thought it was definitely not the most amazing restaurant I've ever been. The staff is really friendly (it was a bit grumpy when I asked if she wanted to clean the table here) and they speak no word on the border (no English) and I think that certainly a lack of tourists in this region. The food was nice, not overly good or bad. It's a restaurant that sits there for years and sometimes I feel that a bit stifled by its own success. A pancake restaurant is always good for children, so in that respect you can definitely go again. I found the desserts very expensive compared to other things. Of course you pay on the boulevard a higher amount than elsewhere.
't Pannekoekenhuisje (The Pancake House)
Koningin Wilhelminaboulevard 15a - 15b
Noordwijk, Netherlands
071 361 68 50

Grand Babylon Café Restaurant

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 17, 2011


Pannekeetweg 20
1704 PL Heerhugowaard


The restaurant is part of the hotel we stayed called Grand Babylon Hotel. It’s located on the same site and therefore definitely worth a look to stay for the night.

The restaurant

The appearance of the restaurant is clean and looks well groomed. Moreover evening sufficient lighting, without excess. The atmosphere is very cosy and offers a wealth without exaggerated.

The food

The menu can also be viewed at the website of this restaurant. A good opportunity to look forward to see the possibilities. We did not expect to eat here, but ultimately decided to do so. A choice that we do not regret. We ordered a Coke for dinner and some wine and got a basket with bread and butter on the table. The menu is clearly structured and offers plenty of choice. For children and vegetarians can choose from different dishes. Quietly we could determine our choice and decided to choose two different meats. My friend opted for the venison, I opted for the steak. On a nice plate the two beautiful pieces of meat were brought. We got a dish with salad and served with fries. My meat was served with different vegetables and a red wine sauce. These were good of flavour and there weren’t to much sauce, but there was just a little extra sauce added for extra flavour.

Dessert: even desserts can be found here well spent. There is plenty to choose from, ranging from ice cream, coffee specialties, cheese platter and cocktails. I chose a chocolate dessert. It was very good and big and very heavy on the stomach. But after sharing with my friend the plate was empty. This too had a good taste.

The service

The service was very busy that night, because the restaurant was packed. Yet they also made time for a chat and they came regularly ask if everything was okay. Empty glasses were quickly replenished and also questions about other things you could contact them.


I must admit that I find the prices of the drinks rather high. Coffee and tea cost you € 2.45. Several cappuccinos are on the menu for € 3.70 and liqueurs cost you € 4.50. Before we had dinner, I thought the prices of food were quite high, but after dinner I decided it was worth that price. My steak cost me € 21.75. But you get a perfect dish for!


Everything looked clean and neat. You can look into the kitchen and sees that the bar is neat and clean appearance. We also visited the toilets and they looked even care, despite the crowds in the restaurant. You could see that a lot of thought has been given.


A restaurant to visit! You can enjoy a quiet relaxing night with good food. It is a bit expensive but worth it!
Grand Babylon Cafe Restaurant
Pannekeetweg 20
Heerhugowaard, Netherlands

A great Italian restaurant in Hoorn

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 22, 2012

This restaurant was opened only a few months ago before we went here, so it was relatively now. You could almost smell the fresh paint but I think that was mostly just my imagination. We were invited by friends to go to this restaurant and mostly I think to promote the restaurant a little bit since family members of them own it. It didn’t really matter to us since it’s always a joy to meet with them.

The restaurant is located in the north of the city center and just in the area where there is free parking which is a big plus when you arrive here with car. When you are depending on public transport you are a bit out of luck since it’s a good twenty minute walk from the main train station and I don’t think any busses stop nearby. You can always take a taxi of course.

It’s a Italian restaurant. I quiet normally enjoy an Italian restaurant since I’m a big fan of lasagna and even a good old pizza. The restaurant looks from the outside very small and even when you walk in I was a bit surprised by the size of it. But I was even more amazed when I learned that this restaurant was three high and could seat easily a hundred people. It wasn’t that busy when we arrived here but maybe that had something to do with the fact it was a Tuesday night.

Wooden tables. The Dutch people are I think in love with them. Just walk in a typical restaurant in The Netherlands and you will see wooden furniture. I have to say it gives a good atmosphere and a change would be nice. That’s been said there was a good almost romantic atmosphere at this restaurant. We were seated right near the front door but since they had created a little hallway when you enter, you don’t feel the cold air coming in when you are sitting at the table.

The menu wasn’t that extensive. I think they had around 15 pizzas and 10 meat dishes and a few starters and desserts. It was a little bit disappointed but I still founded something that I liked the sound of. I went for my favorite lasagna which was reasonable priced at around 10 euro’s. The lasagna came in around half an hour and arrived in a large plate. It took me quiet long to finish the whole plate but it was simply delicious.

I was very pleased with the restaurant. The staff was very friendly and there was a good atmosphere. I think the choices on the menu could have been a bit broader but overall it was ok.
Bella Italia
Roode Steen 12
Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands, 1621

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