Leiden a great city to visit

Leiden a great city to visit and the location of the city allows you to combine the visit with some other cities in Netherlands

De Burcht

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 20, 2012

Right in the city center close to the castle of Leiden and the city hall you will find the greatest bar of Leiden called de Burcht. De Burcht is the symbol of Leiden and is a old building built in the 13 and 14th century. The bar itself isn’t that old but it’s housed in a hundreds year old building.

We came across this bar after visiting de Burcht. It was already getting a bit late but we weren’t ready going for dinner just yet and deciding to get warm at this bar. This time the weather wasn’t that nice but we saw that you can actually sit outside.

When you enter you see the bar at the right but what I really noticed was the large windows which gave us a beautiful view of street. It’s not your typical Dutch bar and it was a much more relaxed atmosphere with even a reading section. We saw at the information board that they have quit often jazz festivals.

It’s a great bar with a very relaxing atmosphere. The staff was very helpful and polite. The prices are reasonable but a little higher than usual. For that reason I will give this bar four stars.
De Burcht
next to De Burcht fortress
Leiden, Netherlands


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