Going to holland part 2

Going to holland part 2

The Dragon Hotel & Residence Dagmare

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 14, 2011

The Dragon Hotel & Residence Dagmare

Grote Markt 30 + 36-38
NT 4611 Bergen op Zoom


The Dragon Hotel is situated in the heart of Bergen op Zoom on the main market. You can not miss the building when you walk into the centre. It is easily accessible by public transport and with private transport. They have a parking lot behind the building which guests can use for € 12.50 per night.

The hotel

During the day it is an impressive building that stands out the architecture and the white facade. In the evening the whole is truly enchanting illuminated and this gives an extra romantic effect to the building. There are two ways to enter. Through the restaurant or through the normal entrance. When I wanted to check in the normal entrance was unfortunately closed because of a wedding that was taking place. The restaurant staff kindly pointed the way to the reception. At the reception we received very friendly service. You will get a full explanation of everything in and around the hotel. Check-in is from 14:00 and check out is at 12:00.


We where on the second floor of the building. With the full explanation of the man behind the desk we could not miss it. The room is very spacious and the bed is huge. Such luxury, I am not. The room also has a large wardrobe, colour TV (not plasma), desk, three chairs, two large windows, bathroom with toilet / shower / bath / sink / mirror, two bedside tables with lamps, solar curtains and a wooden floor. The bed is very comfortable, but unfortunately were two single beds pushed together are. The bed linen is for two people. Occasionally, the crack in the middle is annoying and this is the only drawback I can mention of this beautiful hotel.

Hemingway Restaurant

The building is the restaurant called Hemingway. A restaurant that is completely in the atmosphere of the hotel. Chef Jerome Bulkmans cooks here are the most luxurious and tasteful dishes. I have eaten them once, just to give it a try what luxury really tastes like. I had the carpaccio and the grilled sirloin steak as main course, I can only recommend. It is certainly on the expensive side but worth it.

Restaurant Pidola

On the other side of the building is the restaurant Pidola. The food has French influences, and it looks very stylish. The prices are lower than the other restaurant of the property. I have not eaten here myself, but if I ever come back I will do so.


The hotel is situated in the heart of Bergen op Zoom. This is a typical city (old walled town) with many monuments. At the reception you get when you check in, a flyer along with sufficient information about the environment. You are close to everything since you are in the middle of the town.

Prices and Payment

You have in Bergen op Zoom, a tax of € 1.10 per day. This is in addition of the total booking. The prices vary enormously more. I personally booked it cheaper with last minute booking. One weekend only cost me € 150 for two people. You can pay cash and debit card, but they accept major credit cards.

My opinion

The oldest hotel in the Netherlands and for me one of the most beautiful hotel in the Netherlands where I have been. These are also still quite a bit. The exterior is enchanting, especially in the evening when everything is illuminated. The service is friendly and everything is clean and the building is special. All sights and other options to entertain you outside are simply a minute walking away. On the big market (where the hotel is located), there are plenty of events. A great hotel.

Hotel en Residence de Draak (Dragon Hotel)
Grote Markt 36-38
Bergen Op Zoom
0164 252050

Waterland Neeltje Jans

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 14, 2011

Waterland Neeltje Jans


Island Neeltje Jans
4328 ZJ Burg
Haamstede Zealand
Tel: 0111 655655


4-64 years 18.50 euro’s
65 + 15.50 euro’s
Children under 3 years free

Opening hours

From March 31 to November 7 daily from 10.00 am to 17.30 pm.


The name Neeltje Jans is the common name for Nethalennia which means Lady of the Sea. Hence the logo: a mermaid. Apparently in the 18 century a ship sank here. It got stuck on a sandbar and sank. This sandbar was then named Neeltje Jans. Neeltje Jans is a water park and belongs to the delta works. It is pleasantly situated in the sea and surrounded by beautiful scenery of Zeeland. The delta works are world famous. People from all over the world come to see this. The Delta Works were built to prevent recurrence of the flood in 1953.

What can you experience?

There are several activities at this park.

Hurricane Machine:
In a large hall you enter and you get safety glasses to wear, you also got told that things that are loose on you, need to be secured and you need to hold on tight to the bars or rails on the side. It feels a bit weird in the beginning but then the storm breaks loose and you will quickly understand why you need to hold on. You experience the power of the wind/hurricane.

3D movie:
I was quite looking forward to this was because I like 3D movies. This one is about sharks and octopuses and also there was a little dinosaur in the movie. It wasn’t really the movie I was hoping to see and I can say that you can skip this one.


Moby Dick is a kind of boat (attraction) which shows you all angles. You go from high to low and from left to right. Exciting attraction.

Water Playground

A fantastic water playground that includes a waterfall. Just having fun with water and especially a nice attractions for children.


If you have not seen enough water there is always the waterslide. After a climb you came over and there were people ready to help you in a boat. (2 persons per boat) and before you knew you went down. The greatest attraction of this park.


In the first half of the 20th century lived enough seals in the Delta. Now because of all the pollution, hunting and the delta works there are fewer seals to be found. With some regularity, you can still see seals here. In a sort of swimming pool there are also two seals around.

Rays and sharks

The park has also an area with a low species tank with stingrays and sharks (small ones), if you stand quietly in the water and you put your hand in the water, they swim past you.


Not too big restaurant with a terrace outside. Lunch available starting at 9.75 euro’s (Sandwiches with fillings, and either coffee, tea or milk). There was also chips for sale but we went for coffee with apple pie (€ 4.75).


The toilets were clean and distributed throughout the park. The toilets were also accessible to wheelchair users.

My opinion

It's a pretty park for an hour to walk around but unfortunately the price is way to high. It’s 18,50 euro’s per person and that’s simply to much. The park itself is fun but not that big so you can’t really stay long.
Deltapark Neeltje Jans
Eiland Neeltje Jans
Vrouwenpolder, Netherlands, 4354
31 (0)111-655655

Oriental Garden Koudekerke

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 14, 2011

Oriental Garden


Schutte Street 10-12
4371 AD Koudekerke
0118 551122

Opening hours

Monday-closed (open on public holidays)
Tuesday, open from 16.30 hours to 21.00 hours
Wednesday, open from 16.30 hours to 21.00 hours
Thursday-open from 16.30 hours to 21.00 hours
-Friday from 16.30 hours to 23.00 hours
-Saturday open from 16.30 hours to 23.00 hours
-Sunday open from 16.30 hours to 22.00 hours

The restaurant:

The restaurant is in an ordinary street and you first enter a small hallway and then you see another door and you are in the restaurant. There will be welcomed by a waitress who takes you to your table. Meanwhile, another waitress comes to take the order for the drinks and if we are familiar with the concept of wokking. We are so we don’t need any explanation.

The restaurant itself looks small, but clean and cosy. I think the restaurant can fit around 100 men. Trough out the whole restaurant and several objects and paintings from Chinese origin and looks really like the normal Chinese restaurant.

The food

The food looked delicious. We could really choose from many different things. We did find out that because it is a small restaurant it had less choice with vegetables. So we missed red peppers and onions. But you really have everything else. At the buffet you had enough rice, fried rice, noodles, chips, meatballs, spring rolls and other such things. Of course you can also bake your meat on the plate. Whole slabs of meat and fish. It smelled wonderful and it was delicious spicy, but I have a tongue (fish) tried, but I found it a little too greasy. So the next time I take nothing from the griddle.

And of course they have different sauces that came with your stir fried vegetables and meat or fish can do. From sweet to very spicy. But I still stick with the soy sauce, which I really still the best. And of course a dessert. They unfortunately have only 3 flavours of ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.


The service was nice and polite. The ladies who were walking around dressed and spoke very nicely to the customers. When the plates were empty, they came to pick up and then looked like if you also had something to drink. If not, they asked the same if you wanted to have another drink.


The restaurant is in a normal street, so you can park pretty much anywhere, but when it is full, you would have to go down the street. It is also free parking there.


Disabled people can also just go inside. The toilets are spacious enough for a wheelchair to enter and without barriers.


So here you can simply pay with debit card and have other payment cards, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and more.

My opinion:

We have a great dinner. The food was tasty, the meat tasted good. The fish from the plate was a bit too greasy but the rest of the food was great and the selection of food was good but could have been better. All in all four stars.
Oriental Garden Koudekerke
Schuttestraat 10-12
Koudekerke, Netherlands
0118 552463

Het Pannekoekhuisje

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 14, 2011

The pancake house (Het Pannekoekhuisje)

This pancake house is located in the town of Koudekerke what is in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. It’s located near the coast which makes it perfect to visit after a long walk. It’s a typical Dutch pancake house which you have to visit when visiting Netherlands.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday from 11.00 am to 20.00 pm.


Pancake House "Dishoek"
Kaapduinseweg 19
NP 4371 Koudekerke


When coming with car you can’t park directly of the pancake house. There is a very large parking lot on the road a little bit further. In the summer season from April to October you have to pay for parking.

The restaurant

The Pancake House is a restaurant where you can eat inside and out. Inside there are about 100 places and outdoors I think about 40 places. We sat outside since we had beautiful weather and the whole terrace has that beach feeling. Not really surprising because you have the dunes on the background. The restaurant has really thought about children since there is a arcade corner where children can entertain themselves.


The restaurant is accessible for disabled people. There are no obstacles and the toilet is large enough for a wheelchair to enter.


The staff was very polite. From the first moment we got into the restaurant we where greeted and taken to our table. They took the order for the drinks straight away and we got our menu. It took them about five minutes to get our drinks and since we already knew what to have, they took the order for the food. I think the food took about 20 minutes, maybe a bit longer. The whole time the staff was friendly and served with a smile.

Food and drink

The food was delicious. I myself had a plain pancake with powdered sugar and tasted excellent. One of my friends had a pancake with extra whipped cream which looked delicious and my other friend had a pancake with mushrooms, ham, cheese and pineapple, and even that he found it great. We had coca cola, coffee and a beer and they were all fine.

Prices Food & drinks

A few examples of what they had:

Coffee, cappuccino, latte, Espresso, Tea (various flavors), milk, hot chocolate, hot chocolate with whipped cream, hot chocolate with rum.
Apple pie, Apple pie with whipped cream

Soft drinks:
Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Cassis, Bitter Lemon, Tonic, white grape juice orange, freshly squeezed orange juice, apple juice.

Beers on tap:

Jupiter pilsner, Hoegaarden (seasonal), Leffe abbey beer.

White (dry or sweet), red, Sherry, Port (red or white).


Sate with fries and salad, Jager Schnitzel with chips and salad, Holsteiner Schnitzel with chips and salad, Spareribs with fries and salad, plaice with chips and salad.

Pistolet = Cheese, Ham, Salami, Healthy, Chicken curry, Tuna salad, croquette, Frikandel.
Toasted Ham / Cheese, Fried Ham, Ham / Cheese, Ham / Cheese / Bacon, Ham Omelette, Ham / Cheese, Ham / Cheese / Mushrooms
Soup 3 slices of bread with cheese, fried eggs, croquettes.
Satay Pork fillet with bread and salad.

Pancake Variations:
Natural, Strawberry jam, powdered sugar, raisins, cinnamon / sugar, ginger / sugar, apple / cinnamon / sugar, apple / bacon, apple / raisin / cinnamon / sugar, apple / raisin / cinnamon / ginger / sugar, banana / sugar, Warm cherries , / icing, Crepe Georgette: mixed fruit / vanilla ice cream / icing, Fruits / icing, Peaches / icing sugar Pineapple / powdered sugar, mixed fruit, powdered sugar, extra cream, extra vanilla ice cream.

My opinion:
In itself, I think the prices were a bit on the expensive side but we had a good size pancake and it tasted delicious. We had good and fast service and we had a lovely meal on the terrace. We will come back here.
Pancake House (Pannekoekenhuisje Dishoek)
Kaapduinseweg 19
Koudekerke, Netherlands
0118 551214

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 20, 2012

The Rijksmuseum van oudheden or Natl Museum of Antiquiti is located in the city center of Leiden. It has a great collection of mostly Egyptian mummies and artifacts. We decided to go here since I’m a huge fan of the Egyptian history and this museum is highly recommended.

The museum is only a five minute walk away from the main square and therefore very easy to reach by foot. The outside of the museum doesn’t look that impressive and actually quite small. I was even a bit disappointed but decided to go ahead anyway since I knew the collection was meant to be good.

The museum has two floors and has a collection of Egyptian mummies, the temple of Taffeh and much more artifacts. There are human mummies here but also animal ones. The temple of Taffeh is the most impressive and it’s actually the original temple. It has been relocated as a gift for the effort of saving Nubian moments that were in danger.

At the museum also romans artifacts can be found.

The museum is worth the trip. We spend around two hours here wondering around. It’s not a large museum but the items are unique and special. Four stars.
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden/National Museum of Antiquities
Rapenburg 28
Leiden, Netherlands
071 516 3163


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