Going to holland

Going to holland

Van der Valk Nieuwerkerk

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 10, 2011

Parallel to the A20 you will find this hotel / restaurant. To get there, it is best to take the exit Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel. At some point you will see a small sign next to the hotel side of the road and you're almost there. It's not a place which is easy to reach by public transport.


For the building are parking spaces and they are free. There are also disabled parking spaces available, which are located near the door.

The entrance

The restaurant is part of the hotel. If you enter the building, as it were, then you run straight in to the reception. At the reception are a few couches. Here, families and larger groups can wait if they are not complete. The cloakroom is towards the toilets. There is more then enough space to hang your jackets.

The restaurant

If you from the entrance to the right, then you automatically are at the restaurant. You see a big grand piano. We had not reserved (Saturday) and there were only two tables free. The restaurant at the back is overlooking a park. What I heard is that in the summer you can sit out on the terrace. The first impression of the interior is very pleasant. There are warm colors throughout and although it fits many people, it doesn’t feel that big.


On Fri, Saturday and Sunday there is a live cooking buffet. We had the first table behind the bar and I can well see how that goes. It looked very nice, you choose from a wide variety of dishes, both cold and hot (there were for example glasses with salads, Carpaccio, soup, baguette with butter dishes, etc.). When you are done with the appetizers, you could choose from fish, meat and various vegetables. There were two chefs behind a stove and then made the dish for you. When the dishes you could choose from fries, fried potatoes and rice. For this buffet you pay € 27.00 p.p.

Especially for the children there was a mini-buffet (€ 8.50 pp). Here the children can choose from chicken nuggets, fish sticks and fries and small. There are also toys to keep the children entertained.

Because we had eaten a lot in the afternoon we did not want to use the live cooking buffet. We decided to choose a la carte, it was a steak, calf's liver with bacon (€ 17.00), a steak and for me a cordon bleu (€ 13.50). Previously we had a bread basket with butter, garlic and tapenade ordered (€ 3.50). The main dishes were served with salad, baked potatoes and french fries with mayonnaise. We could order extra side dishes as much as we wanted.

Unfortunately, my meat was very dry. I always find it embarrassing if you need to, but I could not really get away. When I called the waitress there, she brought my plate right away. The complaint was resolved quite nicely, because it was a new piece of meat cooked for me. That second piece tastes good and tender. After dinner we opted for a dessert. Anywhere from a lady blanche, an Irish coffee or a banana split for me. The latter was a dish with 4 slices of banana, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a banana. It sat there with chocolate sauce jug.

A disadvantage is that you just smell the buffet and could clearly smell fish, now of course we where sitting right next to the buffet.


The ladies who helped us were young, but very likeable. They often showed up and everything was okay and if we ordered some appetizers, then came within 5 minutes.
Empty dishes were removed and right after we finished eating the dishes were cleaned.


The toilets were clean and tidy. There were enough toilets for the number of people present. They are regularly inspected and cleaned.

My opinion

Nice cozy restaurant, where a young man played the piano all night (on Saturday night there is live music). The food was good and relatively inexpensive. The live cooking buffet looked very tasty and I think I'm definitely going to come back to try this. It is advisable to book in advance (also online), because it is a very popular restaurant in the area. We just happened to be pretty early and got a table, but later people were turned away.
Hotel Nieuwerkerk Restaurant
Parallelweg Zuid 185
Nieuwerkerk, Netherlands
0180 321103

Getting wet in Duinrell

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 10, 2011

The park is located in Wassenaar and you can reach the park by the road A12/N44 or via the A44 and N206. If you get close to Wassenaar, you will see many signs showing you the way so it’s easy enough to find.


You can park at the park, but you pay € 5.00 per day. You can also park across from the park, the market area. Here you can every day (except Tuesday) park for free. You then just have to cross the road to get to the park.


Normal price is € 16.50 per person and for children from the age of 4 years (in July and August € 17.50), children up to 3 years free. For Tikibad (large pool) you pay 3.50 for 2 hours and € 1.00 for an extra half hour (but they also have cards where you stay longer in the pool side).

Camping and Duingalows
In the park they have built 400 cottages, these are the Duingalows. Besides these houses, they have a family group accommodation and a campsite. You can stay for a long time. If you use a property, then the entrance to the park included. We haven’t used this.

The park

At last we could enter. At checkout, you can buy a map of € 1.00. As you enter, you run along a portion of the first Duingalows. I personally would not want to sit near the entrance, but perhaps if you have children, it is handy.

They have a fairytale forest where about 8 stories are being told/showed, a ship that swings (not as high as in other parks), a monorail, a carousel, go-karts, a children's train and a large playground. It is a park that is particularly suitable for children aged one year or 7 / 8. For adults, there is less to do in the park.

because it was raining we couldn’t go on the mega slide or other attractions where also closed.
What is really funny is that the water course. You can choose between an open and a closed boat. Hoping to stay dry, we chose the closed model. At the moment we sat down, you become already very wet. Closed means a roof over your head, but when you go down, there will be a massive wave from behind. We had a really good laugh, but were very wet after the ride. The open variant means that you get a sort of cape, but otherwise you stay fairly dry. Your face will get wet, but the rest less.

Tiki Pool

What I like best thought of the park, which is the Tiki pool, an indoor leisure pool. Here it was quite busy that day because of the rain everyone went inside. The Tiki Pool is famous for its spectacular slides. This is sometimes less suitable for small children. There is a paddling pool, a mini slide and a wave pool. There are slides where you make a free fall. There is a family slide which is more suitable for parents with children. At Tiki is also a separate sauna area.

The Tiki Pool is in the middle of the park, you see it from all sides. In fine weather, you also have a lawn outside. In summer you cannot get separate tickets for the bath, which can only be used with an entry ticket.

Food and drink

In the park are everywhere stalls and shops where you at something, drink or snack can buy. In the Tiki we had 2 soda, 4 bags of crisps, a bottle of Spa Blue (0.33 L) and two large ice cream cones purchased for € 15.25.


You see everywhere in the park. These are generally a bit older, but look more neat. The toilets are regularly checked.

Address and opening hours

The park is open daily from 10.00-17.00 hours and 10.00-18.00 hours in summer. The Tiki Pool is open until 22.00 hours. The park is open from March 21 till October 26.

My opinion

I think the park is especially fun for children. If you're alone with adults (as was the case with us), then the park is less suitable. There is little to no spectacular attractions and the price is quite high relative to what you get. What was so much fun, that was the Tiki pool. Slides and a lot more spectacular than the other. In Tiki you can easily enjoy comfortable 2-3 hours. For me the park gets 3 stars because it’s simply more focused on children then adults.
Duinrell Holiday and Amusement Park
Duinrell 1
Wassenaar, Netherlands, 2242 JP
31 070 5155 257

Aqui Numansdorp

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 10, 2011

In Numansdorp are several dining options. One is Aqui. This is a tapas and pizza restaurant with the ability to pick up food.

Location and accessibility

Aqui located in the center of Numansdorp, to be precise, in the shopping street of the village. There are relatively few parking spaces, or during the shopping hours, it is practically impossible to park at the front of the door. But in the streets off the street and a little further are enough parking spaces. The parking is free, but in some places you have to use a parking ticket. The full address: 47 Front Street, 3281 to AT Numansdorp.

The outside

As mentioned Aqui is in the center of the village, here are many older buildings. The restaurant has a bit of a Mediterranean exterior. The restaurant is quite big and quite spacious. The interior is clear Mediterranean and looks very nice with coloured walls and dark furniture. There are 2 - and 4-person tables that can be pushed together if you're with more people. There are also a number of round tables, which is ideal when you're with three people.


When you enter, you are always greeted by someone from the staff. You can choose whether you have booked. If so, you will be guided to your seat, otherwise they check whether there is space. Also you can possibly give your coat.


Aqui has an extensive menu. A typical menu consists of cold tapas, hot tapas and possibly a dessert. With the menu you get a bit of everything but of course you can order each dish separate.


Generally you start with a cold tapas and the second pass is of course the hot tapas.
Of the cold tapas, I really enjoyed the goat cheese salad (with honey, balsamic, and pine nuts). The salads are delicious stuffed and the dressings also delicious. The Tapas Variadas is really good, you get all kinds of little things like stuffed peppers, anchovies and dates. I find it nice to combine the little things with the Seranoham or the Fillet of beef carpaccio.

From the hot tapas, I think the Baked Fillet of beef (cooked in Port Syrup with onions and herbs) was very tasty. The meat is juicy and the sauce is delicious.

There are a few different desserts, I choose the chocolate mousse which was also every good.

Overall opinion food and drink

The food is tasty, but the hot tapas was a bit bland. The portions are ample and you can always order an extra dish. There are vegetarian dishes, fish dishes, meat or poultry. If you go for a menu you have a 2 or 3 course menu. You can indicate whether there are things you certainly do not want in your menu.


A 2-course meal costs around € 27.50 per person. The variety of tapas are in the range of € 4 to € 17, you can so as expensive as you want. In my opinion, the tapas are not more expensive than anywhere else and is proportional to the quality of the food. The wines by the glass will be around € 3 and € 20 for a bottle


The service is friendly and attentive. They frequently ask if you still have a drink and the like. They also give a clear explanation of the different tapas and give advice on how to order the number of dishes.


The restaurant is clean and tidy. The toilets are old but well maintained and clean.


Aqui is definitely a must if you want something to eat with friends. Because you all at the same time ordered several small dishes, you can taste a little of everything. If you want to try everything or almost everything, it's best to go for a 2 - or 3-course menu. Staff is friendly, but it is wise to make reservations if you want to eat at the weekend.
Aqui Tapas Numansdorp
Voorstraat 47
Numansdorp, Netherlands
0186 655227

Restaurant Gewoon

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on January 10, 2011

Restaurant Gewoon is a restaurant / cafe with an overall kitchen in Numansdorp. I go here regularly with friends or family dinner, this time with 3 people.


Restaurant Gewoon is located in Numansdorp, a village on the A29 which lies about 20 km below Rotterdam. It is located in the centre of the village, not far from the bus stop (with a regular bus service) and the marina.
Address: Burg. 6 Rue De Zeeuw, 3281 AJ Numansdorp. (Route description is on the site.)

The restaurant

Along the way in which this restaurant is, there are many beautiful villas and authentic village houses. The restaurant sits in the former building of the post office, which it shares with a hairdresser. You go into the restaurant via a staircase of three steps and a hallway. The ladder for people in wheelchairs can be problematic. Fortunately it is possible to use the terrace to enter, through which a path near the building accessible.
The restaurant is much bigger inside than it looks from outside and there is also a terrace at the back where you can sit when it’s nice weather. The restaurant is cozy (wooden) and on the wall you will find paintings that are for sale.
There are several 2 and 4 person tables, but if you come with more people, tables are simply pushed together. The tables and chairs are spacious and comfortable enough. On the terrace they have different tables, but also some long tables for large groups. At the small tables on the terrace can be somewhat tight.


Once at the table we ordered a drink and we got pieces of bread with garlic butter. The menu is very extensive, but has something for everyone. There is the possibility of a menu at a fixed price, but you can just go for individual dishes. This may also dishes from the 3-course choice menu. The menu has meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. In addition, several meals for children.

We (3 people) all decided to take a starter, including a salad with smoked chicken and mandarin, a soup (tomato) and a fishplate (various small fish). The size of the entrees is reasonable generous and delicious. I personally had the salad with chicken and mandarins and got a varied salad with a generous amount of chicken and a kind of dressing / sauce that you tend to eat every last drop.

Main course
The main courses were varied, but very tasty. This time it was chicken strips in garlic sauce, a pork tenderloin with brie (also with salmon, which is just as tasty) and the weekly Dilemma. Which this time consisted of smoked eel. For the main course will include a dish with fried potatoes and salad bowl (this time a cabbage salad) served. The portions are large enough to be able to fill up but still have room for dessert.

We chose pancakes with ice cream and caramel sauce, Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts. Very nice.


The prices are not too bad, the three of us ate for around 100 euro’s in total. This included three standard drinks (wine / soda) and two coffees, both per person.
The prices of the starters are around 9 to 10 euros, main courses are between 15 and 21 euros and desserts are around 5 euros. The 3-course set menu costs about 25 euros. For your drinks, prices are not too crazy, soft drinks and beer are also about 2 euros. I find this quite acceptable, especially given that the food and the environment (operation, etc.) is ample. For latest prices, I refer to the website.


The service is excellent. They are very friendly and there when you need something.


The restaurant is just clean and tidy. Dishes, windows, tables and anything else you can imagine, it's all neat and clean. The toilets are clean but not very large.


I think Restaurant Gewoon was very good. The name says it all, it's a very ordinary restaurant. Do not expect special culinary delights or a chic interior, but it’s just a restaurant where you just get a good meal, and where one still has an eye for the guests. You literally get value for money.
Restaurant Gewoon
Burgemeester de Zeeuwstraat 6
Numansdorp, Netherlands, 3281 AJ
0186 681669

Oil & Vinegar

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 20, 2012

A popular shop in the city of Leiden is called Oil & Vinegar and it’s a must to visit it when you are a fan of cooking just like me. I like visiting little unique shops when on holiday. It’s fun to discover new things and especially products which you can use in the kitchen or just at home.

The Oil & Vinegar shops sell a large range of vinegars and oils. Yes an entire shop dedicated to just vinegar and oil. It’s amazing to see the amount of different oils and vinegars are available to buy. I’m not really an expert of these things and although everything looks very interesting I was glad the staff was more than happy to assist us.

The shop often has little tastings which you can try different kind of tapenades and dishes prepared with different kind of oils and vinegars. A real treat and you will have to be careful that you don’t just buy everything!

It’s a great little shop with good helping staff and a great atmosphere. I love the tasting part and it’s amazing to see the amount of oils and vinegars they have in this store.
Oil & Vinegar
Haarlemmstraat 79
Leiden, Netherlands


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