Beautifull Switzerland

Beautifull Switzerland

Chapel Bridge

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on November 19, 2012

The chapel bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Switzerland. The bridge is located in the town called Lucerne and it has been for over hundreds of years. It’s the pride of the people of the city and in the region. Lucerne is itself a relatively small town with a few thousand people living here but still is a tourist’s location.

Most tourists come to see the Chapel Bridge. The bridge has been constructed in the 14th century but had to be rebuilt partly due a fire in 1993. The bridge has been reconstructed back to the original state but for the people living in Lucerne it will never be the same. As a tourist you won’t notice anything different.

Although the bridge was been built in the 14th century the paintings that you can see has been added in the 17th century and represent the history of Switzerland and the region. The tower has been built in the 14th century and mostly used as a prison and torture chamber. Now today you can visit the tower and learn all about the history.

It’s a beautiful sight to visit and really impressive.
Chapel Bridge
Rathausquai and Bahnhofstr
Lucerne, Switzerland

Adeo hotel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on August 23, 2012

e Adeo Hotel Salzburg is one of the same, albeit with two very small chain hotel Adeo hotels. According to the website to draw Adeo hotels by the fact that they are very centrally located for visitors, city tourists or transients are equally suitable. The location is always close to a motorway, so the hotel is also sometimes referred to Adeo Hotel on the highway. Nevertheless, should one of the hotel also very quickly be in the center. Either in Salzburg or in the second Adeo Hotel in Linz. The Adeo hotels are classified with stars, presumably because it is not a normal hotel. Mostly you have to check in at the point that is, but more on that later. Adeo hotels advertise that the overnight low prices are unbeatable and they will still sleep well. Whether this was so, will be shown in this report. No smoking throughout the hotel, except for special smoking rooms with balconies. Wireless Internet access is available for free.

The Adeo Hotel Puch-Urstein has 100 rooms, which are spread over 2 or 3 floors (I'm not sure if it's also on the 1st floor rooms are). On the ground floor there is certainly no room because there are only the access to the bakery, the access to the staircase, toilet and lift. The hotel looks from the outside with the green grid facade already modern, but a bit bulky. May overlook it, anyway. It looks more like a modern office building than a hotel, but you can see from the green facade inside nothing more. If you stand in the parking lot in front of the hotel, so it goes left past the house to the garage. There is a gas station next door. On the ground floor of the building is the Ketter Bakery, where you can have breakfast, to that later. On entering the hotel, you control equal to the elevator. This leads to the first floor. Here is the check-inn-breaker, which you must use if you arrive outside the opening times of the reception. Behind a glass door, is the reception that transitions smoothly into a modern lounge room with balcony which we did not use it. On the first floor are probably the 5 conference rooms, because on the upper floors there are in my opinion only rooms. All public areas are accessible barrier-free and there is also wheelchair accessible. To get to the hallways to the rooms, you need a magnetic card. So come up and no uninvited guests. The hallways are covered with gray carpet, which deadens the sound a lot when guests get up and in front of a pass. The walls are painted white, but they are purple color accents on those wily Spüche turn (see photo). The gray doors the rooms are quite large numbers in white. Overall, everything looked appealing, modern look.

The Adeo Hotel has a variety of room. There are double rooms, single rooms, double, triple, comfortable rooms (which are slightly larger) and smoking rooms with balconies. Furthermore, some rooms connect to family rooms. The standard rooms are 15 square meters, which is not very large, as already demonstrated in Munich. With the magnetic card we opened the door of our room on the second floor. Surprisingly, the 15 square feet look bigger than 15 square meters in the previous hotel, which is certainly the fact that the floor plan is practical. First, you find yourself in a small entrance area with a large mirror, a wardrobe and a luggage rack or bench made of leather or imitation leather. Going a bit further, you're in the actual room. Here is a double bed by about 1.60 m to 1.80 m width is with two separate mattresses. There is also a third bed. Many rooms have a third bed, and children under 10 stay free when using existing bedding, which I find very good. If you have no children, you can use the extra bed as a sofa or other wonderful luggage rack. In addition to the third bed there is a desk with stool. Shelf space to open a suitcase and rummaging in it, so there are many. You can unpack his suitcase, however, because there are no closets or drawers. As can also be seen again, that most guests come here probably really just passing through and do not stay long. Since we had enough room for our luggage and both opened around could leave, without that we lost in space on the floor, I think the fact that you can not unpack, not bad.

The beds are made of light wood and blend well with the bright walls. Above the bed there is a schnörkeliges design on the wall, giving the room certainly does not hurt. The bright green opposite the bed is rather strange. Eras with the flat screen TV. To the green wall around there is a practical bar, where you can leave all sorts of odds and ends. On one side of the bed still stands a small stool, which will probably serve as a bedside table. The soil is an easy care, but of course not quite as cozy PVC floor. Although I find the more hygienic than carpet, but in the hotel gets a slight youth hostel character. Illuminated the room by a few lamps and spotlights, reading lights are also attached to the bed. Overall, it certainly has enough light. You can darken the room halfway through a window blind. Since there is little lighting in the area, it's really dark at night, but once the sun comes up, you realize that of course already. The windows are soundproof so you can hear almost nothing from the highway. An air conditioner provides fresh air and a comfortable temperature. However, we like air conditioners and not rather have aired over the window. The monotonous noise from the highway is less at night anyway and it does not bother basically.

The bed has two separate, relatively firm mattress. The bedding is white and appeared to be clean. Overall, the room looked very clean. The cushions are pleasantly fluffy and the blanket has not been too hot, which I first feared, because it was about 30 degrees during the day. Overall, we slept well. The hotel was both at night and in the early morning very quietly.

The Adeo Hotel does not serve breakfast. On the ground floor there is a direct link to the cafe door Ketter, where there are from 6 clock in the morning breakfast from 3,10 EUR. We took advantage of this offer. A hot drink and a sandwich with two toppings of your choice were hungry for our breakfast perfectly adequate. Who likes lush must pay 7.30 EUR gets but also coffee, tea or cocoa as much as you want, two small pastries, meats, cheeses, spreads, egg and orange juice. Since one can really say anything priced.

The service at the Adeo Hotel Puch-Urstein was very good overall. Everything was clean and tidy, our beds were made, towels changed and there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Also at the reception, we were served in a friendly. Although we arrived at 13 clock and already had been allowed only from 17 clock in the room, we were greeted warmly and were able to move the room already. The reception is open from Monday to Saturday from 06:30 bis 10:00 clock and 17:00 clock bis 22:00 clock, Sundays and holidays from 17:00 bis 22:00 clock clock. So we arrived outside the opening times and yet someone was there to check us in, that's really great. That there is free WiFi, safe is also a positive aspect, with the evening we got no access because it was overloaded, but that it was the next morning. Otherwise, nothing to say about the service, because it's just limited to this hotel in itself, but what you get in service is definitely very good.

The Adeo Hotel Puch-Urstein Salzburg and is a modern and clean hotel. The situation on the highway is for passing tourists certainly ideal for city travelers usually limited. It takes about 45 minutes by public transport to the city by car but only 15, but you can also be happy in the free underground parking. Since the features of the hotel is good and the price is cheap but really, I think, can the slightly longer journey times also accepted. Overall, I prefer anyway from a point for poor urban railway connection and the inundation-prone shower, so I get to four out of five stars and a recommendation.

Adeo Hotel
Urstein Nord 11
Puch, Austria

Der Pschorr

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on August 23, 2012

On the first of two nights in Munich, we strolled through the city center of Munich and wondered where we should probably go eat. Our guide had available some tips, but everywhere we went, it was absolutely packed, which is certainly on a Saturday night no wonder. Finally, we passed the Viktualienmarkt and my husband said we could still go to the Pschorr, since he had heard that the Hacker-Pschorr is a very tasty beer. Here, too, was busy, both in the beer garden as well as indoors, but we still managed to get hold one table. Since we both beer and food tasted good, we went back the next night even same way again.

When you enter the Pschorr, one finds an ambience that I would describe as typical brewery. The furniture is made of light wood, there are many smaller and larger tables, but also higher tables with high stools
Pictures of The Pschorr, Altstadt, Munich
Between 19 and 20 clock very well attended .. or wall mounted benches where throw pillows are distributed. The tables are mostly rectangular, partly around and everything is pretty close together, which I also know of breweries in Cologne. Some tables are also in the corners and the two steps are accessible and the backs of some banks are also a kind of separation to the next table, so that one is located close to each other indeed, but just not cramped. Immediately striking is the high vaulted ceilings that are painted a light and give the room an airy effect. A staircase prosecuted to the upper area, a sort of gallery, where there are still some times tables. Also in the basement there is probably still rooms that can be rented for example celebrate. The heart of the guest room on the ground floor is certainly the big bar. Here is tapped continuously beer and transported in 0.5-liter jars on the tables. If Der Pschorr is crowded, it's here already too busy, but that's for me to a brewery so.

After all the beer you have at some point surely even visit the toilet. These are located in the basement and, when I saw this really can not be achieved without barriers. At least I could see no elevator. On the way down, which will result in the brewery cellar, there are some steps along the display cases with souvenirs you can buy. To the toilets is to say that they are present in sufficient numbers, and it is clean and modern places.

Overall, there are in my opinion the atmosphere in the Pschorr faulted. When it was empty later that night, I could take a few photos, or even before that, because the people are obviously intentionally blurred or only be seen from behind. I think the pictures give a good impression of the location.

The menu, which you can see by the way the Internet is quite extensive and is complemented by a special each day. Can be found on the map many dishes that you would associate with Bavaria or a brewery. Thus, there are of course pork, roast pork or snack Brettl, but also salads, soups, fish and two vegetarian dishes (cheese noodles or spinach dumplings). There is also the category of healthy cuisine. Behind this dishes prepared without carbohydrates and dairy products. So you do not necessarily eat calories. Since we were on vacation, and then you still want to try the local specialties, we used but rather in the category of pub classics. My husband ordered on the first evening, a half back of pork with potato dumpling and Bavarian-herb for 14.90 EUR. Gives the whole leg it for the rest for an extra charge. I opted for the chicken Schönacher, it is. Braised in red wine, triggered chicken legs with noodles and fresh vegetables for 15.90 EUR Both the chicken and the pork were very good. The meat was very tender inside and my vegetables were excellent, very crisp and fresh. On the second night I tried the small serving of roast pork with dumplings and bacon slaw for 9.90 EUR, as the portion of the night before had been quite large for my taste. The small portion size was quite enough for me and the taste could not be faulted. My husband opted for the homemade Pschorr beer bratwurst with potato salad and sauerkraut, which then made EUR 12.90. He too was good. The price for a main course start at about 8 EUR for homemade Bavarian cheese and go up to 38 EUR for the beef. Most of the dishes but move 10 to 16 EUR. This is for the quantity and quality of food is still okay, I think. However, it must be said that the drink prices are a little higher and you have to end up paying for it a not-so-invoicing. So taste a 0.5-liter glass beer proud 4.30 EUR. Although it tastes really good, but cheap it is not natural. A 0.25-liter water with 2.90 EUR suggests not just a little impact. Now Der Pschorr is centrally located and is safe even stop for many tourists (although according to the website also regularly come from Munich) and because of course you have to always expect higher prices. On vacation you look then also normally not so much on the price and if it tastes better.

As we dined on both nights that we were in the Pschorr Munich, we were allowed to experience the service twice. On the first evening, when it was significantly fuller than on the second, we were very quickly despite large crowds, but also serves really friendly. Once we were seated, we had menus in hand and were asked for our drink preferences. The two Hellen came very soon and when the glass was empty, it was also seen equally. If we had only been there that night, there would have been a perfect score for the service. But we were still a second time there. On the second evening serving us a young man, who was also responsible for the tables outdoors. Although it was on the night in total less busy, but still we had the impression that the young man was a little overwhelmed, because he noticed us until very late, and we he had repeatedly waving to order something and in the end a very long time wait for the bill. He also ran literally with glasses through the brew house and outside, and made a very stressful impression. Although he apologized at the end that it lasted longer, and he was all the time very friendly, but the impression is of course still a bit harried and does not contribute to comfort.

Whether Der Pschorr now, as it stands on the site really is equally focal point for visitors and Munich, as I can tell, of course not, but at least we did not have the impression that you are sitting just a tourist. The overall impression seemed authentic and the atmosphere is really nice. Everything we ate and drank was truly very good and the portions were a good size, some of it was even a bit too much for my taste. The prices are certainly not the best, but at the location of the Viktualienmarkt and the quality of food one can ever seem to forget about. The drinks are really expensive though. Served on both nights we were friendly, the service was perfect on the first night and the second is average to slow. From this I draw from each half a star for the service and the high price of drinks. Stay four out of five stars and a recommendation.

Der Pschorr
Viktualienmarkt 15
Munich, Bavaria, 80331
(49-89) 5181-850

Schloss Aigen

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on September 10, 2012

The restaurant is located at a busy street in the middle of the centre. We passed there several times before and it looked always very busy. The last night of our holiday we walked passed it again and noticed there were some tables available and decided to go in.

The restaurant doesn’t even look that appealing from the outside but the extensive menu and the fact that it was always full decided us to go there. The inside looks more appealing that the inside and has a very warm atmosphere and a lot of wooden furniture. There were also a lot of candles on the tables which looked very cosy but it also made the room very warm.

When we walked in the waiter offered to take our jackets and we were guided to a table. We were lucky because the other tables had been reserved. We received the wine menu and they had a ok selection. I opted for red wine which was very good and was full bodied. Quickly we also received the food menu which was very extensive. The restaurant offers an extensive choice in fish and meat dishes but also vegetarian options are available. As starter we opted for mushroom soup which was very rich and full. As the main meal I opted for steak which was very tender and well cooked. We didn’t had any desserts as we were both full..

We had a very pleasant experience at this restaurant with good wine, good wine, excellent service and a good ambiance. The restaurant was a little bit too warm for my liking but it wasn’t too bad. I would certainly recommend this restaurant.
Schloss Aigen
Schwarzenbergpromenade 37
Salzburg, Austrian Alps
662-62 12 84


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on August 23, 2012

The first impression of the restaurant was the same that the Stieglkeller is no basement, despite its name. The name dates back to 1820. Had at that time the successful Stieglbrauerei which has been around since 1492, and was acquired larger storage rooms in the basement of the castle hill. About these cellars there were gardens in which the beer was served in the summer. This developed gradually a growing operation, up to the present Stieglkeller. The house was built in the years 1925/26 in such a way as it now finds. Today it is a fairly large, bright building where the restaurant is located. Although it is no basement, you come to the stairs not around, this however, lead to the top. But the staircase is very worth seeing with the high vaulted ceilings and the decorations when the many antlers on the walls do not meet my personal taste, it is still impressive, but in terms of size. The house is built into the mountain, and the guest rooms are on the upper floor, so you have to deal with the staircase and some steps until you arrive at the actual restaurant. Once at the top, turn right to the large hall that can be rented for parties, and right into the public domain.

In addition to the main hall (for 500 people), there is the small hall (200 persons) and the hunting room (150) persons. In addition, the restaurant has 1,000 seats outdoors, spread over the beer garden, which in turn extends over 3 terraces. So we can say that a lot of people here fit into it. A view into the inner region, the walk through, if you want a beer garden shows, however, that here, despite size and there coziness, although here the many antlers in the hunting room is thematically fitting, but my taste does not necessarily correspond. With fantastic summer weather, we moved out the same anyway. On the way there, we came, which I found unusual, past a self-service buffet. This is located in the corridor, not in the middle of the dining room and offers a selection of dishes that are also found in the menu. On the upper terraces, reached on further steps, namely, is the self-service area. We settled down, but in the part of the beer garden, where you will be served at your table. This is the terrace, followed by the same on the inside.

The Stieglkeller advertises that it is the beer garden is the most beautiful beer garden of Salzburg. Well, we looked no different, but I think that this statement is not so easy to refute, because it has. From the terrace offering spectacular views over the old town and cathedral The beer garden has long tables with benches, on each of which 6 to 8 people can be accommodated. On our first night, it was still easy to find a place on the second almost everything was booked, but we were lucky to have a table was free. So we sat protected from the sun is still strong among the trees and could view and enjoy the food.

Overall, this is a very large, yet cozy restaurant that extends over several terraces and rooms. The interiors of the facility more traditional or rustic, yet chic and outside you have a great beer garden. For me personally it is the ambience (I refer, of course, mainly due to the beer garden, because we were there both times), nothing wrong, but could the many stairs for some guests may be problematic. The toilets can be reached inside a staircase leading down outside a staircase connecting the upper and lower beer garden area. Of the indoor toilets, which were, moreover, very bright, modern and clean, is reached via a wooden stairway to the road. If - after paying understood - that chooses the path of the indoor bathroom, you can leave here the same restaurant and does not back down and up on the other staircase.

The menu, which you can see on the website is quite extensive and offers Austrian cuisine. The ingredients are mostly come from local farms and in the preparation is dispensed glutamate and flavor enhancer that is ever noted positively.
On the tables in the beer garden are the drink tickets, and beer from the same card, because here are the different types of beer the Stieglbrauerei presented. For the price I'm not sure, but I think that 0.5 liters have cost about 3.60 EUR. Highly recommended is the elder cyclists, the second night was unfortunately. But the other beers have tasted good.

The dishes on the menu that you get brought to the table are divided into different categories. So there is a brewery snack card with dishes such Kasbrettl, Brettljausn or cold roast pork. To all of these dishes are bread and all cost less than EUR 10. Another category would be easy & Vital, where there are mainly salads, but also for example fried chicken with salad. Of course, the map features the classics, such as goulash, roast beef, pork or steak. Recently found in the map also fish and two vegetarian dishes, a special children's menu and desserts. For a main course you have 7 to 20 EUR (steak) plan, which I think is priced absolutely fine.
On the first night I ordered one Kasbrettl for 8.50 EUR. Here are different types of cheese, served on a wooden board with a bit of lettuce, pickles, and other small treats. There are more than plenty of bread. My husband ordered a Jausnbrettl for 9.90 EUR, also with plenty of bread and butter. On the Jausnbrettl be found primarily different types of sausage, lard, but also lettuce, pickles and the like. Very nice idea, pickled vegetables, such as onions, peppers, cucumbers and carrots, served in a mason jar. We were both tired with what we ordered, but luckily was still room for a delicious pancake with plum compote that we shared for EUR 6.50.

As we dined two nights in Stieglkeller, we could also see the service twice. We were greeted on both nights very friendly and fast and friendly serviced. You did not have to wait long before the drinks were on the table and the food arrived in a reasonable amount of time. We felt very welcome on both nights, and thus there is nothing wrong with the service.

If you come to Salzburg and good Austrian cuisine as well appreciates how a great view while eating, that should definitely eat in the beer garden of the Stiegl cellar. Both the portion size and the quality of the food there is to my mind absolutely nothing to complain about. Everything we ordered was truly excellent and in my opinion is very good value for money. Also at the service there is to complain about anything. One should only be booked either or not later than 19 clock come, because for one has to be more to the sun and the other one else unlucky and get no place, except in self-service, there should definitely be room . For me personally, there is nothing which would justify a trigger, but I think that some guests feel the many stairs to be problematic. Nevertheless, it remains at full five stars and a recommendation for the most flattering beer garden of Salzburg.
Festungsgasse 10
Salzburg, Austrian Alps, 5020
+43 662 842681

Trummelbach Falls

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by missj1981 on November 16, 2012

The Lauterbrunnen Valley has 72 waterfalls in total and is an amazing beautiful area full of nature. It’s perfect to really relax and enjoy and it feels like you are miles away from the civilization. Luckily it’s not that far and perfectly walkable. You can follow a trail that leads you right to the waterfall.

Going to the waterfall you will have to pay an entrance fee of seven euros but it’s definitely worth it. On the site you will find an café were you can enjoy a cup of coffee or have something to eat.

Looking at the waterfalls really makes you feel small and humble. Make sure to take your rain gear though because you will get wet.
Trummelbach Falls
Lauterbrunnen Valley
Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

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