What to do in the Netherlands

What to do in the Netherlands

Rondvaart Middelburg

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 28, 2010

In our trip to Middelburg is not complete without a cruise. This tour takes you through the canals of Middelburg. A story is done by a man about the houses and the harbor along the way.


Address: Behind the Houttuinen 39
Postcode: 4331 NJ
Location: Middlesbrough
Tel: 0118-643272
Site: www.rondvaartmiddelburg.nl
Email: info@rondvaartmiddelburg.nl

Adults - € 6.00
Seniors 65 + - € 5.50
Children 3 to 12 yrs - € 3.25


Every day of the week from 11.00 to 17.00 hours.
Note that this only in the months April to October is. In winter it is closed.


The age does not matter here. It is for any age, but I think one year from 8 to 9 or anyway better than the children themselves also understand a little how or what. In fact our boat were also a few people with a toddler and yes you are still quite distracting, because even a small pair gives roar, and a child doesn’t sit quite for 40 minutes.


All together you are busy for about 40 minutes. We were just in time, we had to wait more than 5 minutes and then we all set off.


They have two open boats. First because the weather is usually good when they go. When it rains, there are not that many crazies who cruise to and secondly, the bridges where they are through are quite low and the grownups must then sometimes stoop. Also, you can not buy food / drink on the boat, as it is simply a tour boat. You could well go have a drink if you would take them, but actually you do not have time for. In each of these boats are about 54 people. And then the boat full of really good though. This includes even a man who makes the narratives. That is completely up front, still on the bench, but next to the man who steered the boat. It's pretty well on the boat. After 40 minutes you get quite a bit of a wooden butt, because it is entirely made of wood, with no pads. For the disabled is not really easy I think. They can not with the wheelchair. You would have to lift the disabled person and then the boat may help.


On the boat, the man who steered the boat, but there's a man who does stories about the affairs of Middelburg. This is in Dutch but also in German. We obviously have a lot of German tourists in the summer and yes, it is surely easy as to know what he's talking about. He may also English but other languages I do not know.


This town of Middelburg is more than thousand years old. Middelburg was built in the 17th century, the second commercial city of the Netherlands and the best known of the 15th century town hall. Middelburg also has a very rich history and is approximately 1100 listed buildings. Middelburg is therefore the fifth Memorial City of the Netherlands. And if you do one day with a cruise and Middelburg City walk will get you all to hear and see, because there are many old streets almost medieval gates and proposals with beautiful vistas and not only because there are also beautiful suit - and mansions stand along the quays. Enough to look so.

On and around the route:

If we sit on the boat then we passed many houses that we like to view.

* We pass the lock. It's just a small lock, built in 1550. Meanwhile, the lock again rebuilt in 1760 and in 1994 he restored.
* Also we pass the civic Irish charities. This is a building that was built in 1611. This is the guild hall of the civic Irish (Rifle "van den Busse). At the Court of Tange was the shooting and that's become a parking lot.
* We have several docks in Middelburg. Thus we have the Rouaansekaai, this name from the wine trade with France and London Quay, this name from the wool trade with England. We have also Turfkaai and Houtkaai. So you can see on the quay which was transported and traded.
* On April 16th we have the Kinderdijk-century warehouses are. Actually we have 5 in Middelburg, but the latter has been converted to house.
* We also have a New Port. This was dug in 1540 because there was in the old port all files created by the many ships and sailors.
* And in 1254, the Butchers and the Potters Singel canal dug. So we have a bit of a medieval moat hazards. Previously had an open connection to the Scheldt and now has a connection with the Walcheren Canal.
* We also see many bridges where we sail through. Some we even bend down, as some are very very low. The kids like our son could sit upright.
* Also we will pass the Court of Middelburg and Zeeland Library. And when we arrive at the Walcheren Canal we see the great city office of Middelburg.
* We also like the houseboats in Amsterdam, Middelburg canals. There are not many, at most 6, but it's something and when you walk on the shore side then it looks nice, but if you sail in the canal and agree on a different angle then that is quite a nice and beautiful sight.
* Besides the houseboats we have a port where so many boats to go ashore. From small boats to large luxury yachts. And from the shore side you look from your eyes, but from the waterfront is still a bit different. As if you have a moment to hear speak.
* And besides the many large houses, we also have a small house. This is at most 2 meters wide. The main bedroom has a 2-bed in and that person must be from the bedroom door so crawl into his bed.

My opinion:

It was actually quite fun to do and really informative. We have learned a lot about the city but it’s also the perfect time to just relax after a day of shopping and being busy. For 40 minutes you are being entertainment.
Rondvaart Middelburg Cruise
Behind the Houttuinen 39
Middelburg, Netherlands, 4331 NJ
0118 643272

Zeeuws Museum

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 28, 2010

Abbey (Square)
BK 4331, Middelburg
T: +31 (0) 118 65 30 00
F: +31 (0) 118 65 30 99



-The museum is open year round from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 hours - 17.00 hours


Adults € 8, -
Children up to 12 years free


If you walk through the doors coming in then you're right on the checkout counter with various information. Here you can see the entrance fee to pay. The ticket should keep you well, because it allows you through the doors turn inwards and outwards. There is a bar that you should take the reader along and then the gates open and you through it. Then you see the elevator or stairs. We took the stairs and so to get on each floor or at a show or exhibition. And there are five floors where you can view several exhibitions, etc.

The Sea Museum

This Museum is the largest collection of world heritage in Zeeland. So you have a floor where several ancient tapestries and porcelain painting hung, and where collections are. Various things about animals, stuffed animals, skeletons, etc. are there to see. Also, several video information where you can feel free to sit and look at everything at ease.


There are toilets in the Sea Museum site. These are very top down and you are still a couple. The men's room looked neat and I smelled a strange dirty lemon scent, so it still smelled nice and fresh.


Disabled people can also enter. And otherwise they are one of the wheelchairs that they do have to use here today. You can simply take the elevator all the way to emerge and there is no limit in sight. Everywhere there are those inclined steps with a wheelchair you can drive over it.

Museum Cafe

Also included is a little bar down to the museum. Here we have not been, but it looked nice, clean and cozy. You can sit inside, but with good weather you can simply sit outside on the terrace. Because we not been inside anything else I can tell.


The staff at the desk in which there when we arrived at the museum was clean and friendly. It was an older lady who explained to us everything neatly on how or what the museum pass and tickets. Throughout the building a few who run everything and keep an eye on things there you can ask and we were also helped by neatly.

My opinion

We found it a very informative trip. It was fun and very interesting, because some things we did not, but now. We came in areas where various pots and stones stood. All very old and very interesting. There was also an area where big boxes were. So you saw clothing, but also knives made from that time and the skulls of various animals. Also, everywhere in the various information which leaves everything is what it is, otherwise you can continue to search / ask. But if you're just a floor or into space, take a sheet and read along and see it. The entrance price I found nice. Children have free entry. This is great because most kids do not want to museum, because it can sometimes be boring of course.

The exhibitions that we could see on that day were very interesting and instructive. Too bad that only one part of the year can be seen and not thereafter. But if you then look at the new shows still to come, you think back you want to return again soon, because you too want to know what kind of exhibition.
Zeeuws Museum
Abbey Square
Middelburg, Netherlands, 4331
31 (0) 118 65 30 00

Mini Mundi

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 28, 2010

On a warm Sunday afternoon with my nephew, we have visit a new theme park in town of Middelburg. Actually it is a kind of something old mixed with something new. We had once Miniature Walcheren, but that was scrapped because they went to Mini Mundi. This is a Miniature Walcheren and Family Amusement Park in one.

Mini Mundi:

This building has been built in ZEP-Middelburg. Here are several buildings where you can do many things. They're still building but we already have a Toy's XL, Fit for All, Hebu, La Place, a mini golf course and Mundi. This is beside the highway and if you take the Middelburg exit, then you drive right past it.

-4 July - 6 September Daily 10.00 - 20.00 hours
-7 September - 8 November daily 10.00 - 19.00 hours
-9 Nov. - Dec. 18 Thu + Fri + Sat + Sun 10.00 - 19.00 hours
-19 December - 3 January '10 Daily 10.00 - 19.00 hours


* Entrance fee:
Children 3 to 12 years: € 11.50 p.p.
Adults: € 13.50 p.p.
Seniors 65 +: € 12.50 p.p.


There is plenty of parking. There is a huge parking lot for Mini Mundi, you should only share it with the other customers at the Toy's XL, Fit for All, La Place, etc., but there's always places to park and it’s for free.


If you go for the entrance you'll see a big yellow wall with Mini Mundi. In itself the rest does not see much, so what can you expect when you walk. You go through the door and you could be first at checkout. There you can pay your tickets first and then go through the folding doors Mini Mundi inside. You stand in the hall, there is a blue male and his arms are the signposts.


* Left: This side is the indoor playground. There are two large climbing structures where children can climb and fall and slide and I do not know what else. Also there are links tables and chairs, so you can sit there nice and some food and drink and so is your child closely. And there's a bumper car area, so the kids can have fun. On this side is also inside the shop and is also the exit.
* Right: Here are the toilets, next to the restaurant again and many tables and chairs where you can sit. And even a small part where the little kids can climb and climb, this is really for toddlers, so you have to remember as a parent.
* Above: Via the sides are confirmed and stairs so you can also look up. Here are many tables and chairs and a corner for the bigger kids to play games such as racing and football etc.

Indoor playground

Here you see two large climbing structures left and right. The right one is bigger than the left. When both are many things which children can climb climbing and scrambling. I've tried a bit and I noticed that the ropes are pretty hard, so with socks is a bit nicer than bare feet. And the slides are also quite rap, but if you have a very short pants and then paste it to your own is pretty hurt, so it's a long pants or something like that then I did some tastier say.

Besides the largest climbing structure is one thing about climbing. Here you can climb through thick black elastic. In itself quite fun because you have to make an effort to overcome and the best thing is again, for children between the holes in them that bands can fall back down.

For the very little ones as they craft, climbing and climbing things, but they are not in the large climbing equipment, so you can sit apart and there keep an eye on your little one. Again a lot safer, because some older children may not always watch where they walk and / or fall.

Family Amusement Park:

Here are many attractions that your child alone or together with you as a parent it can go into.

* Mini Mundi Express: This is what the train to Miniature Walcheren and the family amusement park rides around. As early as slow full speed what you can see. There is also a small tunnel in which some stories are hidden.
* Roller Coaster: was very nice thing, is not about the head, so the little ones who are over 1 meter can just only here if they dare.
Curves are only sometimes with some hard punches to the bend, but that's only 2 times.

* Roundabout: for children under 9 This is obviously great fun.
* Swing Schuit: A boat that goes back and forth to the sea. You could almost get seasick from it.

* Balloon Tower: A pair rotating balloons go up. The balloon you're in you can also run again, so you may as scary as you want and you're a daredevil like our son than if you dare to go alone.
* Jumparround: A carousel in car form and the cars are bouncing up and down. Great if you want to get one laughing.

* Outdoor Playground: There is a small outdoor play area with sand around the play button to go up. A large climbing frame with small and large slides.
* 50 Year Miniature Walcheren: In an old barn Zeeland see the principles of Miniature Walcheren until he was 50 years. So you see or what the old place where he was located.


The toilets are inside the hall and you see them all and that his or 4 doors. 1 for the disabled, one for men / boys, one for the ladies / girls and a baby diaper. I'm only in the men ones and who has looked neat. Floor was clean, wash basins were clean. Only the dry blower of your hands as soon as I finished blowing. Less than 10 seconds, but my hands are not properly dry.


Disabled can find just normal and good to drive in and out. Everything is on one level, both inside and outside. You just can not come up. Maybe they have an elevator, but then as soon as I could not see / find.


They also have a small shop where you can buy some souvenirs or just fun toys, because they have many cuddly toys and figurines and other things. Ideal for children so, but think you better get to the other side of the car can run for fun toys and great things, because that's where the Toy's XL, which is a big toy store. Here in the shop is also right at the exit and sometimes may also be that you have to wait if you want to buy because the register from the same input is also connected.


And of course they have a restaurant in an amusement park. This is a small one, but you can still get quite everything. Fries, pancakes, pancakes, sandwiches, sausage rolls / croquet etc. The usual delicious snacks. And the prices are not so bad in itself. Just almost the same as any other fries peasant. So an average price. They also drink anything, cola, orange, beer, juices etc. and these prices are just average. I have taken a sausage sandwich, because it had a bit of traits and also tasted good anyway.


There is plenty of staff around. At the box office / shop is a person, it makes the entrance, but also manage the shop. Then you one in the kitchen, one at the counter of the restaurant and then walk there in a bunch around that cleaning etc.

Outside there are also plenty around, because every attraction will run separately. With a key to the appliance, so if none of those staff attraction is then the device does not and therefore you have to wait. If it is busy or there is someone at every attraction I understand, but we were on a quiet afternoon and there were few customers and there were also less staff and we sometimes had to wait a while 10 minutes on a ride, but did nothing, because if you could do with several people in an attraction, that thing was different for a person to speak. But they were all very friendly and nice. Even children remained politely speak when asked what those who asked very often or the roller coaster or the weather balloon tower opened.

My opinion:

My nephew and I have had a few very happy hours. Mini Mundi is like most, though the first 5 minutes by bike from our house. Great for us, but also for other enough, because even if you come from far, you really just come here again. For children under 10 is just great. The attractions where you can, alone or together with your child or parent.
Mini Mundi (Miniature Walcheren and Family Amusement Park)
Koepoortlaan 1
Middelburg, Netherlands
0118 612525

Glow Golf Middelburg

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Many people go during the holidays, days out, so we also. Many people go during the holidays days out usually look a little further away, so we also.
We had decided that this year all the attractions close to home to go and do and go and see, there is certainly plenty to do around here we have never had been inside. Here is a review of the glow golf in Middlesbrough

General information, prices and opening hours

Glow Golf Middlesbrough
Stage 21
Tel. 80 0118 6067
E-mail: middelburg@glowgolf.nlEntreeprijs
Adults and children over 13 years € 7.95
Children from 4 to 12 years € 5.95


through April, the glow wave on Monday and Tuesday closed, the other day they are open from 12.00 to 19.00 hours. In season from April to September they are open daily from 11.00 to 19.00 hours. Three minutes before closing is the last time you could walk into another round of golf.

What glow golf?

Glow Golf is really nothing more than an indoor mini golf course. The difference with other miniature golf courses is that the illumination consists solely of black lights. The jobs are all illuminated borders, obstructions, not to mention the natural wells. The balls that you are playing well all lights in the blacklight. The paintings are luminous and the carpet

Parking and the entourage

Just before the building of the glow golf is a very large parking area where you can park your car for free. It is a parking area for multiple attractions and shops but it is also very big. So there is plenty of parking available.
You come into the building through the restaurant. The restaurant on your right you see an indoor golf lessons golf course where you can get. In the back are also different wave lengths where you can learn computerized golf. Left in the restaurant is the bar and also the cash register for glow golf. If you get paid you get your own sticks and everyone gets a ball, then you can hang your coat and wave glow of the space entry. This space is very impressive and very nice set. Even the floor is lit. It gives you a tremendous feeling to happy to step in there and all the animals that have been made and the beautiful murals make it complete.


The jobs should certainly not have the spectacular, there is very little variation and certainly very little difficulty in.Echter when playing golf with a group you are complaining about you can also create your own competitions. There are also on the scoresheet a few suggestions to make the game something to expand and certainly more fun as the kids were very much appreciated. There are 18 holes where you normally within no time through because you are two to three turns your ball into the hole you, but because the games we make of it we certainly spent two hours with only the jobs .


Who were sufficient for the capacity of the golf course and restaurant. I found the toilets not very clean. A toilet, the glasses and I can given the amount of dust and junk that there was not imagine that those days were made clean. I can imagine that much junk on the ground because there are too many children (and many people let their young children alone to the toilet), but the dust that was on the toilet itself can never be the same day as they are cleaned. So I found a downside.

The restaurant

The restaurant is also the entrance and looked clean and neat. The staff was what was friendly and helpful. We did not eat but only drink and ordered a bowl of snacks. It took a long time before the appetizers arrived but I can also imagine the frying halfway the afternoon we did not like and therefore it takes a while before everything is warm and there were a day out so we are waiting on a scale not treat such a problem. However, if you're with small children it is recommended to order before you sit down so that it no longer so much longer. The prices of drinks are also to obey him, you pay € 2.20 for an average consumption.


It is fully accessible for disabled people but certainly not all jobs can play a lot of jobs are next to each locked you can hardly even walk from there is no opportunity to play golf for the disabled. Toilet facilities for the disabled I have not seen or elsewhere in the building that should have been but I think it is totally unsuitable for the disabled.

My opinion

I found the glow golf fun for an afternoon busy with the kids. Compared to a normal mini golf course is very expensive but despite the heavy rainfall we were nice and dry. The entourage is entirely aimed at children, beautiful wall drawings and lots of pictures of different animals that are also painted in luminous paint. The black lights hang above the hall to give the audience just that special atmosphere. The jobs are not spectacular, but with a little imagination you can make a decent game. The woman behind the bar was friendly and helpful. All in all, definitely a must for a rainy afternoon in Zeeland. Four stars because the toilets were not clean.
GlowGolf Middelburg
Podium 21
Middelburg, Netherlands, 4337
80 0118 6067


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 15, 2012

The Amstelkring museum is the oldest museum in the city of Amsterdam. We looked it up on the internet and were quiet intrigued and decided to pay it a visit during our little trip. We knew it wasn’t a large museum but since it’s located in the city center we thought it wouldn’t be too much trouble going there.

The museum is actually a townhouse from the 17th century and what makes this one really special is the secret Catholic Church in the attic. The church was been built in a time when celebrating mass was forbidden in the Netherlands. For this reason many people celebrated it privately at their house and in secret churches like this one.

When you enter the house you get a leaflet with information about each room you will enter. Each room was a number and there are arrows so you won’t get lost. The rooms are a bit small but it’s quiet interesting to see how the people lived during those times.

A museum worth going to since it’s not far and it gives you a pretty good idea how the people lived during these times. Four stars for me.
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 40
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1012 GE
+31 20 624 66 04


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