Experience the great Arnhem

Experience the great Arnhem

Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 18, 2010

In 1912, a number of people founded the open air. They see it going downhill with Dutch traditions and regional diversity. Until today there is still this open air museum, there is still much left of the original, but it is a museum that can compete with other museums at European level.

Dutch National Heritage Museum is a museum about the culture and everyday life of ordinary people. The museum is not a quiet museum where you can look at paintings and sculptures, is a museum where you can look at the living room of one lived 70 years ago and see how a brewer and blacksmith worked.

As the name suggests, most of the activities are outside, but the exhibitions are inside and the tram takes you to your destination dry, you do not have to worry about getting terribly wet. There are mainly activities for the kids like walking along with the farmer, blacksmith, thatcher or miller. Walking through the park is beautiful, pieces of wood, a meadow and includes an herb garden located in the park.

The Open Air Museum has a private road that leads to the entrance of the museum. Opposite the entrance to the museum is the large parking. In the parking lot are some wheelchairs for hire, so if you're with disabled people you can either rent a wheelchair. The parking costs € 4.50, this is quite expensive but you'll have to pay, since there is nowhere nearby parking. There is a bus from the railway station to the open air, so it is possible to use the train. Note that the bus does not go directly; it may take some time on the bus to get to the museum.

Main buidling

Upon arrival at the museum are a few things you will notice: the huge copper egg for the museum half sunk into the ground, the imposing main building and the vast region that occupies the museum. In a separate small box 50 meters for the main building, the actual tickets are sold, once bought a ticket and you can go through to the museum. At the entrance the ticket will again be checked and you can go through. The main building houses a café, museum shop, service counter and several exhibitions. If after entry to right and take the stairs down to get to the exhibits. Here is also the HollandRama, but more about that later. The main building is spacious with lots of glass and high ceilings, giving a totally pleasant, uncluttered and elegant. With a few doors opposite the entrance you enter the actual park.

Buildings and exhibitions:

Through the park are several major exhibitions. In all houses, farms and mills you can also go to hear the story about that building. Almost every building in the park has a rich history and many buildings in the forge, take for example the old craft still practiced. The exhibits are extensive and interesting, using old footage, examples and employees keep your attention span.

The exhibitions have a variety. There is an exhibition about the oldest transportation company in the Netherlands: Van Gend en Loos "and an exhibition about people and their collections:"

The Zaanse Village:

The Zaanse village is an old village where many events, activities and shops are concentrated. There is an old fashioned bakery where they sell bread that used to be sold, they even baked in an oven that is heated by wood fire! "Zus & Jet", the sweet shop selling old fashioned sweets tasty and not too expensive! On the square in the summer to try old-fashioned toys by children, old bikes, pedal cars and so on.


The big brass egg that stands out as the main building and houses the HollandRama. HollandRama It is a kind of capsule that you can sit on benches and then be taken on an amazing journey, criss-cross through the characteristic Holland of past and present. This is done through an innovative film and its panorama. You are carried along images of life past and present, what has changed and what stayed the same. You get commentary on the scenes and the "lofts" are interspersed with pieces of film on a large screen. Everything that happens in the HollandRama is completely safe and definitely not scary, the plateau running slowly and you'll hardly notice you up and down. The HollandRama just runs a few times a day between 14.00 and 18.30, the show takes about 20 minutes.


There is a large number of staff in the park around (especially in summer), paid and voluntary. Tram staff, masked people, maintenance people, employees of shops and restaurants, supervisors. I've never had a negative experience with an employee's . They are all trying to be nice and fast and give effective treatment.

Eating and Toilets

In the park there are five bars and restaurants / cafes and 7 toilets. The restaurants / bars have a wide range, have plenty of opportunity to sit down and not too expensive. In the 'Zaanse village' is also a large stall where pancakes can be eaten. Toilets are throughout the park clean and be regularly cleaned. In general, no long queues for toilets.


A great museum for young and old. Mountains of information are presented in a fun and often very personal way. Many large exhibitions and the park houses provide hours of fun in this park. History of the Netherlands is being marketed and compared with the present way of life in a fun way. Parking is expensive but there is always room and it's so close. The main building is a beautiful, spacious building with HollandRama in the basement. HollandRama It is a beautiful show that takes you along the Holland now and earlier, very original and beautifully executed. If you've been in the open air, you have seen this! The tram is very convenient; you can quickly reach certain stations throughout the park around. The staff is all very nice and willing to help. Disabled people are generally good in most buildings to ride in a wheelchair.

A great experience for the whole family. The museum is also very suitable for large groups, think of including family parties and stuff. This museum will keep your attention there constantly, there's so much to see, do and learn, you won’t get bored! 5 stars for this wonderful museum!
National Heritage Museum (Openluchtmuseum)
Schelmseweg 89
Arnhem, Netherlands
026 3576111

Amgio Arnhem

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 18, 2010

For my work I had a few days to Arnhem. The second night I visited and we went looking for a cozy restaurant. My hotel was located at 5 minutes walk from the lively Korenmarkt.

The location

The restaurant is located in Peacock Street and adjacent to the Korenmarkt. It is a very friendly area of Arnhem with all bars, restaurants and terraces. Amigo is situated between the shopping and the Korenmarkt and is very easy to find.


The entire center of Arnhem is car free, so you cannot park in front of the restaurant. The station is 5 minutes walk and under the station you have a large car park (Central Park). Here you pay for a day ticket (24 hours) for € 12.00. For one hour you pay € 1.80. On the streets around the station you will have to pay until 18.00 hours and then parking is free. Before that you pay € 2.00 per hour. For the station in Arnhem is a large building site. There are a number of streets are closed and I have not been able to get there, so I put my car is always parked in the garage.

The restaurant

Since the smoking ban takes effect every restaurant has a terrace. Even if the rain comes pouring down (and that was in our case), people sit outside on the terrace to eat. Of course there are umbrellas or the blinds go down. At Amigo you only have a small terrace (4 tables), it is located in a not so wide street.

As you enter, you immediately taste the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant. It is not that big, there is a section down and there are some tables on the first floor. The whole restaurant is decorated Mexican, they used warm colors like yellow and terracotta. There is Spanish and Latin American music played and you really get a bit of a holiday feeling. On the wall you can also see all Mexican tiles, hats, all very atmospheric. We could choose from a table on the walkway or the nice table by the window, but then we had to wait until they had cleaned.

The menu

After 5 minutes we were warned that our table was ready. Immediately there was a basket with Nacho's (corn chips) with us and put down a bowl of salsa. Drinks we had, so we could focus directly on the menu. There is a wide choice of starters, main courses and desserts. At the top is explained, particularly the difference between a burrito and an Enchilada.

We took both the starter and ultimately no enchiladas. You then have the choice of 2 or 3 enchiladas and if you want cheese, beef, chicken or fish. By coincidence we both opted for two enchiladas, one chicken and one with ground beef (it was more than enough). Then you have a nice variety. For two enchiladas you pay € 12.95, € 14.75 for 3. You get a large plate containing an oven dish served with your dish, a scoop of ground beans, rice with vegetables through it and a spicy salad. Also you have some sour cream to the court what you should eat. In the bowl were two tortillas with sauce and cheese, guacamole (mashed avocado) and feta cheese. The food smells very nice when it is served and it tastes fantastic.

After dinner, I did have a dessert, the tortilla strips with honey and ice cream are delicious or waffle with ice cream, banana, apple and chocolate sauce I also think is delicious. It was some time before the staff came to ask if we wanted anything.


For the toilets facing down the stairs. The toilets are completely Mexican atmosphere (with many-colored tiles) and look clean.


This restaurant is not suitable for people with limited mobility. In the restaurant you the tables on a raised stand and the toilets facing the stairs. Between the table is not much space for a wheelchair.


For dinner I had included our drinks was € 30.00 for 2 people. You can pay in cash, by debit or credit card (Visa and Mastercard). At the exit is a big basket with wrapped mints.

My opinion

Personally I find it a real winner. The restaurant is cozy in Arnhem and certainly very attractive. Rather striking that at 21.00 the restaurant was completely empty. May of course been that it was a Tuesday night.
Amigo Mexican Restaurant
Pauwstraat 14
Arnhem, Netherlands, 6811GK
026 4424244

Best Western Haarhuis

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 18, 2010

The location

Haarhuis Hotel is located in Arnhem, opposite the station. The famous Corn Market, with its many terraces and restaurants is 5 minutes walk and shops Rijnstraat with an 8 minutes walk. Located exactly at a corner on a busy intersection..


You can park at the door. It costs € 2.00 per hour during the day, but from 18.00 hours is free. The many alterations to the station there are a number of streets closed. I did not succeed to park at the door with my car, so I chose to enter the parking garage under the station. A day ticket (24 hours) costs € 12.00, the garage is € 1.80 per hour. You only just across the street.


I arrived late on Monday night, but there was much activity in the hotel and the reception. At the reception people were very friendly and they spoke Dutch, German and English. After I had reported I had the room key (plastic card). Haarhuis hotel belongs to the Best Western chain. It is a 4 * hotel (at least officially, I found it rather a 3 * plus) and this year celebrates its 90th anniversary.

The room

From the reception I was sent to the elevator, which is past the lobby. My room was on the second floor. At the end of the lobby, I had two steps down to the elevator to come. For me, the effect of an elevator is gone if there is no possibility to use a walker, wheelchair or rolling suitcase into the elevator. I had to lug around here, not a problem for me, but I can imagine that for older people it’s a problem. The elevator is very old and every time you had the feeling that you got stuck somewhere halfway (but that never happened).

Once on the second floor was very easy to find my room. Although room a very big word, because it was not so great. 3x3 m, there was a single right against the wall, a cupboard and a desk on the left and there was a chair with a small table by the window. The carpet is dark blue. The first thing I noticed was the enormous heat in the room. I immediately open the windows and in the closet I found a fan. On the wall is a mounted TV. The bed was fine, the mattress was a thin mattress, so you slept a little softer. The first night because of the enormous heat I slept very badly, fortunately the weather was worse later in the week.

The bathroom was very large in proportion, black and white checkered tiles, a shower, toilet and sink. Some things could use a facelift, but it was clean.
In the room you had the opportunity to use the Internet. This, however, you must ask reception (goes through your credit card or you buy a voucher) and it costs € 8.00 per hour. I found this a rather expensive, so I have not used it.


Breakfast is from 02.00 hours until 10.00 hours. Fantastic service, cannot say otherwise. The breakfast had a bit scarce, there were different kinds of bread and rolls, fruit bowl, two types of muesli with yoghurt, different kinds of fillings and scrambled or boiled eggs. They have also on a hot plate a jug with hot water and a pot of coffee from a machine and you could get orange juice.


At the reception you could sign up for a sports massage. These cost € 25.00 for person per half hour. In your room is a laundry bag, if you want something dry cleaned or washed. After two days, my bedding changed (by the early hours of course I was back in time in the hotel and then had the cleaners usually come). The towels were changed every day. Find a shoeshine machine downstairs at the elevator, the room you have a little shoe polish thing that you can use to shine your shoes (shoe shine). The cleaners were very friendly. From the reception on Tuesday, someone came over to bring a gift of Rituals, a hand massage unit, very attentive. The lobby was often a large bowl of green apples that you could get.


When I was there, it was quite pricey. I paid € 480.00 for 4 nights and € 0.60 city tax per night for a single room. Double rooms are from € 160.00 per night.
My opinion

The hotel was close to the places I had to work. The hotel was ok. If you enter than it looks neat, but I found my room really small. Usually you get a double room for single use. The room was hot (in the hall was cool, but the room was stuffy), when I came back, I often put a chair between the door, so the coolness of the corridor went a bit in my room. The breakfast was a bit disappointing, but it can also come simply because it was too early to enjoy it. The service in the hotel is fine, the people very friendly. The price I found on the high side.
Best Western Hotel Haarhuis
Stationsplein 1
Arnhem, Netherlands, 6811 KG
0031 (0) 26 4427441

Burgers' Zoo

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 18, 2010

Every day of the year the zoo opened. Summer and winter seasons have different opening hours:
From April 1 through October 31: 9:00 to 7:00 p.m.
From November 1 through March 31: 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.


On the website you may find a short route to the zoo. You can also use a link to calculate your route by public transport. Both by car and public transport the zoo is easily accessible. Of course, this zoo is also well marked on the signs from the motorway to the zoo.


Adults: € 18.00
Children 4 to 9 years: € 16.00
65 + (with ID): € 17.00
Children up to 3 years: free


There is a large parking lot and the rate for parking is not too bad when I compare it to other zoos. For three euros you park your car here. At the checkout you have to buy a parking coin. When you drive into the parking lot - especially in the morning - staff assists you with where to park your car. It is a sandy area between the trees where you park the car, so it can be for wheelchairs are more difficult to get out of the parking lot.

The zoo

This zoo is divided in many different areas and that makes the park so special. A large part is covered which makes it very suitable to be visited even with bad weather. Burgers Zoo has a long history, it has existed since 1913. There is in all those years added more and I will describe below each section.

Burgers Zoo (since 1913)

This zoo is really as you would expect from an average zoo. You meet different animals and when the weather here is nice, you walk around outside for the animals to visit. Chimpanzees, elephants, pygmy hippos, warthogs but also penguins, flamingos, raptors and various birds can be seen in this park. Especially animals that exist in Europe you can find here.

Citizens Safari (since 1968)

Too far away to go to Africa? Here you can see the familiar animals you will find on African safaris. With the advantage that you always find them here and on a real safari is it mostly a matter of luck. There are several observation huts where you have a clear view of the animals. Cheetahs, lions, giraffes, zebras and white rhinoceros. A part you walk through a covered bridge and the high observation cabins have glass that is also low. Children can easily see through to the window to watch the animals. From the terrace you can enjoy a drink and a snack, while overlooking the Savannah.

Burgers Bush (since 1988)

This part is covered and you can get quite warm here when you walk around. It is a tropical rainforest in the Netherlands. There is here a moist heat. You literally walk between the plants and animals. Bird watching, or along the rope bridge over the waterfall walk. It is all here! For young and old and a real discovery for the enthusiasts among us a great backdrop. You see the special animals, plants and atmosphere of this tropical rainforest. Can you discover the iguanas, colorful birds you hear and spot the manatees occasionally coming above water?

Burgers Mangrove (since 1992)

In the tropics, mangroves are known. A special flood forests to ensure that the animal nature is provided with regular salt water. Trees and plants that live here have roots in brackish water and have a special ability to survive anyway. There are many different species of fish and invertebrates, which in turn attracts other species. Snake Neck Birds, mangrove heron, river turtles and lizards are to admire. This part is of course covered.

Desert Citizens (since 1994)

In the desert you would of a very hot climate. It may indeed be extremely hot in the desert, but also icy cold. It is an area that gets little water, rain is not a common thing in the desert. You can see that immediately with the plants, cacti, agaves, yuccas and small leafed trees and shrubs that have the ability to minimize water evaporation. Here you can find colorful songbirds and turkey vultures. Ruminating bighorn sheep, bobcats, and peccaries, you will find with a bit of luck. Sometimes it's just searching, but who wait, and sit quietly for once there will often see something suddenly loom.

Burgers Ocean (since 2000)

This part was the absolute favorite. Mega Large aquariums with various fish in various colors and sizes. There are nice seats in rocks made where you can sit to enjoy the colorful spectacle of the variety of fish and other aquatic animals that you encounter here. While hiking you will continue to the large pool with sharks. A female shark was pregnant and possible to prevent the other sharks would eat the fry once they were born, she lived separated from other sharks. Very nice is the aquarium where you walk through a tunnel and so the fish swim over your head. Here you can also try flatfish from the bottom, because they regularly swim from left to right and so swim over your head. Also nice is a dark aquarium where you only see some bright spots. These points of light are lantern fish ... very funny to see! We have spent much time in the Ocean and walked through it twice. You can really enjoy for a long time because it's simply a beautiful spectacle.


We are at various points to the toilet and always looked clean and fresh. In one of the toilets there was just an employee trying to clean the toilets, so I am assuming that it is regularly checked. It was mid-morning and everything was checked. A cleaning schedule I could not discover, but everything looked in the afternoon neat and clean.

My opinion

A zoo where you really can have a sweet day. We have not seen everything and if we do we would had to spend the whole day there. There is much to see and because a large part is covered, you can alsogo here with bad weather. We are very happy here and we enjoyed it, we will definitely visit the zoo again sometimes.
Burgers' Zoo
Antoon van Hooffplein 1
Arnhem, Netherlands, 6816 SH
026 - 442 45 34

Restaurant Smaak

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 7, 2012

Arnhem is a beautiful town near the border of Germany. It’s a large town with a rich history and a beautiful old city center. It’s a town that most tourist don’t bother to visit which is a real shame. Just people say the town is even more impressive then the city of Amsterdam.

When we visited this town for the day we explored the city center and of fcourse at one point it was time for lunch. We saw this restaurant called Smaak which means Taste. It looked a bit small but warm and very inviting. Outside were just a few small tables more i think for having coffee then having lunch. Since the weather wasn’t that great we decided to opt for a table inside.

When we walked inside the noise was quiet loud but not so much due to the music but more so because of the people talking. You could also hear and see the kitchen in the back which also produced a little bit of noise. Nothing really too bad but just a little bit loud. We were greeted almost straight away and were guided to our table.

The menu at the restaurant consisted of mostly sandwiches and other dishes like soup. Not a really extensive menu but more then enough to pick from. I went for the club sandwich which looked reasonable priced. I also opted for the fresh orange juice.

We only had to wait for around 15 minutes when the food came, the orange juice came around five minutes.The sandwich was delicious and fresh. The sandwich contained pieces of chicken and salad. With the fresh orange juice it really felt as a delicious fresh and healthy lunch.

We had a great time at this restaurant and the food was delicious and the staff friendly.
Restaurant Smaak
Rijnkade 39
Arnhem, Netherlands, 6811
+31 264426664


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