The beautifull Maastricht

The beautifull Maastricht

Kruisherenhotel Maastricht

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 5, 2012

Going all the down the south of The Netherlands you will run into a town called Maastricht just before you get to the border of Belgium. It’s a large old town full of old historic buildings and churches. Although it’s not on the list for many tourists to visit, but worth the trip and see a bit of how a typical Dutch town looks like.

We only spend here a day and stayed at the four star hotel Crowne Plaza. The hotel lays right in the historic part of the city and right in the city center. It’s a large hotel with 144 rooms and if you are lucky you have a room with a beautiful view over the river. What i loved is the seating area right in back of the hotel at the river. It’s a really nice place to sit when the sun comes out to play.

Althought it’s a large hotel it still feels intimate and comfortable. It’s a luxurous four star hotel with a modern feel to it. The lobby is spacious and has a bar and newspapers laying around. At the reception we were quickly helped and asked if we needed any information about the town or anything else. Very polite and helpfull.

The facilities at this hotel are good and you have the breakfast room, a small fitness area, a computer with internet and meeting facilities.

The room itself was modern, comfortable and spacious and luckily we had that beautiful view of the river. Especially impressive during the night with the lights on. The windows could open which is always a big plus for me. There is also air conditioning available. The room had everything we needed for the night.

A great comfortable and luxurious hotel. We had stayed at the Crowne plaza hotel before and weren’t dissapointed.

Crowne Plaza Maastricht
Ruiterij 1
Maastricht, Netherlands

De Bobbel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 17, 2010

In Maastricht we had dinner in the pub / restaurant called De Bobbel Café. Apparently a very known restaurant. It’s located at Wolfstraat number 32 in Maastricht, in an old monumental building, lies this eatery. Left and right in the area (it is near the famous Notre Dame Square in Maastricht) are also several cafes and restaurants. And yet, if you would ask the Maastricht Back then everyone would know where this cafe is located. It is a very famous place.


It is in a busy shopping street. You can park your car at Our Lady's Square in the parking garage along the Maas (2 euro per hour). If you walk into Wolfstraat, it is quite inconspicuous. Between historic buildings, this pub, probably once been a house. In the middle of the property is a cove with a door. Left and right of the door are two bay windows.

Through the glass window you'll see links to the nostalgia of old beer. With Brand and Wyck beer. In the right window you see old barley wine decanters and wine bottles Alsace. A large glass jar with cork as decoration. You go through an antique door.

The inside
You come in the café and from the doorstep you can see the big fireplace. You will then be in a large square room. Wooden planks on the floor with fine white sand over it. The buffet and the walls are dark wood. Right behind are the men and women restrooms. I speak in the plural. Because in a hallway are two ladies toilets. It is well cleared. In the restaurant are several different tables and there is a large bar at the right. The color combination is dark brown and black. The ceiling is dark brown / red. Wooden tables and chairs. The typical nostalgic atmosphere of a brown café. The music is played from the 60/70 year. Basically something for everyone.

The food

The main thing is the pub. Opening hours are from 11.00 am to 21.00 pm and Thursday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 0.00 am. The menu features many dishes. The card is not very extensive. 4 different soups. Fish soup for 4.50 euros and onion soup, goulash soup for 3.80 euros. The prices are reasonable. Several types of salads and appetizers With drinks, a range of appetizers cheese sausage. A roll of head cheese, sour natural meat, but also a cheese board with local cheeses (regional cheese) to 7.50. And of course the various baguettes.

The dish we had was a cup of onion soup with a baguette for 3.80. It tasted really good and the bread was nice and warm. Also the coffee was right on.
What I noticed was that the audience was predominantly older. Middle-aged people. Many people know each other when they enter the cafe.


The waiter was a very friendly young man. He clearly knows the ropes and cares for its guests.

The cafe is easily accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. There are no steps.


It is a busy pub with a good menu and a good value for money. Theirs is a good atmosphere and it’s perfect for a quick bite. It’s one to remember when I’m back.
De Bobbel Cafe
Wolfstraat 32
Maastricht, Netherlands
043 3217413

La bonne femme

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 17, 2010

Near the ‘Onze lieve vrouwen’ Square in Maastricht is this restaurant located with a terrace overlooking the river Maas. You can park your car in the garage. Keep in mind that this can be full in the tourist season. Luckily we found another place. When we walked out the garage, we saw the welcoming terrace. So we sit there. I think there are about 50 seats.


It is ideally situated close to the Maas and at the beginning of the Stokstraat. It is now a famous street in Maastricht with quite "posh" shops. I always find it nice to be here just to look in the windows. The address is a Grain Market in Maastricht. If you go 100 meters to the City Centre until you come to the Notre Vrouwenbaseliek. A famous church. Near the church is a small shop in the basement.
If the weather is good then you're obviously on the terrace. In bad weather you can sit inside.
It is a great cafe / restaurant, right against the wall in the first room is the bar. In the room are tables and chairs arranged so you have your privacy. The space is very long. Rear Door, to the right is a larger space where you can sit l and where a large conservatory is, overlooking the terrace.


The staff is friendly and welcomed us from the moment we arrived. I think we at down for one minute and already got helped. They were quick with the order and very polite.
The food
There is an extensive lunch / dinner menu. This is in Dutch, German, English and French. I can advise you here to take a fresh baguette or a well-stocked salad. The prices are good. Between 4 and 12 euros you can eat well. All kinds of soups like French onion soup (5.50) or the goulash soup. Nice served in a small soup bowl with fresh bread. Delicious. Various lunch dishes from salads to different types of sandwiches. (French bread, baguette, Italian bread, panini).

The dinner menu includes fish, meat and vegetarian dishes and for children's. Pasta and salad. But also desserts, from ice cream to pancakes. There is a three course menu for 27.50 euros. A cup of coffee or tea costs 1.80 euros. They have special teas from green to silver white blossom. Of course there are many beers to get or liqueurs and gins. But I can say little about, because I have not tried.
We went for a brie baguette (4.10 euros) with tea. I just said, I can recommend anyone. A large and tasty fresh bread. Simply Blessed.


I think the building is disabled-friendly but for example if you wanted to go to the toilet you needed to go up the stairs. Opening hours are from 10.00 hours in the morning every day in the week. After 22.00 pm the kitchen is closed. I do not know when they close. On the lunch menu was there until 17.00 hours lunch was ordered.

It is a cafe / restaurant that looks very tidy with an extensive menu. The prices are reasonable. The care is excellent. And location-especially the terrace is nice.
La Bonne Femme
Graanmarkt 1
Maastricht, Netherlands
043 3216861

Dreamz maastricht

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 17, 2010

Near Maastricht, along the motorway you will find restaurant Dreamz. You see the big sign on the building. It is a great family restaurant. Ideally located near a soccer stadium, where nearby is also a Mac Donalds. Nice after a football game with family.


It’s easy to find because the stadium is well signposted. I arrived at the stadium Geusselt near Maastricht. Here is one of the few places in Maastricht, where you can park for free. There are several buses in the parking lot. It’s the pick-up point.

The restaurant

The restaurant is integrally connected to the Golden Tulip hotel next to it. There is a direct access to the site. There are also many business people here are able to arrange an appointment.But what I particularly like about this restaurant is the child friendly atmosphere. And that is not just because of the play area for children. No it's the whole atmosphere with the color combinations used, the furniture with child seats, the colorful menu. You can easily come here with the whole family. Upon entering, you see a large bright room with lots of glass and bright colors everywhere. Many red and yellow.


You come into the restaurant and you'll see wooden tables. There is a large bar and looks nice with the beautiful neon lights. But the bar stools do not invite me to sit there. Child seats are everywhere in the aisles. There is a separate play area. There are plenty of spaces in the large sitting areas. You can easily have a meeting. I think the place can take up more than 100 guests. On the tables you will find colorful plastic menu’s. You'll immediately feel like you're in an American restaurant. Quick easy food that everyone can eat. Pastes in different variations, steaks, burgers etc. The slogan of the restaurant: We make the American Dreamz.


Personally I found the staff not so good. It's all slow and unprofessional. Probably they have untrained staff. It is somewhat amateurish. For example, the checkout was quite slow. I had to wait long before I got the bill.


There is everything, meat, fish, vegetarian, pizza and pasta for reasonable prices. There is even an entire category of cocktails. The burgers you have here in all its forms. For example, I never had a poached burger. This restaurant is known for the barbecue / grill meals. I had a big steak and I must say that was delicious. A three course menu for 32.50 euros is a reasonable price. Or a menu (great steak) for 21.50. The house wine costs 2.90 euros per glass. That is reasonable.


In the corridor to the hotel right you will find the toilet. They are in a word: fantastic!
Good standard and with a trendy bathroom and most important clean.


Oh it's something else! For a quick business meeting, I think it's fine. Because it is a good location along the highway. The menu is quite varied and the prices are reasonable. It is a restaurant where you can eat with the family. Clearly for large groups. But the staff is a bit amateurish.
Dreamz Maastricht at Golden Tulip
P. De Coubertinweg 1
Maastricht, Netherlands
043 3258125


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 17, 2010

Recently I was with a friend in Maastricht, in the evening we first wanted somewhere to eat and then at 21.30 hours to go to the cinema. We parked the car in the garage underneath the cinema and are therefore we needed a restaurant in the neighborhood. After walking around the streets we saw a very nice looking restaurant in the Rechtstraat called Céramique. Really there was a table for us even though we had not booked and it was Sunday.

Restaurant Name: Ceramique
Address: 78 rue Law, Maastricht
Phone: 043-3252097

Opening times and parking

The kitchen is open from 17.30-22.00 hours. Parking is in Maastricht, just as in any big city is not free. It may be close to the restaurant. We parked in a garage under the Minerva cinema Wilhelminalaan. The entrance to the garage is to the Turennestraat. You can u a day ticket for 10 euro’s or when you go to the cinema you can buy a coin for 3 euro’s.


Reservations are recommended, this can be by phone or mail. We were lucky that we got in because after our arrival people got turned away.

The restaurant

The restaurant looks very attractive from the inside. There is a wooden floor, tables and chairs are made of wood. There is a large bar. At the front and back are most tables along the wall opposite the bar, there are also few. It’s like a living room with a beautiful fire place.

What kind of things can you eat?

I will not mention the whole menu card but to get an idea of what you can eat, I will say what we had.

As main course we chose lamb fillet with a garlic and port sauce for 21.50 euros. The meat was deliciously tender and the sauce fit perfectly. It was served with fries and salad. For dessert, we chose vanilla ice cream with warm red fruits for 6 euros. This consisted of three balls of ice cream with a delicious sauce. A great combination. I drank a glass of house wine which was delicious, my friend took sparkling water.

Children and disabled

For children there is a chair available and there is a children menu for 8 euro’s. Entertainment I have not discovered, but it is an accessible restaurant. Disabled can access this restaurant, except for the tables by the window. The toilets are fairly spacious.

My experience

We have been very nice experience at this restaurant. The staff was very friendly and the service was neat and in a good pace. The seats are a bit hard for a whole evening, sitting on a cushion would love being. The food prepared was delicious and the price quality ratio was excellent in my opinion. There is a wide choice for the lovers of vegetarian dishes. The toilet looked clean and smelled fresh. If I'm ever in Maastricht, I will surely come here to eat.
Cafe Ceramique
Rechtstraat 78
Maastricht, Netherlands
043 3252097

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