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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 16, 2010

You are in The Hague and then you also looking for a nice restaurant. We found that near our hotel. Popocatepetl is the name, a Mexican cafe restaurant, named after a volcano in Mexico. Popocatepetl is a restaurant chain that you can find back in several cities.

We had not booked in advance. But that was no problem. But if you go later in the evening, I would do it. For when we went out, new guests were told that the wait was at least half hour.

Access and parking

The restaurant is located in the city, near the Parliament Buildings. Opposite the hotel door Corona. In front of bus and tram stops. Find a parking lot for cars is difficult. You're still in the center of town.

The restaurant

The moment you are in Popocatepelt, you're immediately in a Mexican atmosphere. The decorations along the walls are in warm tones with red and yellow walls. You also have Bird cages in various colors and colored chandeliers. In the middle is the bar positioned where you can walk all the way around. Left are the toilets and left rear is a life-size statue of a horse with a Mexican rider.
Around the bar are the tables arranged. For two or four persons. It's very dark in the restaurant. This may be due to the dark floor, but there is almost no lighting installed. But the candles give it a very romantic feeling. And the music (which was slightly too loud) is obviously Mexican.
Another negative point I find the toilet. There is only one toilet. And that looks sloppy. Despite the great painting of the door. And the sink was downright dirty. For a restaurant such a bad thing.


Meat, fish and vegetarian dishes are plentiful and of course the entrees, snacks and desserts. But also the wraps, burritos and fajitas are to get into all kinds. They are between 10 and 18 euro’s. Side dishes are there too. Think of corn, nachos with cheese. The drink menu also includes the famous Mexican Corona beer for 4.65 euros. We went for the spicy spare ribs in the normal portion, and the Mexican chicken (pollo picante) in a coconut sauce. It was with chips and salad or rice. The rice was in a yellow pepper. Everything was beautifully served on Mexican dishes. Especially those little details bring atmosphere. We had a delicious dinner. The food is typical Mexican. The quantities are excellent.


The staff consists mainly of young people. They are friendly and want to help. They often ask if the food was fine and whether you have anything to eat or drink. Despite the crowds were operating fairly smoothly.


After dinner you have several ways to pay. Of course cash, but also with your debit card and various credit cards. The bill is placed on a saucer with small mints


A nice and good restaurant with real Mexican food. Prices are reasonable, especially considering the quality of the food. I can warmly recommend this restaurant
Popocatepetl Den Haag
Buitenhof 5
The Hague, Netherlands
070 392 46 07

Hotel Sebel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 17, 2010

On the edge of the center of The Hague is the Hotel Sebel. It’s Located in a neighbourhood with old building. It really has that stately atmosphere when you arrive. It’s a simple hotel with two stars.
I got this address by a representative who regularly use this hotel.

The address is:
Hotel Sebel, Zoutmanstraat 40 in The Hague.

The Courtyard about 20 minutes walk and Noordeinde Palace about 10 minutes.
Just before the door of the hotel is a tram stop (line 17) to take you to Central Station.


I have the room booked by phone. Here I was nicely will be answered by a friendly person I immediately got a confirmation of my booking trough fax. The price of the single room was 79 euros including breakfast. A very good price for the center of The Hague. You give your credit card number, but you can also pay at check out.


I got the address for the parking facility in a nearby secure parking garage. A bit difficult because it was a bit searching in the town of Den Haag. But I managed ad the parking garage is protected with gates. It was a bit unclear what to do but you can get a day pass for the parking garage. So first drive up to the hotel and then into the garage when you have your card. You have to walk up to the hotel anyway with your suitcases so it might be handy to drop them off first. It’s about 150 meters walk.

Checking in

There is a separate checking in with friendly staff and the person was very professional and all my details were in the system. She gave me some useful information about the hotel like times of breakfast and asked me if I had any other questions. Very pleasant.

The room

It is a hotel in an old building with many rooms which are spacious and clean. The first impression is excellent. A large bed and a separate bathroom, which perfectly groomed and looks neatly. There is nothing wrong with that. The price of this hotel is not expensive compared to other hotels. I honestly did not expect it would look so spacious and tidy.


In an austere room, breakfast is served. I see that many young people have chosen this hotel (Probably because of the price!). The breakfast is a good standard with fresh bread, eggs, meat, cheese and coffee and tea. Nothing special but good enough.

General conclusion

If you're a night in The Hague, then you can definitely stay here. This hotel is simple and inexpensive, clean and neatly. It is not a super luxury hotel, but best to do if you're looking for something in the middle of town.
Hotel Sebel
Prins Hendrikplein 20
The Hague, Zuid-Holland, 2518

Mercure Hotel Den Haag

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 17, 2010

A nice weekend to The Hague. I found at the center of The Hague a hotel.


The hotel is located at Spuistraat 180 and there is a parking garage which wil cost you 18 euro’s a day. You can get a card from the hotel otherwise it’s 20 euro’s. Quite a lot of money but normal in a big city and you after in the center. When you enter the hotel you will notice the wonderful beautiful large modern marble lobby. To enter you go through two sliding doors which at night are closed and you can only enter by your room card.

The hotel

It is a four star hotel. The hotel has recently (2007) completely renovated. The result is tasteful, luxurious and cozy. The notice states that there are rooms equipped with disabled facilities. And all rooms are non-smoking. Just downstairs in the lounge can be smoked. In the hotel, you have the typical conditions for business. You can reserve meeting rooms for various group sizes. The biggest possibility is a conference facility for 120 persons.


Friendly reception staff that all wanted to be helpful. Check-in is perfect. All data were received by them. People ask us if we want a room with a bath or a room with a special rain shower. Of course we want the last one! You get the electronic key and explained the capabilities of the hotel. Then you go to the two large elevators. Were a beautiful painting of Prince Willem Alexander and Maxima hangs. You see the Pullmanbar and dining room. The breakfast room is on the first floor.


For small meetings, the Pullman lounge bar is perfect. Approximately 20 can easily sit in the main lounge and bar itself another 25 seats. Cappuccino costs 2.40 euros.
You can also have lunch or dinner. Some prices: 4.35 for house wine by the glass, mixed grill steaks 23.50, 22.50 for redfish and soup 6.50.

The room

The large lift gets you on your floor. There are 10 floors. The room. You enter a hallway and right is the spacious and clean bathroom with rain shower. Modern sanitary facilities. The color combination of gray, beige, black and yellow is well matched. Ongoing you enter the room. With a large double bed. Wonderful, exactly as the pictures in the brochure. A desk with a chair and two armchairs. TV (flat screen LG) with a lot of channels. Coffee and tea can be ordered at reception. But are not present in your room. Of course, radio alarm, telephone and internet facilities. Brilliant is the view. I sat on the 10th floor and saw the old town are.

The bathroom

It is a large bathroom with a shower. Difficult getting into the shower. The edge is quite high and there is no wall mount. And sorry, I cannot explain you the rain shower, because it was so complicated. I could not figure out how it worked. Toilet and sink look neat. Around the sink you have plenty of room to put your stuff down. The usual soaps and shower gels are also available. Wonderful perfumes, by the way!


There is an extensive breakfast buffet. Hot and cold options. All kinds of bread with filling, various meats, cheeses and salmon. There is a fruit and yoghurtbar, and cereal in different types available. For breakfast alone, you'll be coming back to this hotel. The price is 19 euros per person.

Price room

I took the room for two persons 128 euro with tax of 3.81 euros and 18 euros for a parking ticket. This is a room including breakfast (19 euros per person) and no cancellation possible (Special conditions). I found it a nice deal for a hotel room, right in the center


A good quality hotel. Reasonable prices. Plus parking in the center of The Hague. Within walking distance of Parliament Buildings. Perfectly. This is a hotel I will definitely go back.
Mercure Den Haag Central
Spui 180
The Hague, Netherlands, 2511
(31)70 3636700


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 5, 2012

While the Dutch aren’t really known for their cuisine, that doesn’t really mean that they don’t know what good food is. There are many small little restaurants in this city that have delicious dishes on their menu and since The Netherlands always have been a very open international country, it means you can litteraly find any kind of food that is available.

On our second night we decided to visit this Italian restaurant which is located near our hotel. We have been to many Italian restaurants in our life and we always enjoy the food especially with the herbs they normally use in their dishes. This restaurant is small but really inviting looking from the inside as well as the outside. The warm colours they used and the kind of furniture really gives it a warm and friendly feeling.

Although it’s a small restaurant there was luckily still a table for us available at the window. I was glad with this table because it meant we had a beautifull view over the street and could see people walking by. The chair and table were both comfortable enough to sit at. The menu of the restaurant only consisted of Italian dishes as lasagna, pasta and different kind of pizza’s.

I opted for a delicious lasagna and when it arrived at my table you could really tell it was home made. The lasagna tasted delicious with a beautifull sauce and strong cheese that you could really notice troughout the lasagna. The portion was really good and i could just finished the whole meal with unfortenately no room left for dessert.

After our dinner we had a cappucino and were completely full when we left the restaurant. A lovely restaurant with great staff and great atmosphere.
Restaurant Saur
Lange Voorhout 51
The Hague, Netherlands
070 361 7070

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