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Rotterdam city


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 15, 2010

The restaurant is located on the busy street called de Meent. This street is never empty and here are a lot of restaurants. It's a busy street, but you have no sense of hurry when you walk. Everyone is very relaxed, so you'll soon feel at ease.

The restaurant is open from 12:00 to 15:00 hours. You can then enjoy a delicious Italian lunch. After 15:00 hours, the restaurant is closed two hours. From 17:00 hours to 22:30 hours the restaurant is open for dinner.

Italian atmosphere (Decoration and atmosphere in the restaurant)

Upon entering the restaurant on your left you will find a nice, typical Italian bar. Here you can drink while you wait for your table. There are always people there and that often makes it even nicer. Opposite the bar is the host or hostess. The staff is very friendly and this makes dining a lot more pleasant.

In the restaurant tables are in a cozy way pushed close together. Privacy is certainly guaranteed, and this ensures that you enjoy with your partner or children without the other visitors can enjoy your juicy gossip or serious discussions. The tables are spacious and offer much comfort when eating. The chairs are made of heavy wood.

On the wall are posters and paintings of Italian films and landscapes. This gives you a nice Italian feel and this again contributes to the unique atmosphere of this restaurant. Even on the toilets hangs a poster on an Italian film, making even the toilet nicer. The kitchen is an open variant. You can clearly see what happened when preparing your pizza or pasta meal.

Bite, swallow, gone? (The food)

The food is of very high quality. The pizzas have a light, thin crust and a crispy edge. There is a huge selection pizzas and an almost equally wide range of pasta dishes. Also the children in mind. There are two (or three, I'm not 100% sure) children's menu, with a small pizza or a small portion of pasta. The food is prepared in traditional Italian way. This is partly so because the Italian chef-cook. His name is me still a mystery, but when I once asked the secret now it was behind the delicious dishes and pizza was told that the chef an Italian at heart. Everything is cooked to perfection. Even the olives and the bread is delicious. The bread is warm and tastes with the different herbs. The food has to be the biggest advantage of this great restaurant.


The operation is, like the rest of this restaurant, great. They are there if you need anything, and will serve you throughout the evening perfectly. They are totally not pushy so you quietly enjoy your meal. If your glass is empty or you want to order something they are right at your table. This is really great! Most of the staff is Italian, or so they sound and as they look.

Next time? (Conclusion)

Napoli restaurant is a great restaurant. The food is delicious, the service is superb, the restaurant looks great and the atmosphere is equally good. It is also the restaurant in one of the friendliest streets of Rotterdam, making it even more attractive to eat.
Ristorante Pizzeria Napoli
Meent 81-A
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3011 JG
31 (0) 10 414 84 67

Kwiezien Rotterdam

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 15, 2010

Kwiezien is located in Rotterdam. It's near the Walhalla Theatre. The restaurant is easily reached by car and there is free parking in the area. It is up to 10 minutes walk from the subway station Rijnhaven and also there is a bus stop in the street next to it.
The address: Street Deli 20-22, 3072 ZK in Rotterdam.

The restaurant

The restaurant is not big, I think more than 40 seats with a small courtyard. The room is light purple / lilac chairs and benches along the walls. On the walls, large black and white photographs of old Katendrecht. There are tables for both 2 and 4 persons, for larger groups, the tables are pushed together. On the whole it looks like a nice restaurant, a place where you go to relax.


The Kwiezien is French cuisine. They have a simple concept. You order several small dishes, 3 for a small eater, for an average eater 4 and 5 (or more) for a big eater. There are about 16 dishes, which are divided into four courses. In addition, there are always different specialties. You do not have a dish from each course to choose, and if you want to have four desserts, you may do so too. In addition, a wine package, for every course a matching full or half glass of wine.


When we sat we had a baguette with olive oil and dip. I chose a pepper soup as an appetizer, a dish like beef carpaccio, ostrich steak as a main course and homemade raspberry curd. My dinner companion had the carpaccio, but also of Dutch shrimp croquettes, rack of lamb and a chocolate surprise. For the main course we opted for fries and a bowl of salad.
This all sounds very simple, but obviously it was something more than it seems. The spicy pepper soup was tasty and creamy and is something different than the standard tomato soup. With the carpacio was sundried tomatoes and some delicious sauce which you prefer to lick your plate. The ostrich steak was very tender and very tasty. The chips were homemade and delicious thick. The curd was delicious dessert. It is a sort of thick yogurt, with homemade ice cream, raspberries and a really nice honey-like sauce.


We paid about 80 euro’s for our dinner. The meals cost € 7.50 each and half glass of wine costs around € 4, - and a full glass double globally. I find the prices very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the food and drink, but also to the nice atmosphere.


The service is excellent and they know what they sell. They take the time to one another and to you to explain the various dishes and wines. When the restaurant is completely full, they have a lot busier, but are always trying to take time.


Kwiezien is really nice to relax and eat. The food is delicious and beautifully presented. What you pay for the meal is more than reasonable. The interior is nice and comfortable. It really is a restaurant where you and some friends something to eat and drink, but not really suited for a spontaneous visit.
Kwiezien Restaurant
Delistraat 20-22
Rotterdam, Netherlands
(010) 215 14 40


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 15, 2010

The restaurant is located at a busy nightlife street, with many upscale restaurants but also many coffee shops and nightclubs. This is typical Rotterdam. We were lucky and had a parking spot just outside the door but said it is normally quite difficult to park there. Parking is paid and quite expensive, about 3.50 per hour. Nearby is a tram stop.

The Interior

When I came it was warm but no one sat in the front part. Lower is a bar next to toilets and a rear section with a sort of glass dome above. There sat the most people. At the back of the restaurant hangs a mirror so you can look at every side of the restaurant. For a luxury restaurant's interior was a bit austere. The tables were OK but nothing special and the glass dome was dirty. There was little decoration. But the tables were clean and well covered.

The Menu

It's a big menu with ten starters averaging 10 euro’s each. My friend took two appetizers instead of a main course and can also participate by acting as a main course. As main courses there are many luxury fish, meat and vegetarian dishes with an average price of 17 euro’s. There are seven desserts on average 7 euro’s. There is also a wide variety of both fresh and alcoholic beverages. A Coke or a beer is just 2 euro’s. There is also a separate wine list. You get a free bottle of water and bread before ordering.

The Main Course

I took as a main course fillet of venison with wild mushrooms baked in rosemary and cranberries. I had never eaten wild so I was really curious. Within a reasonable time, the food was delivered and I was very pleased with the result. It was a piece of red deer meat with tasty sauce underneath and a dish with mushrooms in pastry next. I also had a delicious salad and baked potatoes there. After dinner I was not full but had a feeling of satisfaction, there was still enough room left for dessert!


For dessert, we took two grand desserts for two people. The grand dessert consisted of delicious desserts and some lesser. The ice was delicious as the warm forest fruit crumble with sorbet.

The Service

The operation consisted of two very nice waitresses who were serving time and were very polite. They asked us at the right time to drink and were very fast. They were also experienced one of the waitresses could wear 10 plates on one arm. When we complained about the haze pepper the waitress was very polite and we got free coffee.

Toilets and Hygiene

The hygiene in the restaurant was top, everything was clean and neat addition too. The toilets were clean but there was only one toilet for each gender. This struck me at best, even the toilets smoking had a chemical smell, it made me feel bad about arriving at the restaurant.


The restaurant has a good location in Rotterdam. The interior is a bit simple but certainly neat. Too bad the glass dome that was dirty. The restaurant is very hygienic but there are only two toilets. The lighting and heating were certainly in order. The service was polite and experienced. The tables were well covered and we got free bread and water. The card may be expensive and luxurious. Although we were badly affected with the hare, the formidable rest of the food. Also had dessert and wine of good quality. Everyone left the restaurant with a good feeling and that made the difference for me instead of three stars, four stars to give. The restaurant certainly has some flaws but the food is excellent and the service polite.
Restaurant Soit
S-gravendijkwal 136b
Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 4363114

Indonesia restaurant

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 15, 2010

Take the tram or subway to City Hall and walk from there to ‘de Meent’ and turn right at red sands (Rode zand). You can also walk from the station. There is a parking garage next to the restaurant.

Restaurant Indonesia

In the same building are actually two different restaurants. This is the Indonesia part with Indonesian cuisine. The resturant's a lot bigger than the other restaurant and is located on the first floor. There is room for about 200 people.


It is known for its rice tables. The food is served in the middle of the table on steel plates with candles underneath. This keeps the food warm. Famous dishes are the fried rice and noodles istemewa goreng. These are rice tables with many little known Indonesian dishes and side dishes. Different kinds of vegetables, meat, tofu, rice and noodles are served here. You can also order a super rice table. Here you get more food and this can only be ordered with 2 people. Besides the delicious rice tables can have side dishes to your taste in ordering such as satay, though you certainly have enough tables for rice! For a rice table Istimewa you pay 23 euros. For a super rice table for 2 persons 58 euro’s.

The Service

The service is great, though it is busy or there is a misunderstanding, they always remain polite and go to work fast. Every time they come to drink more or menu or dessert menu. They bring the rice tables along with cars and know exactly what to hear anything. They are also dressed in traditional Indonesian costumes.

The Interior

The restaurant is large and well classified. In the middle is the bar with tables placed around it. You can sit by the window or in the middle of the restaurant. You can also sit still isolated. Reservations are recommended. Also the restaurant is nicely decorated. At the entrance is an Indonesian gong and a statue of a Buddhist god. Everywhere is Indonesian decoration. The restaurant is wheelchair-unfriendly as you have to enter via a grand staircase. Air conditioning, heating and lighting are fine.

My Opinion

The restaurant is nicely dressed and feel private. The prices are more expensive but the food is truly formidable. The rice tables are well served and great taste. Just because you have so many different dishes you'll get the chance to taste many kinds of flavors at once. This is a fun experience and if you really get a look in the Indonesian kitchen. You got a great selection, the staff is very polite and the food is great! What more do you want? A great place to eat in the city of Rotterdam.
Restaurant Indonesia (Indonesia Horeca)
Rodezand 34A
Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 4148588

great restaurant

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 3, 2012

During our short trip to the city of Rotterdam the surroundings we ended up at this restaurant for the first night. We were hungry and just came across this restaurant which looked inviting from the outside. It looked really busy so at first we were scared that we couldn’t get a table but luckily since it was just the two of us, that wasn’t any problem. Right after we walked in a staff member walked up to us and within the minute we were already seated at our table.

The restaurant was busy full with people and even some loud people. I was suprised at how large the restaurant was and i noticed that you could even sit outside at the back of the restaurant, if the weather is good enough. When we were there it was actually a grey rainy day so nobody was sitting outside! The table we were sitting was a bit small and was your typical wooden table. What i liked was the small candle at each table which made the restaurant a bit more romantic. The only thing i didn’t like was that the tables were quiet close to each other, so it didnt feel very private to me and like the people next to you can listen in to the entire conversation.

The restaurant doesn’t only serve dinner but also lunch and looking at the menu they had quiet an extensive choose with lots of different dishes. Also the wine list looked impressive. Before we even got our drinks we received complimentary rolls with butter which was a really good start. We then as a started went for the mini tasting which looked delicious and when it came it tasted very good. It was a plate full with little starts and perfect for the two of us. As the main course i went for the venison steak and it was very good. I loved the look of my plate and the food was nicely laid out and came with homemade rhubarb, delicious! The red cabbage and mushrooms matched perfectly with the meat. The fries were crunchy and well seasoned. There was also a salad.

It’s a restaurant to visit and i don’t think we were the only ones to enjoyed the food as the restaurant was completely filled.
Blaak 776
Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 4149666

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