Going to Rotterdam

Going to Rotterdam

Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 16, 2010

For my work I have been several times in Rotterdam and this time I was near where I had to be, the Novotel Rotterdam hotel. The lowest price was 89 euro’s for a double room with breakfast for two persons. Of course there are special conditions attached. Cancellations can’t be made. Anyway, I take that risk, because I had to be there.

The hotel

It is a two-star Novotel hotel. The hotel has 202 rooms and is located in the Brainpark business center of Rotterdam. The notice states that there are two rooms equipped with disabled facilities. And 84 rooms have a non-smoking policy. So 116 rooms there is the possibility to smoke. In the hotel you have the typical conditions for business. You can reserve meeting rooms for various group sizes. The biggest possibility is a conference facility for 550 persons. The hotel offers shops, fitness facilities, sauna and even an 18 hole golf course. And if you do not like sports, you can go to the disco or nightclub! Unfortunately, I can tell little about this, simply because I was away for my work. So after breakfast I was gone.


The hotel is pretty easy to find from the highway A16. You see the great NOVOTEL on the tall building. At the entrance is a taxi stand and a disabled parking space. Next to the hotel is a large car park. Tickets are available at reception. The gallery entrance with a bamboo is very modern. You enter a large hall with lots of light. This all looks fine.


Friendly reception staff is awaiting you and all want to be helpful. Check-in is perfect. All data were received by them. You get the electronic key and explained the capabilities of the hotel. Then go to the elevator and see the bar and dining room are located. It has also a game room with computers and play equipment for children, nice modern seating where you can have a meeting. It is striking how helpful the staff. And good that their languages. They easily switched to English. At the bar offers cocktails and specialty ice cold Heineken beer. The special "mood light" is very nice.

Striking is the modern interior. The staff are very enthusiastic about this part of the hotel. Management has 1.8 million invested in the renovation of this part of the hotel. And I must say, it makes a good impression. The beautiful modern colors and materials processed. An excellent move! Behind the dining room is even built a garden terrace. Here I was told only that this terrace has cost 400,000 euro’s. For small meetings, the lounge / bar perfectly. Everywhere you see people gather in comfortable seats. The coffee is nice. Cappuccino costs 2.40 euro’s.

The room

You enter a hallway and left is the bathroom with a bathtub and shower. Ongoing you enter the room. With a large double bed. Very positive is the bench against the wall. Television has a lot of channels. Coffee and tea making facilities, alarm clock and radio, telephone and internet facilities are available. I sat on the 10th floor and saw the Euromast and Kralingse forest. The building is directly opposite the Economic College. The bed is fine. I've slept great in it.

The bathroom

It is a large bathroom with a bathtub and shower. Difficult getting into the bath. The edge is quite high and the wall mount is just on the wrong side. Offers little support. Toilet and sink looks neat. Around the sink has plenty of room to put your stuff down. The usual soaps and shower gels are also available.


There is an extensive breakfast buffet. Hot and cold options. On spot your eggs are prepared. All kinds of bread with filling, various meats, cheeses and salmon. There is a fruit and yoghurtbar, and cereal are in different types available. There are even donuts and muffins.
For breakfast alone, you'll be back to this hotel.


A good quality hotel. Reasonable prices. Room for two persons including breakfast for 89 euro’s is not a bad price. Plus a car park in Rotterdam. This is a hotel I will definitely go back.
Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3062

Hilton Rotterdam

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 16, 2010

I was at the center of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Hilton hotel seemed fine. Through the known sites of Booking.com, hotel.com etc I came suddenly on the site of the Hilton hotel itself. And eventually turned out to be the best offer.


It is a great location, right in the center of town. Near the railway station and shopping areas. Address: Weena 10. Rotterdam. If you arrive by car, have to look, because the car park and main entrance is located at the rear of the hotel. On the side is also an entrance. The doorman directs us to the parking garage around the corner. 2 euro’s per hour and open 24 hours a day.

At the reception you a parking ticket validated. The porter came rushing when we arrived with our suitcases. Very friendly, we were brought to the reception. Probably they have many visiting Americans, because we were asked in English.

The service at the desk was excellent and friendly. We received an electronic card for the room. This card you should also use the elevator to work. We did laugh a few times, how people got in the lift and then not know what to do. The hotel on the outside looks dull and gray. Actually, no real atmosphere Hilton.

When you enter, you immediately in a world of luxury. Gray carpet with deep blue color. Easy lounge chairs in a beautiful red and gray. There are nice people to talk or meet. There is left a large bar in the corner. They have a smoking lounge and luckily you do not stand outside in the cold or rain. The hotel also has a hallway with several nice luxury shops. From jewelry to buy property in Morocco. At the end of the hall is the breakfast room. There is also an a la carte restaurant.

The room

Get off the elevator and you walk over a salmon pink carpet with some logo with the letter H. The electronic card open the door and you enter a spacious and clean room. It's quite luxurious. The TV to the Internet services. Everything is there. There are coffee and tea making facilities and a bar. ( a Heineken beer costs 4.50 euro’s). It's a big bed, nice to sleep with an abundance of pillows. An easy chair with a table and worksheet. Of course you can find a notebook with a ballpoint pen. Everywhere the Hilton logo. In the bedside table is a red Bible. And a small sewing box. In fact with all conveniences. and for the kids, the Nintendo Game Boy ready. The bathroom comes with bath and shower, was spacious and spotless. The black marble sink is very susceptible to stains. But it was all spotless. Of course the usual accessories. The hair dryer worked well and the power was adjusted to 220 volts and 110 volts. Again a sign that many American guests.


You enter a default and you see that there are different variations in the breakfast. Calorie restricted to hi-energy to high fiber to low cholesterol. Depending on what day you have to go, then you choose your breakfast. The slogan: the ideal breakfast for everyone looks different, that make them happen. You follow the color of your choice. Example, fiber has a green color. So fresh fruits like pineapple, banana, salad, cucumber, whole wheat bread.

But you can also just pick the things that you like. On a counter, the hot snacks. Your omelet is custom made. Another counter with fruit, yogurt and vitamin drinks. Then a kind of cereal with salad and a baked goods counter. Everyone finds something to his liking.
Very friendly staff that you table the coffee and tea and freshly squeezed orange juice market. The breakfast room was called The Cafe.

The reception

There are several counters for checking in and out. Check in after 14.00 hours and check around 12.00 hours. It runs very smoothly. You get the bill nicely printed in a nice folder. Very polite and courteous staff. Americans who know what customer service is!


It is not a cheap hotel. I paid for the room including breakfast 150 euro’s. This was an offer The normal rates are certainly higher and the more luxurious rooms. The drinks are too pricey. Just one example: 3.95 euros for a cappuccino.


I do not always stay at luxury hotels (4 stars), but when I'm there again, I can really enjoy the blessing around me. There is a cozy atmosphere and very friendly staff. For me it is a true blessing to the Hilton to stay. Actually, I find it money well spent. The price / quality ratio is similar. I am satisfied and I have had a good night's sleep. and after breakfast I did not eat all day. So money saved!
Hilton Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Bilderberg park hotel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 16, 2010

That was my last trip to Rotterdam. I had heard that the Bilderberg Parkhotel in Rotterdam had undergone the necessary renovations and expansions in recent years. So I booked this hotel. It’s a lovely hotel on the Westersingel 70 in about 10 minutes walk from Rotterdam Central Station. Close to several museums and the center of Rotterdam.

The hotel belongs to one of the 20 hotels of the Bilderberg Group. Bilderberg is part of the real estate consortium of Goldman Sachs and Westmont Hospitality Group hotel management company. Bilderberg has 20 hotels in four and five star categories. Bilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam is a 4 star hotel.


To get there, I followed the directions on their website. The website will give you the exact directions by car, train and bus. A nice central location in the city of Rotterdam, by bus and metro in front of the hotel and within walking distance of the station and the center. The great skyscraper of the hotel is seen from afar. It is a historic site since 1922 in Rotterdam. In 2006 the completely renovated.


In front of the hotel are about 15 parking spaces and one disabled parking space and a parking garage beneath the hotel. Only hotel visitors can park their car. At the reception you get a coin for parking 17.50 per day. The parking lot is secured with cameras. Ideal course for the center of Rotterdam. When I wanted to go inside the parking lot, a valet was quick on the spot. He showed me the way to a good parking spot and helped me carry the suitcase. This gives immediately the atmosphere of the hotel again. The valet referred me to the reception.


You enter via a staircase with a carpet. The door leads you to a large reception area. A beautiful space. There is a reception and the person you received, knows the ropes. He directs you to the room and give you the electronic keycard. It can also operate the lift. The lift (there are several) will bring you quickly up and is nice and spacious. The valet is with you and opens the door.

The room

A large bed with a good light brown bedspread and quilts. A blue carpet and a wooden desk with the TV. Wireless Internet connection. At the reception you have to ask and pay a special code for using the Internet (10 per day). Coffee and tea making facilities. Just an armchair and a straight chair. A small reading table with some magazines. These are placed in the bay. The experience is spacious and cozy.

When choosing the room you can still choose whether or not you want to smoke in the room. Furthermore, public areas (restaurant, reception, etc.) are non smoking. The bathroom with bath and shower, sink and toilet are spacious and clean. A perfect environment. Hairdryer is provided. Besides str the shampoo and shower gel and they smell good. There is air conditioning in the room, you can arrange yourself. After inspection of the room, while drinking a cup of coffee, you look around and think: the room is super.


It’s called restaurant 70, and it had a Japanese-oriented menu. It all looked neat and the served dishes that were good.

The breakfast was served behind the restaurant. In the middle was the buffet for fruit, yogurt, salmon, eel, cheeses, meats and salads. The juices were nicely in the ice. Aside a section for the omelets, boiled eggs, bacon, sausages and fried mushrooms. On the other hand the cereal and then bread and cake and toast. Coffee or tea was served on the spot. And striking was that your empty plate was quickly cleared. Excellent care and a pleasant fast operation. The breakfast costs 15 euro’s per person. A reasonable price for this quality and quantity. There is a separate bar, called Yard. Nice easy chairs. There is a great atmosphere here and the staff very attentive. The coffee that was served, looked perfectly groomed. 10.60 euro’s for 4 cups of cappuccino


I have only met friendly and helpful staff. All in a neat outfit. The staff exudes something like: we are proud that we can work. The person in the bar / lounge was even kind enough to print driving directions when we asked him a specific location.


It is a hotel to recommend. The prices are reasonable for the quality you get. You always pay for quality. And quality and luxury can be found here enough. I thought it was a great hotel.
Bilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Manhattan hotel

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 16, 2010

We had planned a weekend in Rotterdam. And we wanted go on a luxury tour. On the Internet at booking.com we looked for a hotel in the center of Rotterdam. Eventually we chose the Westin hotel with a very attractive price of 99 euro’s without breakfast in a superior room. We made reservations over the Internet. That's great. You will immediately receive a confirmation and a reservation confirmation via email. Westin hotels are all over the world. In Rotterdam it a 4 star hotel with 240 rooms in a high tower. Address: Weena 686 Rotterdam.


We arrived by car and then you have just one downside of the hotel. Because they have no private parking. But the Internet is neatly indicated that three parking garages are nearby. For the theater, the hotel had parking exit cards. (22 euro’s for one day ). Then it's just walking with your bags (250 meters).

At a central location opposite the Central Station in Rotterdam is the pontifical Westin Hotel. The tower of the hotel is from various places in the city is easily recognizable. On the outside are large gray containers with bolacacia's. These mark the entrance of the hotel. You enter through a revolving door. But there is also a separate entrance for the disabled. The control knob of this is low enough to do this from a wheelchair.

The reception

You arrive at this huge circular space with a kind of atrium design. Lots of light. Tip: Look up at the ceiling. A beautiful copper carved ceiling. You walk slightly to the left and then you get into another room. A kind of lounge with beautiful shaped armchairs. Behind you see the reception desk. A large glass bowl with apples is ceremoniously on the counter. The first signal that environmental and health are high priority. The entire hotel is non smoking. Everywhere are the signs that smoking is prohibited. We were told that a fine of 175 euro’s was given.


When we arrived there were two people behind the reception. Immediately we were helped by a very friendly lady. Only the name change was enough. The booking was indeed received by them. I think that is always an exciting moment, because imagine, they have no room for you!

Just fill in the details and your credit card to scan and then we had the electronic card of the room.
If we had questions, we could always turn to them.

The room

In a large hall with a beautiful purple carpet are the bedrooms. With the electronic key you open the door. In a hall to the right is a huge bathroom, left a space for the trunk, a closet with ironing board and iron. That's really enjoyable. You can see what's in the closet), a small kitchen with coffee / tea making facilities, refrigerator with glass and left a stocked mini bar. Then, continuously, you enter a spacious room with high ceilings. A large, high bed. A workspace with a desk and a pretty nice design office. In the office are the cables attached to the Internet. There is even a separate computer table at your desk. Clearly designed for the "working businessman in a luxurious atmosphere. Television is a large flat screen with a personal greeting when you enter. A wide range of TV channels. Everything is so broad in the room, I think it can hold a wheelchair.
The decorations on the wall are not the traditional paintings. No, beautiful photographs of Rotterdam and an Art Deco poster of the Rotterdam Lloyd with the Java-Sumatra boat. Fittingly found.

The bathroom

Beautiful white and black color combinations with a little beige. There is a bath, there is a separate shower and a rather large sink. The nice things: shower gel, shampoo, soap is all of a homemade style products, all grafted onto an environmentally friendly lifestyle and health. The heavenly program. I've never had a shampoo with wheat flakes or a shower gel with vitamin B8. It smells delicious. You can also buy these products at the reception. If you need anything from toothbrushes to lens solution then you can request it. There is a list in the bathroom with what you can get to them. There are plenty of towels, plush white very big. On the door hangs a white bathrobe embroidered with the westin logo. The toilet looks fine. Perhaps one disadvantage: the toilet roll holder is difficult to operate.

The bed

The Westin is proud of the beds. The mattresses are specially made for them. Sixteen layers thick mattress. They call it "Heavenly beds" I must say they can also be proud. Hard, Soft and it molds to your body and is perfect. But the bed is soft. Adequate buffers. Super. I have slept very well.


There is a separate restaurant and a bar Lighthouse. In the restaurant I have not been. In the center of Rotterdam you will find plenty of nice places to eat. But the breakfast room is again very light and modern. The operation is very appropriate and you can provide yourself what you want.
And of course there is everything of continental breakfast.


We tasted real luxury with this hotel and our stay was superb from the room to the staff everything was perfect. A really nice atmosphere and a look location! What more do you want. It comes for a high price but just keep on looking for a good deal because they are sometimes out there.
The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam
Weena 686
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3012
31 (0)10 430 2000

Ibis Rotterdam

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 3, 2012

When we stayed in the city of Rotterdam in The Netherlands we stayed at the Ibis hotel. The hotel isn’t located in Rotterdam itself but in a town right next to it. We choose to stay at this hotel since it’s located right near the highway and only 10 minutes driving into the city center. We stayed here not only to see more of Rotterdam but also the surroundings and the location of the hotel was perfect for just that.

Although the hotel isn’t really located in a special environment it worked for us but only because we had a car. If you are coming here without a car, then i don’t think this hotel is really right for you. The hotel is located more on an industrial area where there aren’t really any restaurants, bars and shops nearby. You are dependent on public transport.

The hotel itself is pretty good for a budget average hotel. I always know what to expect from a Ibis hotel and although it’s nothing fancy, it’s always good enough for us. The reception and lobby was spacious and we were helped by friendly staff members. Checking in is never a problem with the Ibis and done within minutes. The hotel has two elevators which will take you to the room.

The rooms at the Ibis always look the same but they have been modernised over the years. The room looked spacious and comfortabel with all the things you need. There is a double sized bed in the room, a desk with chair, television, closet and a bathroom with a shower. The bathroom looked clean and very practical and had a hairdryer and towels. The bed was ok to sleep in. Certainly not the most comfortable bed i have slept in but it was ok. Most importantly in the room you can’t hear anyhting from the rest of the hotel or outside. A big plus.

The hotel is good in itself but you really have to be aware of it’s location. The location is certainly a negative if you are not with car and want to have a drink at night. For that reason three stars.
Hotel Ibis Rotterdam Vlaardingen
Westlandseweg 270
Vlaardingen, South Holland, Netherlands
010 460 2050


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