Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Maritiem museum

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 16, 2010

The museum was founded in 1873 around the collection of ship models of the Dutch Royal Yacht Club. Since 1986 the museum is housed in a new place at Leuvehaven, at the end of the Coolsingel next to the Square 1940. The building is shaped like a halved cube diagonal. The hypotenuse is focused on the Leuvehaven where outdoor museum with the museum ship 'Buffel' is located. They had three exhibition that we visited.


The museum is located in Rotterdam and has no parking but there are plenty in nearby parking garages. And the museum is wheelchair accessible by lift and there is enough available space for wheelchairs. Also, the museum is easily accessible by metro and with the bus.


Adults - € 7.50
Children from 4 to 16 years - € 4.00

Mainport Life

This exhibition is on display in the museum for the next four years. In an exhibition about the port of Rotterdam. Where you see a large model of the port and high-tech screens. The model is nice and big, only the details are difficult to see because it is high and low light in my opinion. The emphasis in this exhibition took on the history of the port. You may search the "control room" and see the history of the port and see how the port is gradually developing. In my opinion, to visit the exhibition from about 12 years since the exhibition is quite difficult to understand and there is little to do for children.

Under one flag

This exhibition is about a Rotterdam port called Nedloyd that originated in 1969 from four companies that merged. You will discover all about the company especially in the period of the merger. You see black and white photos and interviews of employees. The exhibition is quite large and runs about 200 meters up. There is plenty to discover and experience there are big screens where you can request information and there are computers you can find things about the company. It is beautifully designed but in my opinion totally interesting! This exhibition is like life mainport difficult to follow if you do not live in Rotterdam.

The buffalo

The buffalo is a large museum ship that had its roots in the Navy. You can do lots on the Buffalo and learn about life aboard a ship. It's very interactive and you can try anything. Everything on the ship to open and to use. There is a big cellar where was a prison before, where you can feel how it was to sit in jail on such a ship. There is a movie to see and listen to stories of young sailors on the Buffalo. You can stand on the deck for a breath of fresh air.


In the museum are various quests to follow for young and old. A search in a good way to the museum to learn and make use of everything.


I like the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam, it’s a fun and educational museum. It's a good museum for young and old. The museum is all interaction and it helps to understand various topics. It is easily accessible by public transport and the staff are helpful and friendly. I like the weather, and the exhibits are nicely done.
Maritiem Museum Rotterdam
Leuvehaven 1
Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 4132680

Diergaarde Blijdorp

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 16, 2010

The zoo is located in the district in Rotterdam. When you arrive driving, then there are all signs on the highway which is easy to follow. From Central Station is about 10 minutes walk to the zoo, but you can also use the bus (44, 49 or 33).


There is a parking on the side of the Oceanarium, where you can park for € 5.00. If it is full, please refer to the parking lot near the Sparta Stadium (Horvathweg) or to any of the other streets nearby. Also there it is all paid parking. Along the road you can only pay with your credit card.

Fortunately we had no problems, we just stood in the parking lot. Letters indicate in which row you are. It is useful to remember this. The parking ticket you can buy at checkout. We went away after closing time and then you're in the queue to get of the site.


When you come there are several tills open. The queues weren’t that long but you can pre-order via the Internet, so you do not have to wait at the checkout and you can proceed directly.


* Babies and toddlers 0 to 2 years: free
* Children from 3 to 9 years: € 14.50
* 10 to 64 years: € 17.50
* Seniors 65 +: € 16.00
* Accompany disabled people: € 8.00

The Oceanarium

The zoo is very clearly divided into different continents. The Oceanarium is one of the more spectacular areas in the park. You walk along all aquariums where you see fish, jellyfish and coral. Just until you reach the tunnel. This is the tunnel where you really feel like in the water. Fish and turtles swim overhead. All around you see your sharks, plants, fish and turtles. Very nice to sit at one of the couches and watch around you. At the end of the Oceanium come up with a sort of tropical terrace restaurant.

The Zoo

Everywhere are signs of the colored trails. In addition, you also have signs in the park where you can see where to go. Of the Oceanium walk past the smaller animals under the railway to Africa and Asia. Funny thing is, that on a track of posts a stork's nest was built. These are descendants of Zoo and they are oblivious to the train under the nest by sweeping. We made a stop at the tigers. These were behind glass and had just gotten to eat. Always fun to see how they work with huge chunks of meat. But we really wanted to go to the monkeys so we walked. There is currently a new enclosure built for the giraffe, it looks very nice. Beautiful thatched roof on it. The zoo focuses increasingly on the new principle that animals should have as much space. They are not stuck in tiny cages, but they get a real island or something where they can walk around.

After the tigers we walked past the monkey island, very disappointing, because it was empty. The monkeys were all found inside all the time. After the monkeys we went to the elephants and rhinos. They had a new residence within but with a glass roof. That gave the feeling that they were still a bit outside. Quickly drop by hyenas, lions (two females in the old part of Rotterdam Zoo), the wolves and smaller animals.

The Train

There is a tourist train on the Riviera side and back to the Oceanarium. It's quite a long walk if you want to see the whole zoo. For people with small children and elderly the train is ideal. You pay € 0.95 per person.

Restaurants and shopping

Throughout the park you'll find food and beverage outlets, kiosks, vending machines and restaurants. The exit is a large souvenir shop. The park closed at 17.00 hours and so did the shop. Many people wanted to buy something, but they were very strict, it could not. I understand that people also like to go home, but just close the shop half hour later.


The park is very accessible for the disabled. You can also at the entrance for wheelchairs and prams hire one day (I think you pay € 5.00). There are also separate toilets and the roads are mostly smooth and paved.

My Opinion

I have a lovely day at the zoo. There's a lot to see. The zoo was 150 years old in 2007 and you can see that here and there. Some houses and lodgings need very urgently a facelift. I found it unfortunate that in winter you do not see so many animals. They're all inside and outside "islands" are empty. It's funny that you have a zoo so in the city, yet so big. Must say that it is quite pricey if you go with your family but like I said it’s worth the visit because they have a lot of animals and the park looks really good.
Diergaarde Blijdorp
Blijdorplaan 8
Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 443 1495

Euromast Tower

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 16, 2010

During our trip in Rotterdam we went to the Euromast. It's definitely worth it if the weather is beautiful, due to the view that matters anyway.

Parkhaven 20
3016 GM Rotterdam

The Euromast

The Euromast was officially opened by Princess Beatrix in 1960. The building is made of reinforced concrete and has walls 30 inches thick and has a diameter of 9 meters. In 1970 they built the Euromast even higher by adding a 85 meters high tower, making it again the tallest building in Rotterdam. The Euromast In total is 185 meters high. The Euro Coop, an elevator made lots of glass, can be rotated up to the highest point. On a clear day you can see 30 km far.


By car, follow the signs Euromast. There is ample parking available. For parking, you must pay with a chip card. At the counter of the Euromast is a prepaid smart card for sale.
- By tram from Central Station take tram 8 direction "Spangen", stop Euromast.
-By metro from Central station to metro station Dijkzigt (Moving at Churchillplein / fair).


The Euromast is open daily all year.
April to September 9.30-23.00 hours
October to March 10.00-23.00
With Christmas and New Years are special opening hours.
Platforms open until 22.00 hours
Last ride 21.45 euros coop hours
Brasserie open until 23.00 hours
Kitchen open until 22.15 hours

8.30 euro’s adults, 7.20 euro’s from 20 persons.
4 to 11 years 5.40 euro’s, 4.90 euro’s from 20 people


The brasserie and the platforms are accessible by a wheelchair, but the railing is too high for sitting in a wheelchair to watch over. The euro coop is to visit in a wheelchair.

The building

Once you enter the building to get to the checkout. There are also leaflets containing information on things what to do in Rotterdam. In the hall are pictures to view the Euromast information there. With the elevator you go to the platform and / or the restaurant at 92 meters height. The lift takes 30 seconds to get 100 meters high. It is therefore quite fast. On the platform you have a nice view over the city. The Euro scoop gets you to the highest point (185 meters). There is a glass in front of you but also below you! You can as often as you want with the euro scoop up and down.

The shop

In the shop you will find all sorts of stuff with the image of the Euromast on it. Beach towels, t-shirts, spoons, teapots and lots more. There are also books for sale, with the history of Euromast in it and of course with beautiful views.

My experience

When you go to Rotterdam you should really go to the Euromast. It's not cheap, but because it quite unique to be in a glass elevator up to 185 meters altitude, it's worth I think. We only went during the day but apparently it’s also very beautiful to go at night when all the lights are on. You can at 112 meters altitude book a suite. The rooms look very luxurious and the view is of course stunning, but for more than 385 euro’s a night I think it’s a little bit much. From the tower you can see not only the city but also the beautiful adjoining park and the Erasmus Bridge.
Euromast Tower
Parkhaven 20
Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland

Spido Rondvaart

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 15, 2010

One of the things I always wanted to see in Rotterdam is the Harbour. The port of Rotterdam is one of the largest and it is wonderful to see, especially by boat. You can take a tour!


For a round trip of 75 minutes:
Adults - € 9.50
Children 4 to 11 years - € 5.80 for a large cruise port 2 and half hours.
Adults - € 15.50
Children 4 to 11 years - € 9.50

Location - Willemsplein 85

It’s easily accessible by tram and it’s next to the famous Erasmus Bridge. The tickets can be booked via the web or purchase under the bridge at a desk. This works both excellent and there are no problems. About every hour there is a boat so long you do not have to wait long. Nearby are many cafes and other attractions.


Spido has three boats. All boats are named after explorers. All boats sail along the same route and ports of Rotterdam in the boat you get into 4 languages through the intercom how the ports work and what the name of all. English, Dutch, French and German. In all boats are toilets and catering available. The toilets are awfully clean and the catering is good. Small snacks and drinks are available. For a drink at the bar, you being there, you pay on average € 2 for a Coke, -. There is also considering the disabled, there are special toilets and lifts. The staff is generally nice. There are usually plenty of seating inside and out. Inside you can sit at a table. Outside on chairs.

We went with the boat Abel Tasman. This is the flagship and you can see that! It is a huge ship which looks magnificent. Named after the famous explorer Abel Tasman. It's like all boats, it’s a white ship with lots of glass windows. This allows you even if you sit inside to see everything. There are also decks for those who prefer sitting outside. There is some room for 325 guests.
Length - 54 meters
Beam - 8.8 meter
Diesel - 2x380 hp


When you cruise with one of the three boats to go sightseeing as schiedam, fruit port, Euromast, the SS Rotterdam, the Erasmus Bridge, Hotel New York, shipyards, container ports and William Bridge.

My experience

I really enjoy doing it because you're sitting outside and you can view the ports from the water. Because you were on the water you can very well empathize with what it must be to work in the ports themselves. As Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world is an experience and something you definitely not seen before. I find it very informative and the people I usually take away. From the water, this much faster and you can sit nicely.
Prices are reasonable and the Harbor is easily accessible. The service at the ticket booth is good and you never have to wait very long. This is really nice for tourists who want to explore the ports of Rotterdam. It is very informative and also fun for the kids. For disabled this tour is possible thanks to special toilets and lifts. Really recommended!
Spido Harbor Tour
Willemsplien 85
Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
+31 (0)10 275 99

Ming Garden

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 2, 2012

When you arrive at the restaurant it looks like your every typical Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands. The restaurant has red, black and gold letters and inside you can see a mix of the East with dark coloured carpets, gold coloured accessioires and Chinese drawings. It really feels like your every day Chinese restaurant but it feels very warm and friendly.

Each table feels very private with some kind of low screens seperating each table which gives you a lot of privacy. There are also tables along the windows with suitables space. Each of the tables are covered with clean white linen, cuttlery and napkins. When we walked in we were asked if we had a reservation and were guided to our table.

The menu of course consists of Chinese menu’s, starters, main courses and desserts. The menu is quite extensive and looks delicious. I decided to go for the pork with garlic and soy sauce. It sounded very simple but delicious. As a starter i had Tomato soup which was thick and very rich in flavour.

The service was attentive, quick and very friendly. The facilities were also good with clean and decent toilets.

We had a wonderful night at the restaurant with great company and food. I would love to go back.
Ming Garden
Charloisse Hoofd 28
Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 4282425

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