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Austria 1


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on October 7, 2012

In front of the restaurant is sufficient parking available and there is also a bus connection. From the street it is easy to find. The inside is quite cozy, designed simple table decoration with candles and napkins. In the summer there is outdoor seating. Music is sometimes played - but sometimes not.All in all it is very clean and well maintained - even the toilets.

One is immediately made to feel welcome. The staff really funny and have fun with their work there. Small extra wishes they meet immediately and at a birthday, for example, there is an ice cream on the house. The time between starter and main course is also ideally suited, you have exactly in between time for a toilet or a cigarette.

Several types of beer, even dark beer. Various red and white wines in 0.5 or 1 liter variants. Even with vodka, herbs, brandy, scotch, rum, etc. Boubon there are about 2-4 different depending on the selection. Of soft drinks, the usual - by Cola juices everything. The prices are okay, not expensive but not cheap - I think this is the main income for the store retracted because the food is pretty cheap - read more below. Of course there is a grappa after the meal, Amaretto or Sambuca free.

Hot and cold starters in sizes that pass for some even as a main course. This, of course bread. Main courses are also big enough - nothing to complain about. The selection is classic - chicken, fish, beef, pork - and all there is to a large extent to Portugal / Italy cuisine prepared. I personally prefer the chicken mostly. Very tender all nothing to complain about and my family who usually prefer beef or pork is, was also always satisfied. Much is directly served in the pan, which is still very hot, which always looks very appealing. The green side dishes always look very fresh and are crisp, pasta and potatoes were always with me right through. The prices are almost unbeatable - for main courses in the size they are almost all in under 8 €.
Restaurant Esszimmer
Mullner Hauptstrasse 33
Salzburg, Austrian, 5020
0 662 / 87 08 99

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