The zoo in Dortmund

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by missj1981 on June 17, 2011

Since we arrived pretty early, right on opening time there was plenty of parking spaces. The amount of parking spaces seems sufficient but you can be a bit far from the entrance. Luckily we were near and there was no queue!

At the very beginning of the zoo is a reptile house, which is divided over 2 floors. In this area you have a tropical climate with high humidity and it is beautiful when you go in. You see many lizards, chameleons, iguanas and even piranhas. It feels spacious but because of the high humidity I didn’t had to stay there for long and after 20 minutes I was standing outside.

There are very many and too many different animals to be found. From the penguin to the giraffe. In front of each enclosure is also an information board on which all information is written to the respective animals. The animals can be observed all very well, either by glass or cage. From time to time you also meet on a free-running animals such as chickens or a peacock. I was quite surprised and pleased at the same time.

Now the care of which enclosure received was less pleasant. At the penguins I thought the water looked a bit dirty and this was also the case at the tigers. It didn’t look that clean but most important the animals did look healthy and well taken care of.

The visitors' paths were boring and quite beautiful at any time, anywhere there was something to see. But it is a pure mountain and valley railway. At least there was no coercion or stumbling steps, so the roads were also wheelchair friendly. Although the path goes up and down so it will be exhausting to push a wheelchair the whole time.

There are also small shops in between, where you can take what as a keepsake or gift for those at home. But it also knows how these things are indeed sweet and nice, but way too overpriced. Nevertheless, I have not let me take it a little hard rubber tiger and lion.

There is also a small playground at the end of the zoo. He is not particularly large, but adequate for children. Can there still a little romp and parents to relax the feet fly, sit on a bench and get back here eating and drinking. The playground is well maintained and you can let his children play there safely without having to fear that they strangle themselves or hurt themselves could be anywhere.

Petting Zoo there are also the vast quantities of a few goats and sheep. There is also a food dispenser, where you can pull fodder for the animals to feed them. I have not done deliberately, because a few meters away from us, is a drama played out, as I suspected in my worst fear, so I just pulled no food. A mother was standing there with her son to feed the goats. A goat was far too rough and pushed the boy to the ground, whereupon the same goat jumped on the fallen boy and the mother had to save the child. Fortunately with kids something bad happens quickly.

The zoo itself is quite nice and also nice to look at the price of admission and I do not really extremely high. Only the enclosure could be maintained in places a little better and as I said, I would recommend to bring your own food and drink.

If you few hours wandering through the zoo, but then you're also glad to come back home and recovering from running. The variety of animals is great and you see them even without a large search and also without binoculars. I give the zoo has an average score because I have seen better in the amount of size of the zoo. It’s not a bad zoo but nothing really special.
Dortmund Zoo
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