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hamburg 2


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on October 6, 2012

Wanting to enjoy a traditional German meal while being surrounded by the traditional atmosphere? Staff in traditional clothing and the whole inside feeling like you are sitting in a restaurant a few hunderd years ago. It’s a restaurant located in a small street with several small shops around. It’s a traditional street were this traditional restaurant certainly belongs.

We went to this restaurant were we stayed in Hamburg for a couple of days. Going out for dinner in a different city is always somthing fun to do. It’s a new surroudings, different people and mostly different food. When we saw this restaurant on the first night we were straight away attracted to it, but unfortenately it was fully booked. So we made sure we had a reservation for the next day so we could enjoy the food.

The food consists of typical German food like bratwurst and is something you don’t see that often anymore anywere else. Its the kind of food i truly enjoy as the meals like normally big and the taste is great. When we entered the restaurant the person who was there yesterday remembered us straight away and friendly asked us if we were enjoying the city. It was a very welcoming entrance and troughout the night the service was really good.

Most importantly the dinner was also great and not that expensive. We had a few glasses of wine and main meal and we had to pay around 50 euro’s which i thought was decent enough. We had a very pleasant night with great food and friendly service.
Restaurant Krameramtsstuben
Krayenkamp 10
Hamburg, Germany, 20459
040 365800

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by missj1981 on May 29, 2011

We've been to the Museum of Decorative Arts (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe) in Hamburg. Friends of mine lived for some time in Hamburg. At the first visit I noticed the representative, monumental building of the MCG. I found the architecture of the Kunsthalle and the MKG very successful.

The museum is centrally located in close striking distance to main station. In the neighbourhood there are also the Deichtorhallen and the Hamburger Kunsthalle. The other advantages which do not relate to the purely cultural aspects, can thus also be viewed quickly and easily. The fish market, the port, the granaries, downtown, the Inner Alster, etc. All these attractions can be achieved in a few minutes walk or from the museum.

The visit to the MCG led me through the current exhibition IDEAS sit - 50 years of chair design with 100 objects on display. Already in my school days I worked intensively with the topic of seating. East German design I've grown up with the interest aroused initially.

The chair is not without reason, the most widely used commercial furniture designers, as it allows most design changes, yet the basic concept of functionality and aesthetics should not take a back seat.

I find it very important to acknowledge the thoughts of known designers. In the course of my everyday working life and in reading after work I met are many great quotes that I have collected and want to write one down here to find an adequate introduction to the topic:

The home is in our life, its objects will no longer be tools, but gifts - they will get a literary rather than utilitarian character. Near perfect addition to the Centres for Work and information are then precious little architectures. The goal of today's designs, today's culture is above all, the outlines of a new domestic civilization defined;. Without our lovely houses are uninhabitable cities remain accessible " Andrea Banzi (114)

This short excerpt shows different approaches that designers from different disciplines and subject areas are published as mental models. It shows not only the enormous bandwidth, the individual right which every designer has at his work.

This is also reflected in the current temporary exhibition in the MCG. A notable example I found the almost self-explanatory structure of the exhibition. Thus a common thread in the form of the chronological order of each chair was shared objects, it was however not strictly oriented to countries, materials used or designer names, but put a loose mixture in the limelight. Therefore, the exhibition also for general visitors interested in the subject is very well suited.

The different decades, each roughly outlined by short introductory texts by the contained, main events, and presented the most important representatives shortly. At the individual objects found in each panels, the design called the year, the name of the designer, the object name or the name, and the exporting company. In addition, visitors can learn through these boards, whether it is for a loan, a gift from a collector, the manufacturer, etc. and how the object is otherwise have been reached in the collection of the museum.

The museum's permanent exhibition is very successful. In addition to a very good collection of furniture from the Baroque to the Biedermeier - mainly North German exhibits, there is also a first-class collection of china's leading manufactures such as Meissen, Nymphenburg, KPM, Ludwigsburg, etc., ceramics, archaeological objects and selected objects of the category Asian Art. This last category has received in recent years, particularly in Europe an incredible boost since the location, are available on the goods become unimportant. Quality will always prevail, while it is completely irrelevant, where the goods are located.

Also, the entry fee of 8 € for the whole exhibition, I consider to be not too high, because you really can find wide-ranging wonderful objects from the fields of arts and crafts, furniture, design, Asiatica under one roof. I especially have an idea of the German workshop Hellerau Dresden and Munich fallen, in which one could learn many useful information about the design icons such as Richard Schmid Riemer, Bruno Paul and Peter Behrens. These people were the pioneers of Weimar, Dessau and Berlin Bauhaus, which ultimately paved the way for modern design.

The structure of the entire issue and collection of the museum is logical and clearly laid out, although it can be lost due to the abundance of objects and also fast track of show spaces.

I can express the total MKG an unreserved recommendation. Even for supposed cultural philistines, a visit will be worth altogether, as many historically significant events through vivid and well-chosen pieces of furniture and objects of arts and crafts are highlighted and demonstrated. The respective philosophies of life such as objects in the Biedermeier period, for example by the use of stronger fixation on the private retreat or more representative of the Empire era designed to be implemented very well visually in the form of the permanent exhibition.
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe
Steintorplatz 1
Hamburg, Germany, 20099
+49 40 428542732

A good hotel in Hamburg

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on May 29, 2011

We really wanted to visit the musical "Lion King" and needed a hotel. Decisive for us was the location: not too far from the musical, a parking lot and the price. So I found the hotel "Hansehof" and the many positive reviews convinced me.

As the hotel Hansehof is relatively small (only 40 rooms) and now very popular, I can well imagine that room (especially in the peak travel season) should be posted relatively good time. We had a lead time of 2 months for the end of November. A reservation was most easily directly at the hotel.

The location is ideal: a maximum of 15 minutes' walk from the harbour, the departure point for the musical (shuttle vessels) and up to the fish market. Until the Reeperbahn, is 5 min (this is the second parallel road). The nearest underground station ("St. Pauli") within 5 minutes walking.

Rates vary by room type and season. I've read that a single room costs about EUR 68 (breakfast included) costs. In our case we have paid for 2 nights in a 3-bed room with breakfast EUR 199, which is pretty cheap for Hamburg. But in any case,you should inquire directly just by date.

It is certainly not a romantic hotel, but still very comfortable. Just because the rooms and bathrooms are so small, the hotel has only 2 stars. Regarding service the hotel deserves at least 3-star level. In the bathroom isn’t missing anything: soap, shower gel, shampoo, facial tissues are even there. This has not every 3-star hotel. The mattresses are really good: not too hard nor too soft. Who has too much baggage could possibly have a problem, because the closet is quite small. Nevertheless, it has (if rather short) served for us.

Everything is tiptop clean and in very good condition. Who as we as a family (three) and are intent on traveling in a non smoking room unfortunately has to settle with a smaller room. Larger family rooms are oddly smoking. Nevertheless the size of the room was absolutely sufficient for us. We were there only to sleep there. Although the windows of our room overlooking the street went, the sound was perfect. And what is very important: in older hotels, it always smells so funny. Not here! All very fresh.

The breakfast is really good and it was all there: whole grain bread and rolls, croissants, butter, smoked salmon, ham, cheese, fresh tasty melons (in November), fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, good teas, good coffee. Also if you like it sweets and chocolate.

My fear is that the breakfast room could be too small turned out not even after two nights. We and other guests have always found a table. The breakfast room is very friendly. One can quite comfortably sit at the window and see the old building opposite facades.

If you are lucky you can find a parking space just right outside the hotel and if not you have to park a bit further. The hotel is very easily reached by public transport and you are within 10 minuntes in the center.

I think it was really value for money and it deserved more than 2 stars. The staff was friendly and everything was clean and fresh. The rooms could have been a bit bigger but for us that wasn’t a problem! For me four stars!
Hotel Hansehof
Hamburg, Germany, 20359

Plaza Wandsbek

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by missj1981 on May 29, 2011

The restaurant is situated at the station and across from a shopping center and we went here for breakfast. The restaurant was been renovated in 2005 when the square and the station were rebuilt and there is a lot glass being used and it has very much daylight. One wall is made of concrete all others are made of glass. It does get a bit warm in the summer with the sun shining through but it’s simply beautiful.

On our visit in March there was already the terrace out since it was beautiful weather. There were tables and chairs and I think around 40 people can have sit there. It was already quiet full but we got lucky on found a table. I noticed that there were warm blankets lying there just in case people would be cold. When sitting outside you have the view over the square and is really a place to relax although you can hear the traffic.

Inside I thought the interior was really successful and they used candles to set the mood. It feel very spacious and not only because of the glass but also because the space between the tables was quiet much. Ideal for people in a wheelchair because I can imagine they wouldn’t have any trouble getting through. The toilets were downstairs but the restaurant has a elevator so also here no problem.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Friday clock at 11.00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 clock until late at night. You can have breakfast here for 7,50 euro’s or a large Sunday breakfast for 9.50 euro’s. They make them own waffles and have lots of fresh fruit, appetizers, various meat and much more.

The hot food that you can order is German cuisine which means dishes like meatballs and goulash. The lunch menu changes every day and every week three there are three new dishes.

Although I have only eaten here twice and once had breakfast, the kitchen can already be assessed quite well. In addition to different rolls we got good cheese, butter, some green stuff and enough coffee. With the breakfast you can drink as much coffee if you like. The breakfast was good and extensive and the sausages and bacon were present and well prepared. You can have your eggs anyway you like it.

The staff was very friendly and attentive. We were helped by the same person the whole time and she helped us with a smile and gave us some advice what is nice to have and came every time we finished our coffee. I think it really makes a difference if someone helps you with a smile or not, so great service.

As I said the toilets are downstairs and can be reached by elevator which makes it ideal for people in a wheelchair. The toilets are well taken care of and looked modern and more importantly clean.

I would recommend this restaurant as the breakfast was great and the staff very friendly. I think the prices are good and I just loved the whole atmosphere. Five stars for me.
Plaza Wandsbek
Wandsbeker Marktplatz 1
Hamburg, Germany, 22041

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