Germany holliday

Germany holliday

Mercure Berlin Checkpoint Charlie

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on October 6, 2012

Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate and the Parliament are just a few famous attractions of the city of Berlin and ones we really wanted to see when visiting this great modern city. The city of Berlin sometimes has a bad reputation which is unfair since it’s modern and has lots of culture to enjoy. When we went to this city we decided to stay at the four star hotel Mercure.

We opted for this hotel mostly for the location but also since we have stayed at these hotels before and always had a pleasant experience. The Mecure hotels always have clean and comfortable rooms. This hotel has a great location with being near famous attractions but also near shops, restaurants and bars.

The hotel is expressive from the first moment you walk in. It has been designed by the famous Italian architect Aldo Rossi and has impressive elegant rooms and suites to offer. We stayed at the standard room which i thought was already very impressive. It has a modern style but at the same time has a very home comfortabel feel to it. I must say i really enjoyed the bathroom which was spacious as well as the bathtub. A big plus point for me.

From the moment we walked in we were welcomed very nicely by the staff. There was two staff members present and during the night there is one person. We were quickly helped and within five minutes we were on our way to the room. Also checking out went fairly quickly and without any hassle.

A great hotel with a great location and certainly a hotel I would recommend to stay while visiting the city of Berlin.
Mercure Hotel & Residenz Berlin Checkpoint Charlie
Schuetzenstrasse 11
Berlin, Germany, 10117
(+49) 30/206320

Going on wintersport Germany

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 26, 2010

Ramada Hotel Willingen

Willingen, but certainly the surroundings of Willingen is ideal for winter sports. In Willingen and its vicinity are a large number of slopes ranging from very easy to very hard.


Located about 4 km from the center of Usseln. In the center of usseln you can find everything you need. Do not have a snow suit then you can buy one in the center where is a clothing store. The clothes are quiet cheap so it’s worth to have a look. The store is at a square where you also can do your daily shopping.

The Hotel

The Ramada Inn is a comfortable hotel to spend your holiday. It’s a three star hotel in Willingen-Usseln which is in the Upper Sauerland. It really gives you that winter sport feeling from the moment you see it. It’s built in that typical German style. It’s a family hotel where they organize a lot for children like a special children breakfast.


We have always stayed during our winter vacations in the family room. These consist of a small living room and two bedrooms which are separated by a curtain. The rooms are comfortable and come with everything you need during a holiday. It is all very new but not groomed. The beds are nice and clean. The rooms are cleaned daily. The bathroom is spacious and has everything that you need.


In the hotel there is also a swimming pool which is certainly fun for children. Next to the pool is also a sauna. For children but also grown ups are daily organized activities. There is free parking next to the hotel.

Winter sport

Within walking distance are two ski slopes. Here is also a ski shop where you can rent skis and snowboards and accessories. Also there are both ski instructors and snowboard instructors available where you can book lessons. You can put the rented materials in a separate area in the shop so you do not have to drag your stuff back to your apartment. The slope is for beginners and they have snow cannons in case there is not enough snow. It also has a ski hut in which you can enjoy your drink and your meal. Also within walking distance is a bigger, higher and steeper slopes where you can practice as you once mastered the art. Here are chairs for spectators with a blanket and there is also a ski lodge. On both slopes go up with a lift, which you pay each time.


Ramada Inn is a great place to go for winter sport. After a huge breakfast at the hotel you can enjoy the snow and town if you want too. It’s perfect for children since they spent a lot of time organizing activities for the days you don’t want to ski. I think it’s perfect for families to go here.

Ramada Hotel Willingen
Am Schneppelnberg 9-13
Willingen, Germany, 34508
49 (0) 5632

Sheraton Frankfurt

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 24, 2010

For a meeting in Frankfurt, I stayed one night at the Sheraton in Frankfurt. The choice this hotel was because its location next to the airport. Since the meeting would take place at the airport, this was ideal.


Since Frankfurt Airport is very large, it took me a while for finding the hotel. With some clues from the airport staff at the information stands I managed to find it via the footbridge at Terminal 1, I got to the hotel reception. Because I arrived at11 o'clock, the reception was not very busy but unfortunately there were quite a few people waiting in line to check in, which took longer than I'm used to.
Once my turn came the service was fine. Smoothly and efficiently and I was helped within a few minutes I could go toward the room. It was striking that the security is quite strict: the elevator functioned only with the card for the room, something I did not realize at first.


The room was very clean and professionally decorated in brown colors. Partly because of the fine carpet it gave a warm impression. The room contained a safe, LCD TV with twenty channels, minibar, Internet connection over the (too short) cable, work desk and a nice bed. Unfortunately, the mini bar is not filled, but fortunately the room service was day and night to reach. Too bad it was after 21:30 that the menu consisted mainly of different types of pizza, a really decent meal was no longer available. I liked that the room also had an iron and ironing board, as wrinkle free shirts never come out of the suitcase.


The spotless bathroom had a sink, toilet, shower and bath. There was very little to criticize: the shower was excellent and the whole looked like I was the first user.

Additional services

The hotel does not have very extensive additional facilities. There was a sports bar, a restaurant (Flavors) and a tavern (under the original name "tavern") present. Next to the reception was also a quiet seating area where people can use the Internet or a drink can be served.


As previously reported, the hotel is next to the airport. Ideal for fly-in, fly-out meetings. It is easily accessible from all terminals, although a ride on the monorail is necessary if you are in Terminal 2 or 3. In the airport is also a shopping mall and a casino, so you do not immediately get bored.

It should be noted that the airport is not around the corner to the center of Frankfurt. If you plan to visit or are planning to stay several days, there are more centrally located hotels.


130 euros a night I find for this hotel, especially considering the location and quality of the room, very reasonable. Additional services are such as breakfast 32 euros per person, a good the price! 8 euros per hour for internet in the room, was a bit much.


About eating, I can not say much because I have made no use of. Previous experience with Sheraton I have learned that this is generally well. The hotel has two restaurants and 24 hour room service. There was even the opportunity to wake up with breakfast at the room. Perfect!


Sheraton Frankfurt is ideal for business: easy to reach and not too expensive. For holidays, it might be more attractive to go to a hotel near to the town, but this hotel is certainly an good option.
Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel and Towers
Frankfurt, Germany
49 69 69770

Dorint Seehotel and Resort Bitburg/Südeifel

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 26, 2010

The location

The resort is located in the southern German Eifel region near the town of Bitburg. This place is very famous for its beer, I think many people are familiar expression Bitte ein Bit. The exact location is at the village Biersdorf am See. The resort has lots of accommodation overlooking the Bitburger reservoir where it is located.

The accommodations

The rooms
The rooms I have not been in, but there are five types of rooms in the complex. These are located in the main building, above the reception. They do not all have views of the lake because there were also rooms with views of the mountain and the cottage park. There are 86 rooms including 7 for a special person. There are also 7 suites.

The cottages
The cottages at the resort are two types of houses. One type is called Eiche (oak). This is 77 sqm. for 2 to 5 people and a type named Tanne of 83 m² for 2 to 6 people. Also in this house I have not been myself. We have walked along one time and they were nice at the slope of the mountain. I only fear that it is less suitable for people with reduced mobility. They were also somewhat further from the complex for children and therefore not really close to the big playground. That playground is on the front of the resort, the houses on the back on the mountain. In total, the complex 42 Cottages.

In have stayed in one of the 59 apartments. There are two types of apartments. Apartment Buche is the largest with its 77 square meters. You can go with five persons. We were in pairs and were in the other species named Birke. It is 52 square meters and equipped for up to four Persons. I'll. What attracted me the most to rent an apartment was that they all have views over the lake. You get the key at the reception desk. At the bottom of the apartment is a lady of the housekeeping department. There you can have your questions answered. The last day we saw a note hanging that you also can order sandwiches for the next day.

Our apartment

We sat on the top floor. The building has four floors. It is top of the mountain so that all apartments have views over the lake. Our apartment was furnished with furniture and cabinet doors that are relatively light.

The room: We were on the left side of the hall bedroom. This was really spacious. It was a normal double bed, a large closet with both a hanging, a leg sliding basket portion. The beds were already made and fitted with comfortable duvets. The cabinet was an extra blanket. The bedroom had a TV.

The bathroom: you have to walk into the hallway a little further to the bathroom. Also this was very spacious. The tiles were white. There was a large basin in a bath containing a shower. It seemed just a hotel room bathroom. There was a shower shampoo dispenser in the bath. In the sink was a hand soap dispenser. On the sink was a box with cotton swabs, a bathing cap, sewing kit and a nail file. There was also a mini tube of body lotion Dorint. There were five towels and enough toilet paper available. There was also a hairdryer. In the hall stood a box containing a tray with a sponge for the shoes.

The living room: At the end of the hallway leads you into the living room. This was light and spacious. Upon entering, we had left a dining area. There where couches that were very easy to slide into sofa beds. We have tested them here and they were fine. Also there was a coffee table in the living room and a single chair. Against the other wall stood a cabinet with a large TV on it. On television we could only find German channels.

The balcony: There was also a large balcony. There was garden furniture. Here you can enjoy wide by at least four people are sitting. You have a nice view of the lake and the garden of the hotel and course site.

My opinion

Our apartment was very clean and I think that's always very important. Everything was there that you could want such as soap, towels, tea towels and the box with small gifts such as bath amenities, matchbooks and little of the next calendar year. The view was really beautiful over the lake. Was near enough to go to. The staff was very friendly. Furthermore all questions where answers friendly. The cleaning ladies also had a supervisory role. Because you could not walk past them without being seen. This gave a sense of security and you could easily speak with them. The surroundings of the hotel are beautiful and I loved the kitchen that we had where you can cook for yourself! Great place to stay!
Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Sudeifel
Seeuferstrasse 1
Biersdorf am See, Rhineland-Palatinate, 54636
49 6569 990

Mercure Aachen Europaplatz

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 26, 2010


Just across the border from the Netherlands lies the city of Aachen, Germany. The city lies in the German province North Rhine-Westphalia. The city has about 258,800 inhabitants. It’s a resort town not because you are at sea, sun and beache, but because there are several places called (up to 74 degrees!), healing water that bubbles out of the ground. A famous building is the Aachen Cathedral. This cathedral was the first German building on the UNESCO World Heritage.


Situated close by the border on the triangle Germany-Belgium-Netherlands. It lies just under the middle of Limburg E314 motorway to Cologne. Via the A544 you drive a roundabout where the hotel is around the corner. This large roundabout is called Euro Platz. It is about 10 minutes walk from Central Station and a bus stop is 200 meters away. The hotel is about a fifteen minute walk from the center, or the Old Town.


The hotel is part of the Mercure hotel chain hotels. It is a 3 star hotel with 118 rooms. These are spread over four floors. There is a staircase and an elevator. There are 103 non-smoking rooms. At the entrance stands a rack with all the tourist information. On the ground floor is a bar with seating and a restaurant. There is a sitting area with sofas around a fireplace, opposite the reception. On the ground floor are eight meeting rooms available. In summer you can use the pool and surrounding terrace. The pool is 5 x 10 meters and open from June to September.
The garden looked well kept from the window in the breakfast room. There are 170 parking spaces at the hotel. I see there is now a state agency that must pay for parking.


For those who can’t live without it and immediately want to submit a review: In the entry hall there is a computer with free internet access which guests may use. On the ground floor and in the rooms is WIFI internet.

Restaurant and bar

The name of the restaurant is La Source. Opening hours are from 6 to 23 hours. There we enjoyed our breakfast. Unfortunately I can not tell you about dinner. This hotel is renowned for its extensive buffet breakfast. It consists of a number of islands. One part you can find everything in spreads in the form of cheese and sausage. Also there are over 8 different types of cheese and yoghurts. A little further away the hot trays with beaten egg, boiled eggs, fried sausages, bacon and tomato. You can make your own bread from a loaf of bread slices cut, but there are already sliced bread. There are also delicious breads and croissants. On weather and other island you'll find delights such as hot American pancakes, hot cakes such as chocolate croissants and Danish pastries. At the final table were the sweet bread and a variety of cereal and some variety of nuts. Everything was fresh, clean and did not look any good, but also tasted delicious. The bar is named mephisto, where you can go from 06.00 to 01.00 hours for snacks and drinks.


We stayed two nights at this hotel. Upon entering the hall we are welcomed by friendly and helpful ladies behind the reception. The beds were made every day in a special way. The quilts on the bed were folded in an artful way. The pillows were taking on their side so it looked like two pyramids. The first day there were sweets called on the bed. We got clean towels every day and every day delicious bubble bath and shampoo with essential oil. The room, bathroom and public areas were very clean.

My Conclusion

This hotel is absolutely a must. However you must keep in mind that it’s a long walk to the center. The service is excellent and the breakfast very good and extensive. After a long way we could relax in our room with the comfortable bed and bathroom with is always very important. The friendly staff made the stay very pleased. All in all 4 stars!
Mercure Aachen Europaplatz
Joseph von Goerres Strasse21
Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, 52068

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