Our camping trip in Sweden part 1

Our camping trip in Sweden part 1

The Grönåsens Älgpark

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on May 27, 2011

The Grönåsens Älgpark is located near the village of Kosta in the region of Småland. When you have reached the Småland road, the park is very well signposted and is right in the middle with a slight tendency towards the south. So the park is also the region Blekinge yet easily accessible.

Grönåsens Älgpark is Sweden's largest moose park. You can see the moose in a large enclosure but in a natural environment. During the day some moose are brought into a smaller enclosure so that visitors can watch them and at night they are in the large outdoor enclosure. The other moose move during the day there to where they want which means you do not necessarily see a moose, because the enclosure is very large and wooded, but the moose in the small enclosure you can see. The Moose Farm is not just a moose park but also has a large shop and a small museum, you can also read about the moose on the road.

Grönåsens Älgpark has a small parking lot just a minute walk from the entrance. There is another parking area immediately near the entrance, but is also used by the guests of the holiday homes that are rented by the owner of Moose Park. In these holiday homesare all decorated in moose design from elk antlers to Elchtopflappen in the kitchen. In my opinion a bit much.

Behind the parking lot, that is at the entrance, there is a barbecue hut. Here you can enjoy over an open fire Elchwürstchen (Älgrillare) or Elchburger (Älgburger) grill, which can be bought frozen in the shop for the equivalent of about 3 €.

Before the actual park is a building in which is you can learn about the moose on the road. This is therefore an important issue, because in Sweden happen daily 12 to 15 accidents happen in which a moose is involved. Since the animals are so big and heavy accidents often have serious consequences. Therefore one should take the warning signs seriously established in Sweden.

The actual park starts behind the Elchshop. You enter the first shop where you can really buy everything that has to do with the moose. When we arrived it was still quite empty so we could all watch in silence. You pay at the cashier to enter the park, then get a stamp on your hand and goes through a back door - then you are in the Park With a large crowd is there anything unfavourable as the entry is regulated. Because of the small office are not only the people who want to enter into the park, but also those who want to buy a souvenir or a sausage. The people stood up to the outside, this is of course not so pleasant when you have to wait that long.

Did you enter the park you walk straight up to an enclosure in which at least two moose - wait - that Gustav and Silvia. They are during the day held there to "greet" the guests, so you even see a moose, for the rest of the park is so generous that you do not necessarily have the good fortune that the moose roam along the fence and you see it. When we visited were not only Gustav and Silvia in the enclosure but two or three other moose. The animals are quite tame and can also be pet. Feeding it cannot remain, of course. Compared to the enclosure in the entryway, there are other enclosure with kids, chickens and sheep. Which can also stroke it. Assuming now a bit farther the road forks. It does not matter whether left or right passes. We opted for the left and began the elk.
The elk is basically nothing more than a live 1.300m long way around the enclosure in which the moose. It was here nothing changes, the enclosure is completely normal Swedish forest. That is, the moose here have not only space but also live in their natural environment, which I find very good. The enclosure is fenced off and there is an observation tower overlooking from which to some. The trick is to see a moose, of course, that one stays a long time and still is, one can also see how a swim in the lake or drinking. However, in our case, too many loud as visitors, so we could not see a moose. Except for one! This moose apparently had no need to hide, but ran around along the fence, was inspired by the children fed leaves that grew in his enclosure, but they were probably more attractive from outside. But let the moose also be pet, which made for a huge crowd, but it did not seem to mind.

The trail is 1300 meters with his not so long, it takes about half an hour, but if one stays here and you can actually spend even half the day or day. Everything is laid out very carefully, yet still very natural. But the fun does wallpapering are quite fun and if you then one or the other moose met all the better.
On the tour you will pass on even museum. This is basically nothing more than a house in the 4 situations presented in the can get the moose. For example, he is attacked by other animals or that someone would attack his calves. I found the museum is now not so exciting, but certainly nice to see very nice.

I liked the moose park very well, as the animals you can come very close and they still have the opportunity to retire in a lifelike environment, if not to visit them once. Even Gustav and Silvia have in the small enclosure to enable remote settle the visitors, so we see it yet, but they have their rest. And in the evening they come anyway to the large enclosure. The award is given to the stuff you get very low, and except that with large crowds at the box office too long, I have nothing to criticize. But this is only a small flaw, so I give a total maximum points and a recommendation.
Gronasens Algpark
Se-360 52 Kost
Kosta, Sweden

Kosta Bad & Camping

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on May 28, 2011

One night we spent at a small campsite in the middle of Småland, on Kosta Bad & Camping.

We were on our route to visit the moose park, because we haven’t come across the animals in the wild unfortunately yet. A look at our camping guide showed us that a campsite was right next to the moose park. So we made our way to Costa, which is located in the region which is also well known for glass blowing and drove to the place. We reached the place in the evening, the moose park we wanted to visit the next day. The place was thought to be very good because it was posted. We checked in and pitched our tent.

Kosta Bad & Camping is not just a campsite but also a swimming pool. Campers use the same pool as the day visitors. In the entrance hall houses the reception, access to the swimming pool and cafe. We asked (in English) for a place for one night and the lady at the front desk spoke perfectly English back. She spoke entirely without an accent, which surprised us because we did not expect that. The woman told us that we are in a certain area they took us on an around afoot, even should look for a place. So we drove on the square past one of the service building, all the way to the other end, where a service is still in the house. The meadow mouse has marked on the plan was already crammed by some tents and campers, there was not particularly a lot of space, so we had to pitch our tent, where there was still a gap. The site has 79 parking spaces (including 46 with electricity) and 8 cabins quite small. No wonder it was so full.

The atmosphere in the square was frankly mediocre. Although the place was nicely laid out, there were a few trees, but by and large, everything was too open and impersonal. As we are disassembling our tents the next morning almost every tent was still standing. I assume the space is not so much used by people passing through, for so much charm that you would like to spend a long time he has not, and the possibilities are limited - glass blowing, fishing, swimming and elk park - this one does not need must spend a week on the pitch.

Compared to our place was just a few meters from the service building with laundry room and toilets - separate for ladies and gentlemen. Before the service building is an area where the campers can empty their water tanks, over a drain. This drive from the motor home and emptied frequently, which creates a certain uneasiness. Unfavourable was that you could empty the latrines side of the house service, so depending on the wind blew an unpleasant smell. The service building itself is certainly older. When you enter it, so you find yourself right at the toilets.
For the first time (compared to other places), there were not any toilets clean and the next morning there were only paper in a booth. The approximately 5 toilets were ordinary white toilets with cistern, but it is an earlier date and not quite as clean as hoped. Compared to the cabins were the sink. There was soap and a hand dryer. In the rear are three showers, of which only one is locked by a door. The lockable shower did not had a spray protection, but the cabin is so great that nothing will get wet when you hang up his things right at the other end. The showers were included. However, the warm water was sometimes very cold. I suppose it was because several showered the same time. The two only had showers without a door curtains and no anteroom. One would then simply dress out, but rises when the door and someone comes in, you stand directly in view. I find this somewhat inconvenient and I was glad that so little was crowded and I caught the lockable shower, especially in the laundry room was also no way to take off his clothes, without anything getting wet.

The washing facilities are located in other service building, so that when you are camping near a house should go for the first time about half the space. There are showers and toilets again but it is also a sink, where it was not full, because space is in itself, although much was going on, small and so there are not lots of people who can get in your way.

Overall, the toilets are, unfortunately, was the worst I've seen, though not as bad as for example in Corsica. Had a little more attention to cleanliness, they were not that bad, but if one is out of paper (or just a toilet) and sprayed the toilet seats, there are now times penalized.

The swimming pool is certainly the main attraction, though it represents only a small pool outside. Otherwise, there are a coffee shop but that's about it already almost. Since the place but the town is where you can buy in the supermarket, for example, the supply is pretty good. Nearby there is also the glass blowers and the elk park that are worth seeing.

In the night it was very quiet. After no one drove up to his latrine or its water tank to empty, it was really quiet as a mouse. Hence there is nothing to criticize.

Kosta Bad & Camping is a mediocre place that works well for people in transit. Since the sanitary facilities were not as clean, the place has little charm and scenic beauty is not so, as other places, one might not necessarily stay longer than one night. Since the price is low but the place and centrally located in Småland, I give three out of five stars and a recommendation for all who are in transit.
Kosta Bad & Camping
Rydvägen 10
Kosta, Kronoberg, Sweden
0478-505 17

Hjälmargården am See

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on May 28, 2011

After spending two days in Stockholm, we drove west, past the lake Hjälmaren. We stayed overnight in Hjälmargården.

We had planned to camp at the lake Hjälmaren and searched in the camping guide for a suitable place. We chose Läppebadets camping which should be directly in the small town of lapping at the lake. We started to drive away along the lake and when we reached lapping we saw immediately signs of a campsite. Soon we should turn right in a way and reached the place. It turned out that after checking it was not Läppebadets camping but a complex called Hjälmargården. We thought at first the name had been changed and because the place looked empty, although a bit unusual, but it was incredibly cheap, we pitched our tent.

Even as we drove into the square and the car shuts off in the parking lot to go to the reception we noticed that something was different. Along the main road were a number of houses, but there were also larger buildings in which, as it turned out, rooms were rented. To walk around there was a large meadow. We saw a tent and a caravan, only the red house and the main building. Surprised that no one was running around outside, we headed for the reception. Here we had a young man who could at most be 18 years old and kindly welcomed us in broken English. The reception seemed to be building a new building. It was followed by a restaurant. All guests of the place seemed just to be there - at the same time - and took the dinner could get the one for the equivalent of 6 euros. We asked for a room for one night and got a generous piece of lawn in front of a building that was recognizable only at second glance as a church.

On his walk across the square we found a small area fringed by hedgerows on the caravan were, but not more than 10. Most of the guests apparently inhabited the cabins and the hotel. The place is on the lake and is surrounded by forest. There are hiking trails and the view is beautiful. The place has a large sandy beach. A few meters away there is a large lawn with bar, which as it later turned out to Läppebadets Camping is because the space is located directly next to it, but not previously marked, so it was at all came to the error.

As we cooked dinner and ate in front of our tent, people flocked suddenly out of the restaurant. They were mostly children and young people, and we quickly realized that this is a kind of children's camps. All we met were very friendly and tried to talk to us. The next morning they asked us even if we, if we stayed one night, did not want to sleep in the church, there was enough room on the upper floor. Through the window I saw that there were a lot of bunk beds. We declined friendly. First, we like to sleep in our tent, and secondly we wanted to stay only one night anyway.

In the evening we sat on a bench on the wooded hillside just behind our place, overlooking the sea. The view and the sunset was glorious. Especially since we were absolutely alone. No one came by in the two hours we sat there. As the sun went down we heard from the main building that just a kind of evening service was held, as it were sung songs whose melodies were played in our churches. That was a bit strange. Obviously we had gone to a Christian summer camp, with a youth group and a Bible study group composed of senior citizens. As a teenager I was often even to Christian camps, I was all a bit familiar, but it was a very strange feeling.

The next morning we swam in the lake once a round and you were all alone. It was glorious. The nature here is really beautiful and located the place ideal. In retrospect, I have investigated and found that it is not the place for camping. There is a meeting of Christian Association of Central Sweden, which is used for meetings, retreats and camps. I suppose that even the few caravans were members of the church. The fact that someone just comes along so for a night, is probably quite unusual, because first the young man did not even know what was to cost the space outside our tents and there was none. But, as we see it get under there and no problem if one does not interfere in the Bible and singing circles, you can spend a nice time.

The service building was quite small. Next to the restaurant but just a new house that looked like a service building was - built. Entering the service building, one is first in the toilet and sink. The lighting would have something to be brighter, but was still in order. There were plenty of paper and soap, and by and large were the toilets (white with cistern) clean. However, one could see in them that they were not as new but already showed clear signs of wear. Since there is a cafe on the square, which is also attended by day visitors, as is the beach, go there and the day visitors to the toilet, so they are visited more than if they seek only campers. However it was still quite empty.

From the toilets in there was a door leading to the washroom. Using a code you could enter it. This will prevent day visitors gain entry here, which I think is good because everything was very clean. Behind the door there were initially four sinks, two on each side. The rear portion could be separated by a large curtain, behind the benches were often seen in the changing rooms of gyms. Why was there a curtain, I knew when I saw that the three showers had no lockable door, but no curtains and it also gave extra vestibule. That is, even in the shower one is undisturbed, but if you stand when equipped with other guests in the same room. The curtain is to prevent that upon opening the door to guests looking naked. Since I like to go to the sauna, I have no problems to dress me in a public part, particularly since so only women have access. The showers themselves were normal showers, how to find them everywhere, the hot water was free. Previously had to pay that again, because the machines were still hanging on the walls, but the slots for the coins were sealed. When I went after the morning round in the lake a shower, I was completely alone, so I also had the dressing room for me. Even when I was brushing teeth at night no one was here. It was almost scary, that you were all alone in the building. I suppose the least used the laundry room, as most of the cabins and rooms have a private bathroom anyway. Thus, the design brief to be fine, since you no longer need.

There is another small service building, where you can wash off. Since almost all the guests together with their groups in the restaurant ate, we were here alone. Apparently it is unusual in Hjälmargården to cook for themselves.

The sanitary facilities were on the whole can be more modern and well maintained. Since they were clean, however, and we never had to wait, there's not really something to complain about.

The stay in Hjälmargården was a little strange because we did not expect to come to an ecclesiastical court, prayer and witness from afar to take on nothing but friendly and religious people. I'm not sure I would have chosen the place, if I had known that before, but I'm glad that we ended up there accidentally. We had our rest, were completely undisturbed when we sat by the lake at night, the service building, we had to ourselves and at a very reasonable price. Overall, I awarded 4 out of 5 stars and a recommendation for those who do not mind in a Christian summer camp overnight.
Sweden, Europe

First Camp Mölle - Möllehässle

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on May 28, 2011

Our last night we spent in Sweden on a camping site, which belongs to the group First Camp, namely in the First Camp in Mölle Möllehässle.

Even before we left for Sweden we knew about this camp because it was in the ADAC Travel Guide. Since he was assessed by the two other camping guides as well, we did not hesitate and settled down there. The camp lies near the nature reserve Kullen, each of which I advice to visit, because it's just beautiful there. The landscape outside of the place was really wonderful because the ADAC had not promised too much. Since the First Camp is the place group and we had such good experiences in Torekov, we expected similar in Mölle and settled.
With its 222 grassy places in the camp is not very small, but is not the largest that we visited. Most courses are designed for caravans and campers, the camping park itself is rather small. In addition to the spaces you can rent holiday homes and vacation cottages, as well as on most other places. These are located in a separate area. At the entrance to the place, there is the reception desk, a tiny shop and parking. If you drive after checking through the gate the road forks. The course is well signposted, so we park our place in the tent - the number 5 - the same place. First Camp Mölle has different sized pitches for tents, but it is different from First Camp Torekov on the signs no indication as to which size of the place. We got the number 5, the smallest size, which we were right, he was so much cheaper.

In the square there are trees everywhere and hedges. The range for the caravan was less appealing than the tent park, this one felt a little bit more in the nature, and I think the ADAC, that this is a particularly scenic course not, share because the space a nice feature was, but there were other places that are far more beautiful places. Although the location is beautiful, but the place itself is rather impersonal and tourism, as well as tent sites are all aligned rectangular and uniformly in rows. This of course saves space, but not nearly as beautiful as when the tents are all over.
Overall, the place is so nice, but not outstanding.

The center of the square there are two service buildings, next to a playground and restaurant. The service building houses a shower, toilet and washing facilities, separately for men and women. In the Service Building 2 will find the kitchen with hot plates, oven and microwave (all included in price), the washing room and a dining room for those who do not eat outside in their place. In the evening we had a barbecue, but in the morning I cooked in the kitchen for tea, which was very convenient. The kitchen was clean and modern, it seemed to be anything more recent. When rinsing, it was sometimes a little crowded, but it was because no one dared to wash in the kitchen. Since there were only 4 or 6 pools, which were not used (except for cooking) and all crowded into the washing room. If no one wants to cook and will you so no one place, I think you can can also wash there, but overall everything is a bit tight.

The Service Building 1 is the smaller of the two buildings. On the side of the playground down the facilities are for men, on the other side according to the ladies. It is two doors to the toilets and two leading to the washrooms. As soon as I opened the door to the bathroom I noticed that the lighting is very weak. In the lobby, hanging out wash basins, it was a bit dim. It was really dark then in the actual rooms. There were about 4 plain white toilet with cistern. In the cabins it was light switches that you had to press beforehand so that the light came on, but even then it was too dark and too narrow. The doors were so embedded that it is also up and down was no gap, this one felt a bit concentrated. Clean the toilets were at least mostly so. The laundry room that leads to the sinks and showers was also a little gloomy. There were three showers that have a hall with shields. Unfortunately, the beam that came out of the shower was very weak and you had to constantly press the button so that the water was because it was only a few seconds. That was a bit annoying, because you almost always have had a hand on the knob.
Overall, the sanitation okay, but would have little lighter and can be friendly and a little generous, because you had to queue in the shower.

In addition to the reception there is a small shop, but this has not much choice. We wanted to grill, but found nothing and then drove in the only 5 minutes from the supermarket, where we found what we needed. Since we had the next day feel like muesli and we had no more milk, but I have bought in the store of the camp which, for this he is well suited for small things. There are, as mentioned, a restaurant, offered in the food such as pizza or other simple dishes. The prices were okay, but the offer is so tempting that we have preferred a barbecue in front of the tent. In activities of the course itself offers a fee-based mini-golf and a large children's playground. Anyone who seeks finds employment elsewhere in the area a lot. should a trip to the Kullaberg absolutely do (even if the access costs to the reserve 40 crowns (about 5 EUR). swimming and hiking can be in the region as well.

Compared to other first camp but also to other places I have visited in Sweden, this is really just mediocre. The place itself is quite nice, but unfortunately structured and impersonal. The landscape in the area is indeed beautiful, but as far as you can get on the field not with it. Then I measured the sanitary facilities were too narrow, dark and too short and the price here is relatively high, I give only 3 out of 5 stars.
First Camp Mölle
Kullabergsvägen 286
Molle, Sweden
042-34 73 84

First Camp Torekov

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on May 28, 2011

On our journey along the west coast to the south, we spent a night in Torekov at Bastad more precisely in the First Camp Torekov.

The First Camp Torekov was mentioned in our camping guide and everywhere very positive. However it was sometimes still referred to as Krono Camping Torekov which is the name under which it has been known for many years. By working with First-Camp Group - Sweden's largest supplier of camping equipment - it is for some time known as just First Camp Torekov. The campground is located 15 kilometers south of Bastad right on the beach of the Kattegat. The site is located within walking distance of the old fishing village Torekov away. Like almost all places, was also this well signposted, so there is no problem it was found.

First Camp Torekov is with 500 spaces is the largest resort in Skåne. Although such huge places I really do not like because they are often impersonal and less rest than on small sites, I must say that this place has been the most beautiful, because despite its size, it is anything but impersonal. There are places right on the water, but also some meadows or among the numerous trees. Through the foliage we see not just the whole place, so you can feel disturbed. There are more ways that are accessible and smaller paths that run through the square. Since all paths have a name and you get at check-in a plan to quickly find all what one is looking. About 25 percent of the lots are rented to permanent residents. You can sense it immediately, as places are more individually designed. I liked that you have all trees and hedges, so you really do not look the same to hundreds of caravans. The sites for tents and caravans are separate. In the area there are places with water, electricity and cable TV as well as places without all the normal camping. The facility also has luxurious cottages, simple cottages and tent houses, can rent.

On our arrival we were given a map with the areas that are intended for campers, were located. The nice young woman at the front desk made us aware that it had been raining and some places are very wet. Therefore, we should choose your own. The courts should ever cost for size 200, 215 or 235 crowns, or even more (at the prices later). She told us not how we could figure out what place is as expensive and so the cost that we were choosing from 215 crowns. In the area where we lined up our tent in front of almost every seat number M was found, later we realized that this involved the size, because there were some in size S, L and XL. With M we had caught a middle place. The squares marked by subtle, highlighted in yellow stones that are in the ground and the signs with the seat numbers. During a tour but we found that was not measured it in size, but was apparently decided by eye. So it was a place in S, but was much bigger than our place in M (that's not so nice) and it was not bad to pay the 15 crowns more.

When we were at the front desk said the room was a little damp, you probably had a bit of an understatement, because there were areas where the water was several inches high in the meadows and trails. But you decide and there was even nice enough and dry places at once. Our place was on the edge of the square, some trees in front of a hedge, here we were quite alone, for there were only three other tents in this part of the place. I did not understand why a family with 4 tents are then placed directly next to us, there was so much still free. That was a bit sad. Before, we were virtually alone in our corner, and now stood close up to 4 tents next to us. Overall, the pitch was still very appealing.

At the other end of the course, the beach with bars and a vast lawn. Here it is really beautiful, you have a wonderful view.

In the square there are several service buildings, all to enter without a key, code or card. Our service was quite central building in the square and was very modern and appealing. The washrooms were separated into male and female, there are also (for the ladies) three toilets. In addition, there are on the short side of the building more toilets, which are not separated into male and female. There were quite a few, at least 10, plus a few doors behind which there were urinals. The service building also includes the dishwashing facilities and the kitchen where it was indeed always full, but fortunately we had to queue before. Overall, everything here was very satisfactory.

When you enter the bathroom so there are left three toilets. There are modern white toilet with integrated flush into the wall. The cabins were bright, spacious and friendly. Left of the entrance leads to the showers, there were relatively many, perhaps 8th Compared to the showers, there are many sink. In the rear there is still a very large mirror with a shelf and power outlets. Everything was very clean, bright and appealing.

The showers had a big hall with hooks, benches and splash protection. They were also very modern and inviting. For showers, you need a chip. The chip will be charged on arrival for an amount, in our case 20 crowns (about 2.50 EUR). Of course, you pay only the consumption. In the shower, there is a reader. It is located next to the thermostat, on which are the degrees. You hold the chip against it and then get hot water for 50 seconds. If you need more, you hold the chip back against it. Each time it cost 1.50 kronor (20 cents). Disconnect the water cannot when it is running, but it takes just 50 seconds, too. I find it very convenient that putting in not equal to 5 crowns can take a shower and then 4 minutes, because as if someone takes a shower quickly can save again. I have activated only twice, the reader, once to get wet - lather in between - and rinse another 50 seconds for the foam to me is sufficient. Someone who enjoys long showers, pays of course also more than putting in time equal to 5 crowns. The chip itself, I think, however desirable in any case, since you cannot always coins, and so it has not first time money has to change.
The bathroom facilities were among the best that I've seen in Sweden and also plentiful, so there is nothing here to criticize.

The First Camp Torekov is located in beautiful nature by the sea. The place is great, but anything but impersonal. The sanitary facilities are immaculate and you get close to everything you need. Only the high prices are something to complain about, so I just have very nearly the full 5 stars to be awarded a clear recommendation.
First Camp Torekov
Flymossevägen 5
Torekov, Sweden
0431-36 45 25

Getingaryds Familjecamping

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on May 28, 2011

During our holiday in Sweden we are also along the Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden. We spent the night at Getingaryds Familjecamping, a small camping, 9 miles north of Gränna.

That we wanted to spend a night on Vättern us was clear quite early because we wanted to see the second largest lake in Sweden once and also bathe in it. The day we drove along the Vättern was unfortunately one of the three days where it has been raining, so everything was very gray, wet and cool. Too bad, because we could take away from the lake, not as much as hoped. Using the camping guide, we chose the small campsite Getingaryds. Normally you will find it automatically when traveling on the east side of the lake to the south, because the route Gränna - a well known tourist road along the shore - passes automatically. Unfortunately, the road was blocked, however, so we had to cross the highway and still less of an already gray sea saw. The space can be found if you drive from Gränna from simple again 9 kilometers to the north. Early on it was marked and when we arrived, the red buildings looked like so inviting, that we decided to stay.

As the name - Getingaryds Familjecamping - reveals, it is a small family place with only 70 parking spaces. In the entrance there is the small reception desk, the kiosk and mini market. After you have checked in, go towards the lake shore at the proper place. The place is really just a large meadow where are the service building. Cabins can rent one there as well. The seating is free, if you want to have no place with electricity. We chose a place in the back corner, next to the hedge. Since it was wet already arrived, many mosquitoes were out and the ground was even though it had not rained for several hours, a bit wet. Since there is only one way for the cars that will not, however, over the meadow, you drive by car over the grass, making the grass in some places could not be found, but comes out the earth, in our case the mud. The next morning it was raining harder, so it was very muddy so. Despite the wet and the floor of the place is nice. Very simple and really just a big field, but at least directly to the Vättern nearby.

A small path leads to the campsite's own beach where we sat in the evening a little while, until it was too cold and windy though. The camp is not very personally and as mentioned, very simple, but the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. On most sites were predominantly found Swedish guests, here on an average of many Dutch people were on the road, why I do not know. Overall, the place is nice, more then not. An ideal place to make a family vacation or just spend one night in transit.

The service building is used both by guests at the campsite and the guests in the cabins. Since the place was very empty but we never had to queue, although there was only one service building. On the page that hinzeigt to the lake, there are the toilets, separately for men and women. There are three toilets, like the entire service building were recently renovated and now are plain white toilet with cistern. Everything was clean and there was paper. Irritating was that two of the toilet doors to the right and left end to left. So I thought until the door was broken when I was about to terminate to the left. At the rear of the building there is in addition to the toilets or a door, behind which urinals for men. From the other side there is access to the washroom, also separately for men and women. There are three or four wash basins, a hairdryer and complimentary use a long wooden bench on which you can store his things. From here you get to the entrance hall with two showers and splash protection. Five minutes showers cost 2 crowns (about 25 cents) to get there but, I find and the price is right. Well, I found that the coin was in the shower, one must not go, if you must but nachwerfen once. The showers, as well as the toilets were clean.
A kitchen was in the service house also available. Here one could cook, wash free. Since it was too windy the next morning and it also rained, we were able to bring the cooker to the bad cooking, so I just cooked some tea in the kitchen. This can be very practical. Although there was much going on, I did not have to queue. But I believe that, in both the kitchen and in the toilets and washing facilities, can be very tight when the place is fully booked out. Overall, however, was all right, so here is only to criticize any of the scarce.

The woman at reception was a bit bored or just tired, but still friendly. We were greeted nicely and adopted, what more could you want. Otherwise, I can say about the service is not much, except that it was good overall.

Getingaryds Camping is a family place where you can find absolute peace and quiet. It is beautifully situated on Vättern, and has a private beach. Of activities is not necessarily much to offer, but the service is good and the overnight is extremely favorable. As the toilets are somewhat tight, the ground muddy by the rain and is not all too personal, I give a total of 3 out of 5 stars and a recommendation for all peace-seekers on a budget.
Getingaryds Familjecamping

Getingaryd, Sweden


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