Majestic Moscow

I will examine Moscow. I will try and give you some insight and show some photos of Moscow. I will have 2 article, the first will contain the Kremlin and the second will contain Red Square. I hope you enjoy..

Majestic Moscow

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by janson25 on October 17, 2001

Believe it or not I visited the Kremlin before Wash. DC. - I was amazed how beautiful it was, and not to mention they had some "hershey kisses" on the top of some of their buildings. Make sure you go on tour of the Kremlin because if is is organized than it will be very informative. There are wonderful, old cathedrals, and not to mention the history that can be felt. My most memorable moment is when I was in the church of the Kremlin, when I bumped into Martin Landau. Some of the czar gifts: fabrice eggs, and other cool trinkets. You also see some of the cars they were chauffered around in and some of the clothing. This is a must stop in Moscow. ${QuickSuggestions} TAKE A TOUR, much more informative. Carry a water bottle. Of course, bring the film and camera. Now don't just confine yourself to the Kremlin. Remember there is a big beautiful city out there. I will explain some of the other fetaures of Moscow as I got transported to Red Square.${BestWay} I would walk around the historic sites. I would use taxis to get in between these sites. Ask the taxi guy a lot of question sometimes they are the best tour guides, then remember as you were babbling all the questions about their history, give him a nice tip..

Red Square

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In Red Square you will want to see Lenin's tomb, St Basil's Church, and there is another beautiful church in the back right corner (I will provide a photo). For a quick tid bit, Lenin's body is in the tomb and I just missed the viewing hours for it. I got there at around 5:00 pm, so make sure you are there well before that to be able to view his body. Make sure to take your time with these sights and really "soak" in the history. If you have time, stop and chat with the vendors, you may get a great souvenir. I bought this beautiful water color painting, so keep your eyes peeled. There is a beautiful indoor mall to the left of St Basil's church, you may want to poke your head in there she the "Russian feel" for a mall. The architecture is wonderful. As always bring cameras and videos. There are so many wonderful sights and sounds that you may want to capture..
Red Square (Krasnaia Ploshchad')

Moscow, Russia, 103012

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