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A few things you will have to see when you go to rome!


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When you are in Rome you just have to visit the famous Vatican!

What is it?

It is a small state (44 hectares) in the world with its own control. The territory of that State is located in Rome. It is built on a hill, Mont Vaticanus. In 1929, Pope Pius XI and Mussolini signed a treaty that this territory was recognized as a sovereign state. It is a small country, a microstate. A few have the nationality with a Vatican Passport and there’s even a private Vatican bank. It doesn’t belong to the European union but it does have the Euro. It also has it’s won army The Swiss Garde who you can see at the St. Petersburg.

My experience

If you come by bus you arrives you can see the walls. There is also the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Where the Pope carries the scepter. Here is the palace of the Pope, where he resides behind one of the many windows. If you stand on the square of St. Peter, you will need to look at a window on the right. Maybe you can see the Pope.


My first impression when we got off the bus was: Immensely impressive, great. The square where the pope holds his speeches, I had seen on television. But in reality it is much larger. The picture now hangs in my head a large gray mass of stone. I will not describe all buildings, I take two highlights what an absolute must is when you visit the Vatican.

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's and the main square there is understandable become a cultural heritage. It is on the UNESCO list, along with other historical buildings from the Vatican. Think of the Sistine Chapel. We were lucky that there was apparently an unexpected ordained in St. Peter. There was some buzz and some priests who ran back and forth nervously. I noticed that a side altar it all happen. And boldly we sit there. I can not keep my mouth and asked a priest what was going on. He told the pope would come by soon to consecrate some priest. I sit down and have this ceremony experienced. At home I could proudly say that I had attended the Mass of the Pope.You can enter for free. In England I have seen me before entering into a church had to pay. But despite all the tourists that visit is free.


St Peter's, the square and around the square you have the various souvenir shops. My tip, buy a set course of Vatican euro coins or stamps. Or send a postcard with stamp and signature from Vatican City. My experience is that there are fans of his. Or buy the newspaper of the Vatican City 'L' Osservatore Romano".

Sistine Chapel

The next day we went back early in order to visit the Sistine Chapel. This is a must. I really suggest you go early, otherwise you stand in line for hours. We thought we were early, but more people had this idea. There was already a considerable queue. But you want to see it, so we joined in the back row. We purchased the tickets and looked for the frescoes of Michelangelo. In the same room of the frescoes is the private meeting when a pope is chosen. You walk through long black marble corridors of old paintings and beautiful images, to finally get to the Sistine Chapel. Overhead and the walls are drawings and biblical figures.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 8.30 to 16.00. On the last Sunday of the month there is a free entry. Normally it costs 14 euros for an adult and 8 euros for children.

There are also tours can be led by a guide. I can also advice you to visit the website to view www.rome-museum.com. Here is the chance to have all tickets and guided tours can be booked. Here you'll also have good descriptions of what you will see.


It is now already a few years ago I was in the Vatican, but I still have a clear image. I've been in many churches before, but St. Peter's is unique. And the square there too. With all the different clerics in their clothes, who run, walk or bike in this city. Inside and outside St. Peter's is plenty to do. Visit Rome, you have to do to Vatican City. It is an impressive complex. If you are a bit historically minded, this is great. What makes it fun is that it is a sovereign state. Are you in Rome, then I suggest you to visit this complex.
Vatican City
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