Unbelizeable Belize!

In between the beautiful ocean views, the friendly locals and the craft shopping, there is always something to do in Belize.

Radisson on the Ocean

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by mh75 on June 4, 2009

During my stay in Belize, I was in the Radisson Fort George, which was a very nice hotel. The rooms were very clean, although a bit worn. But the overall impression was very good and the rooms were comfortable offering a business area and a large four post bed. Other amenities were a nice sized workout facility, cafe, restaurant and gift shop as well as a business center with computer access.

Especially enjoyable was Bayman's Tavern, which was located downstairs by the lobby. The food was excellent and the staff was extremely nice and seemed to genuinely enjoy your company in their Taven instead of just serving you because you happened to come in.

In fact, I was very impressed with the entire staff that I had contact with. They all seemed very genuine and friendly.

Check-in and check-out was quick and painless and they offered a hotel shuttle back to the airport, which was very nice considering it was almost thirty minutes away.

I would recommend the Radisson King George to anyone staying in Belize City. The hotel offered luxury, good price and great amenities.
Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina
Belize City, Belize

Friendly Locals, Caribbean Food and Rainy Skies!

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by mh75 on May 29, 2009

Belize was another short trip, but one that I am glad that I got to make. Coming into belize City after a downpour, the first afternoon was hot and humid. But as we approached our hotel in Fort George, the rain lifted, the afternoon began and the people began to crowd the streets.

The locals who I met during my time there were some of the most friendly people that I have met while traveling. One might directly correlate this to the fact that several days per week that cruise ships dock offshore and allow their passengers to come ashore on lorries or shuttle boats, but their demeanor seemed more than just on the surface. The were very authentic in their friendliness and pride in their country and many of them were willing to stop and talk with you about it. One man, who described himself as the Prince, son of the greatest storyteller ever in Belize and therefore the second best storyteller, spun a fifteen minute dissertation on Belize, the origin of the name and the history behind Belize, Belikin and the Mayan influence that permeates the area. I hesitate to expound as I could not do justice to the Prince, but it was a highlight to have such a anecdote ridden historical lecture from the man. Let's just say that Belize is unbelizeable and the Prince belized it as well!

We sought out and discovered some very good and authentic caribbean food and even had time to sling back a few Belikin beers, and the local brew always makes a visit worthwhile...well, most of the time!


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