Harrahs in October

For birthday 55, Jim and I spent 4 days at Harrahs (comped). We love this casino and its proximity to Brigantine.

Arrgh! Good Food Ahead, Matey!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by butterfly53 on January 21, 2009

Across the road from the Brigantine boardwalk, at the very northern tip of the island is a truly memorable restaurant for breakfast, The Pirate’s Den. The décor is very eclectic. There are all kinds of collectibles reminiscent of the Jersey shore, including newspaper clippings of the fire that destroyed the fishing pier nearby.
The hostess/owner brings you to your table and though it is crowded, I have seen worse (see my review of Kitchen Little in Mystic, CT)!
There is a whiteboard at the front of the restaurant with numerous specials, some very interesting, some vegetarian, some extremely healthy. Because it is fall, the special is Pumpkin waffles. Interesting, but I choose Eggs Benedict on this date. An interesting assortment of waffles, omelets, and pancakes are available from the menu.
Locals abound at this restaurant, especially in off-season. Isn’t that an indication of its quality? Indeed, it is. The food is tremendous, with a never ending cup of coffee flowing. The place is jammed in the middle of the week. Bodes well for business, I can imagine the wait in the summer!
Breakfast for 2 is less than $20, with tip.
Afterwards, walk it off on the beach across the street! You’ll love it!
The Pirate's Den Restaurant
1219 E. Brigantine Avenue
Brigantine, New Jersey, 08203

Harrahs is Great Fun

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by butterfly53 on January 21, 2009

Harrahs comped us a room and since it was my 55th birthday, I decided to take advantage. We stayed for four nights and had a blast. Our room faced the marina and was really beautiful. There was a sofa in front of the window and I spent most of my time when we were in the room kneeling on it and enjoying the view. The view featured the bridge to Brigantine Island, a beautiful spot.
It is really great to stay at the casino. If you like to gamble, you can take advantage of the all night atmosphere and come back in the wee hours of the morning and play any slot machine you want. Oh, and the majority of the casino is now non-smoking-HOORAY!
Harrahs recently added a new tower. Along with that tower, they added several more stores and a way awesome pool. The pool is indoors but under a glass dome so the sun shines through. The pool is surrounded by private cabanas which look fun! The pool has a second floor, well, not the pool actually but the room it is in. There is a balcony overlooking the pool with lots of lounge chairs and doorways out to many recliners on a sundeck. Nice!
The people who work for Harrahs are great. The front desk is so accommodating.
We were able to valet park but for the price we paid for this, we were given a voucher so we could park at any casino in Atlantic City. Cool!
The casino has several restaurants which I will write about in other reviews.
It’s away from the famous Atlantic City boardwalk, but it actually has its own boardwalk! You can walk the entire perimeter of the casino and hotel on the boardwalk surrounding it. It borders the river and marina so there is always a lot to see as you stroll. Many fishermen fish from the area, too.
All in all a very pleasurable place to stay!
Harrahs Atlantic City
777 Harrahs Blvd.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, 08401
(609) 441-5000


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