Communist Industrial Wasteland Tour

This tour shows you the pitiful monument of Communist planning, the city Most!

Communist Industrial Wasteland Tour

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by lukehford on November 27, 2007

This tour was certainly off the beaten track for us! After spending our first few nights in Prague we decided to take up the advice of our local travel guide and take a tour to this town called Most.

Well we didn't quite no what to expect, especially with a title "Communist Wasteland"! When we arrived in Most after about 1 hours drive through beautiful country side, we suddenly realised how sad the whole situation in Most is.

During the Communist times over 90 historic villages were destroyed with the people being forced into giant concrete buildings squeezed together in true communist style... really quite sad. It really made us appreciate what we have in life compared to others.

We ate at a local restaurant and did a bit of shopping in the local stores. It was great to leave the touristy Prague to see a different perspective of Czech Republic. Our support of this tour also meant that the local people benefited from our visit. ${QuickSuggestions} I highly recommend this tour for anyone that wants a wake up call in their life and to learn about the communist destruction of this once beautiful town. The website for the tour is:${BestWay}

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