Judge Baylor House

Located near Baylor University, this five bedroom B&B decorated with Victorian touches offers accommodations not found at most chain hotels.

Judge Baylor House

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by jen480 on September 12, 2007

Oftentimes when I travel, I spend the night someplace that’s cheap and efficient and serves a complimentary breakfast. Someplace like LaQuinta Inn and Suites or the local HoJo. However, during a recent trip to Waco, I threw my need for a standard king-size bed and satellite TV out the window and aimed for a place far cozier: The Judge Baylor House.

Tucked underneath a canopy of trees a few blocks south of Baylor University, this two-story, brick cottage was once the home of Judge R.E.B. Baylor, the school’s founder. Today it’s a five bedroom B&B decorated with Victorian touches and other accommodations that you won’t always find at a chain hotel, such as a library filled with poetry books and travel guides, and a full breakfast served on china. (During my stay, owners Bruce and Dorothy Dyer served a delicious meal of raisin-bread French toast sandwiched together with cream cheese and a flute of blueberry yogurt sprinkled with oats on the side.) Despite my not knowing any of the other guests at the B&B, we all enjoyed breakfast at the same table, and the conversation was as free flowing as the fresh-brewed coffee.

Guests can spend the night in one of five rooms, each of which has its own private bath. I stayed in Anne’s Room, which has a claw-foot tub, stained-glass window, and hardwood floors. Each room is named after one of the Dyer’s children. I enjoyed my two-night stay so much that I’ll think twice before I make plans to stay in a regular hotel.

The Judge Baylor House is at 908 Speight St. Rates start from $78/night. For more information, call (254) 756-0273; www.judgebaylorhouse.com.
Judge Baylor House
908 Speight Street
Waco, Texas, 76706
(254) 756-0273


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