The Beauty of Green County

Oklahoma's Northeast part of the state is named Green Country. We will visit many parts of this region to find its diversity.

BBQ in Pryor

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by VanessaK on August 17, 2011

Since I have been in the Tulsa area, I have been told to go have a BBQ dinner at JL’s in Pryor. I have been told it is the "best BBQ around" and a "can’t miss" so today I was in Pryor and decided to try this "famous" BBQ. It is a family owned restaurant since the 1970s. They do not have a website, but you can find them on Facebook. From the outside the place looks like an old, dilapidated building built 60 years ago but it’s not, just created to look like an old place. There is plenty of paved parking around the building, even a space for large RVs or 18 wheelers. They are open every day of the week for lunch and dinner and even have catering services available.

The food is served cafeteria style with you travelling down the line with a tray in hand ordering what looks good to you. They even start with the best part of the meal first – dessert. There was an assortment of pies from pecan and coconut cream, to chocolate mousse pie with shaved chocolate on top. I got the chocolate mousse pie which was very creamy and decedent. Next you stop at the sides where you can choose from French fries, potato wedges, baked beans, corn or okra. I was surprised to find they did not have the normal BBQ fare of potato salad or coleslaw. At last you get to choose your meat. You can choose from shredded pork, pork ribs, brisket, bologna, or hot links. I chose the shredded pork sandwich with potato wedges. The portions of sides were of moderate size but the amount of meat could have been more. You get at least half a plate or more of sides, but a small handful of meat. I found the shredded pork to be stringy and not very tender. I could not even cut my sandwich in half because of the toughness of the pork. I ended up having to take the meat out of the sandwich which really defeats the whole purpose of the "sandwich" concept. I did like the potato wedges which I’m sure were deep fried because they were crispy with a soft, tender center. One of the ladies I was with, had the chopped brisket sandwich. She said it was "okay" but nothing special. The other lady got the chicken tenders which she said tasted like it was one of those premade items you can get at any gas station counter. They both had the fried okra; funny neither ate much of it so I don’t think it was very good either. There is a buffet of sauces and condiments available including pickles, onions, ketchup, mild BBQ sauce, hot BBQ sauce, and a sweet and sour sauce. I thought the mild had a bit too much heat so I didn’t try the hot at all.

I usually rate a BBQ restaurant by the quality of their ribs. A good rib is fall of the bone tender, is large enough it needs two hands, has a nice smoke ring, and a light touch of sauce, or none at all. What I found would not place JL’s BBQ in the top ranking of places I have eaten. First of all, the ribs were small, only about 4 inches in length. The meat was tender but you only get about 2 bites of meat on each rib. Their mild sauce is slathered over the rib so it is messy and spicy. Now I only ordered 2 ribs, just to try but I paid $2.95 for each rib. What a rip off.

The staff was friendly but since it is self-serve and cafeteria style, you do not have a waiter to assist in your dining experience. You get your own drink and clean up your own area, there is even a sink so you can wash your messy hands. The restaurant was clean and had a farm décor. The price we paid was high for a lunch or even a dinner, the sandwich was $5.95 but did not come with a side, so that was another $1.99. My lunch consisted of a sandwich, potato wedges, 2 ribs, pie, and ice tea….my bill was $18. That is ridiculous, especially for the amount of food offered, the quality of food provided, and the lack of wait help. Needless to say, it will not be a place I will visit again.
JL's Barbeque
Highway 69 South
Pryor, 74361
(918) 825-7427

Great BBQ in Owasso

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by VanessaK on August 17, 2011

I love good BBQ so when I find a restaurant that serves great BBQ I want to shout it from the rooftop. Well this is my rooftop shout out – Legends BBQ and Steak Joint in Owasso, OK is a must try. We have lived in Owasso for 2 years and never had heard of this place. It is out of town center about 2 miles in an area named German Corner. A neighbor stopped the other day to say they love the place and we had to give it a try so we did. The restaurant is a free standing building that has the look of an old saloon. When you get inside you realize the décor is of the same. There are old saddles, toys, farm equipment and household good scattered around the walls. The plank walls give it a barn effect as does the chipped wooden tables and booths. They have country bands on Friday and Saturday so there is a small stage in the corner, otherwise the music comes from the few TVs and the music video channel. The décor is rustic without being dirty or tacky.

The staff is very friendly and knows most of the patrons, or so it seemed. One of the waitresses told me the restaurant had been around about 20 years or so and was a family owned business. The service is quick with never an empty glass on the table. My husband and I have been to Legend’s BBQ twice in the last month and will make it our new BBQ place in town, it is that good. The first time we visited, we both ordered the rib dinner. It came with two sides, Texas toast, pickles, onions, and peppers. The sides were plenty and the meat was a moderate size portion. Mike got the potato salad and coleslaw both times and I have tried the coleslaw, green beans, and the toubouli salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. Each was good but my favorite was the toubouli salad with its vinegar dressing. We both ordered the BBQ ribs and to my sweet delight found them to be delicious. I will generally rate a BBQ restaurant on the quality of their ribs. A good rib is fall of the bone tender, is large enough it needs two hands, has a nice smoke ring, and a light touch of sauce, or none at all. This rib was at least 7-8 inches long and 1-2 inches thick. The meat was falling off the bone and was smoked with no sauce applied while cooking. We had found the perfect rib. We had also gone on Tuesday night where they have "all you can eat" ribs after 4pm for $10.95, this includes the two sides. What a bargain we had found. When you are done with the 3 large ribs on your plate they will bring you 2 more at a time until you have had all you can handle. The only bad part of the meal was there were no ribs to take home. Next time I will have to order a slab to take home. The sauce is mild and sweet but the ribs are so good, I really didn’t need much sauce at all. I found out they smoke all their own meat on the premises and will also smoke any meat you may have from the hunting season for a small price. Wouldn’t a smoked turkey for Christmas dinner be divine?

The staff is super nice and friendly. The restaurant was clean and well kept. The atmosphere is homey and comfortable. The prices are reasonable. What else could you want in a restaurant? Our bill came out to be $27 for two "all you can eat" rib dinners and two drinks with free refills. I gave it only 4 stars because they serve you on paper plates and they don’t have wet wipes for your messy hands otherwise I am really taken with this place. They do not have a website but are on Facebook. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed visiting Legends BBQ in Owasso, OK, we weren’t.
Legends Bar-B-Q & Steak Joint
11226 North Garnett Road
Owasso, 74055
(918) 371-7787

A visit to Los Cabos is what you need.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by VanessaK on July 17, 2011

One of my favorite places to have lunch or dinner is Los Cabos Mexican Grill. I have yet to find a better eatery, it has it all. To start, every time I go in I feel as if I am transported to the Mexican Riviera. The warmth of the walls paired with the large fish, pottery, dark wood, and water displays makes me remember our days in Mazatlan and Los Cabos last year. My favorite table is one on the open patio, not the large outdoor area with its own bar and music stage, but the patio with the large garage type doors that overlook the large pond and its ducks and swans. It’s best during the early summer with a cool breeze stirring around you.

The staff here is some of the best I have ever had; we have not had a bad waiter. Everyone is friendly and attentive. The food is mostly tex-mex with Mexican touches. You begin your meal with tortilla chips and salsa. They have three different kinds: mild, hot, and tomatillo which is a green mixture of tomatillos, avocados, and peppers, a light and fresh salsa. We always get the queso dip which is made with yellow cheese, peppers, onions and tomatoes. I love the mahi mahi tacos and the shrimp tacos. And of course there is the seafood enchilada which has crab, shrimp and avocados. They do have grilled fish as well. Their traditional menu is large and covers two pages of a menu board. If I’m not in the mood for seafood I will usually get the fajita chicken chimichanga with sour cream and queso. Mike usually gets the same thing every time we go, beef enchiladas and cheese with onion enchiladas. These are very tasty as well. You have a choice of black beans, refried beans or boraccho beans which are a pinto bean cooked with beer, onion and peppers and served in the bean juice. Rice is usually a favorite but if you want to try a little something different, try the mashed potatoes made with peppers and cheese.

On weekends there is standing room only, so come early or go ahead and plan for a weekday. This place is very popular for families as well as large groups. Our usual time is to arrive about 5pm or 4:30 if it’s Friday. One thing to remember, if you are with a large group they will not seat you until all your party is there. This can be frustrating when you are waiting for that one person who is always late. They have a large lunch menu which is fast and priced about $2 less than the dinner entrees.

There are 2 locations, one in Broken Arrow and one in Jenks, but both are essentially in Tulsa. Their website is The price is acceptable. Most entrees will run $8-15 with the alcoholic drinks $6-10 but they are so good. Los Cabos says they have the best margarita in Tulsa. You will have to try that yourself since I don’t care for them. Our check will usually run about $35-40 for 2 entrees, 2 cokes, and queso, not bad for a date night or just a quick bite to eat. I hope you will try our favorite restaurant.
Los Cabos Mexican Grill
300 Riverwalk Terrace
Jenks, Oklahoma
(918) 298-2226

La Qunita Inn - Bartlesville, OK

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by VanessaK on June 2, 2009

First of all, we chose this hotel because they allow pets. If you have read any of my entries, you know that we have two Jack Russell Terriers that travel along with us. They love hotels. We never leave them at home so anywhere we stay must allow pets. This hotel did not charge us for the pets or make us sign any paper.

This hotel previously was a Holiday Inn but recently changed names so the exterior does not look like a La Quinta Inn. The hotel building itself is quite old and the exterior looks dingy and needs a good paint job. One good thing is the location. It is located on the main highway going into town. It was very easy to find. Our room was the typical budget hotel room with a king bed, TV, desk, and bathroom. I do have to say that the bed was quite comfy (for a hotel). The mattress was a pillow top so it was not as firm as most. The room was clean - nothing to brag about. But for $89 a night, it was fine.

The hotel does offer an indoor pool, fitness room, sauna, and restaurant. We did not visit these so you will have to find out how they look when you go. The service was fair. Our check-in and check-out was painless and the staff were friendly enough. I did have a complaint when I called for more pillows and an hour later still no pillows. I called again to find out that they do not have extra pillows but they could bring me a blanket wrapped up in a pillowcase. Not the same, but OK.
La Quinta Inn Bartlesville
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 74006

Best Western Weston Inn

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by VanessaK on January 19, 2008

We chose this hotel for a relaxing weekend away for the reason of the price and the fact that they accept pets. I find that most Best Western hotels look the same. The room had a king bed, a small table with 2 chairs and dresser with TV. It also had a refrigerator which is always nice. There is one picture on the wall which was probably bought at the hotel store. Nothing special was it was clean and well cared for.

The hotel offered a small outdoor pool area but no hot tub or fitness area. There was quite a bit of grassy area for the dogs. The service was basic with no extras offered.

We would probably try another hotel in the area the next time we visit Bartlesville.
Best Western Weston Inn
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 74006

Regency Inn

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by VanessaK on February 8, 2008

We just wanted a weekend away so we chose to drive 45 minutes from Tulsa to Muskogee. It is a small city but filled with history and things to do. Finding a hotel that accepts pets is sometimes a daunting chore so when we found this one we thought we would give it a try. We found the Regency Inn on the Oklahoma Tourism site but it didn't have pictures or much information.

When we first saw the motel we thought we were in trouble. It is an older, drive in style motel without a pool, resturant, or much of anyting else. It does have a laundry room and a continental breakfast. We found a room that was on the large side but was old and had mis- matched decorations, but it was very clean. The room had a small table and 2 chairs, a king bed, dresser, TV, microwave, and refrigirator. There was also a small alcove that is used for a make up mirror. The bed was very comfortable and made for a good night's sleep. The pillows were new and fluffy. What surprised us the most was the large whirlpool tub in the bathroom. We loved this and took turns taking bubble baths with plenty of hot water.

The hotel does not have many amenities. They have a laundry and serve a small breakfast of cold cereal, donuts, coffee and juice. We decided to try one of the many resturants near by for both dinner and breakfast.

I would recommend this motel to anyone who is looking for a inexpensive place to have a good night's sleep and relax in the whirlpool tub. Not bad for $47.00 a night.

Regency Inn
407 S. 32nd Street
Muskogee, 74401
(918) 681-1500

Cheddar's Causal Cafe

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by VanessaK on July 12, 2007

We just moved to the Tulsa area and have heard great things about "Cheddar's" so we had to try it out. I was sorely disappointed in the entire experience. It started with the seating girl. She left me standing for 3-4 minutes to giggle and whisper with a co-worker before she acknowledged me. We were then seated in the bar area which was very noisy and crowded. I would never choose the bar if we were asked, but we were not asked our preference. The atmosphere was one of a loud college bar scene but does cater to families. There is an outdoor dining area that looked nice and the inside decor was warm and inviting. The bar area had numerous TV screens for the sports fan.

The menu was varied but not very large. It has burgers, sandwiches, and a small assortment of dinners. The menu was definitely standard with no real specialness to it. We ordered the Texas Cheese Fries as our appetizer and was please with the amount of cheese and bacon piled on top. The portion side was generous. I did ask for two small plates that never came. The bar was very slow for a Wednesday night at 6:30pm, it took over 20 minutes for my drink to arrive at our table. My husband ordered the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes which he said was very good. I ordered the Honey BBQ Baby Back ribs which were a little to tough and sweet for my taste. My baked potato arrived 8 minutes after our meals and we had to ask twice for the "warm, mouthwatering, honey-buttered croissants" which were cold when they arrived. The tasted like the croissents I had bought last week at the grocery store with a small amount of honey drizzled over the top.

The prices were very reasonable. Each of our dinners were under 10 dollars and the Cheese Fries were 6 dollars. Since we have heard great things about this restaurant, we might try it again but not for a while.
Cheddar's Causal Cafe
10708 E. 71st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74133
(918) 307-2013

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by VanessaK on January 19, 2008

I had the pleasure of visiting Fleming's Steakhous for a business meeting. It is located in Utica Square, which is an upscale dining and shopping area. The atmosphere of Fleming's is one of a old library in a fine home. The walls are deep in color with wood coverings. Immediatly when you walk into the doors, you feel relaxed and welcomed.

The wait staff was attentive. Our waiter spent time at our table explaining the specials and the wine list. He was pleasant and made our dinner a wonderful experience.

We shared the appetizers around the table. The sweet chile calamari was lightly breaded and the chile sauce was spicy but not hot. We also had the cheese & charcuterie plate which was served with olives and toasted bread. Both were very tasty. Each of us decided to have the steak. My filet was perfectly cooked and just the right size. The sides are large enough to share so we did just that. We had Fleming's potatoes which is filled with cheese and peppers, very good; the choptle mac & cheese; and the asparagus. Dessert came with what else but cheesecake served with chocolate sauce and blueberries.

I really loved the experience of this restaurant, the food was fabulous, but the prices will put it in the "special occasion"
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
1976 Utica Square
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74114
(918) 712-7500

Oklahoma Aquarium

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by VanessaK on March 8, 2008

Where do you take two, very active 2 1/2 year old boys? The Oklahoma Aquarium, of course. We arrived at the opening hour of 10am and found that we were not the only adults bringing the children to this adventure spot. The admission of $13.95 for adults and $9.95 for children 3-17 with kiddos under 2 being free, is money well spent. Of course you can buy a family annual membership for $85.00 if you plan to visit often.

The aquarium houses over 200 exibits including a casting pond outside. Some of the exhibits we found were the Coral Reef, Oklahoma fishes, Ozark Stream, Shark tank, and the Oceans room. The Oceans room was the highlight of the day for the boys. You buy shrimp pieces and a feeding pole for $3 and you get to feed a hungry pool of stingrays. With all the fighting over the food, watch out you may get wet. The flat fins of the rays cause quite a spray of water. Next to the feeding tank there is the touch tank where you can feel the differences of the stingrays and the small sharks. All the children, and adults, really enjoyed this exhibit. There is also a feeding area for the turtles. This didn't hold the boys' attention as well as the fast moving stingrays.

The Shark Adventure exhibit was my favorite. Its walk-through tunnel and dome allows you the feel and sound of being under water with some small and quite large sharks. I have to say it was pretty neat having a large 6-8 foot shark swimming so gracefully over my head.

Of course the tour ended with the well placed gift shop filled with stuffed eels and clown fish, and the all too popular t-shirt. We bought a few cheap toys for the boys and went on our merry way, knowing we enjoyed ourselves as much as the children.
Oklahoma Aquarium
300 Aquarium Drive
Jenks, Oklahoma, 74039
(918) 296-3474

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