Trying something new, sort of... Negril, Jamaica

We love Beaches resorts and wanted to try a new location.

Beaches Negril

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by gayleannherron on April 25, 2007

On one of our trips to the Caribbean we decided maybe we could forego the golf we always utilized at Boscobel and try a new Jamaican resort area, Negril. We weren't going to deviate from Beaches, but we thought we'd like it just as well.

Boscobel has a cove, Negril has a long sandy beach, something we had been wanting. Boscobel has pools and a small waterpark area, whereas Negril has a bit more of a waterpark (a lazy river), but not like Turks & Caicos, although still great.

The beach was great, the restaurants were great, the staff was great, the water activities were great, but we did miss the golf (my kids love the free lessons). My husband loved the strip of beach rather than the cove.

The accommodations were very good, about the same as Boscobel, but just no suites literally on the beach like Boscobel, but for most, it was close enough (50 steps).

What does happen no matter what Beaches you go to (or Sandals), is you have a staff that is there to make sure you have a good vacation. Nothing is considered out-of-range of asking there, from dinner on the beach, massage in your room or the beach, nannies in your suite in the evening instead of at the childcare facility, just ask.

The drive was better to Negril than Ocho Rios (Boscobel) but it was almost as long. Sandals is in Mo Bay, where the airport is, but all the Jamaican Beaches are going to be about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours drive, realistically. So, my number one piece of advice at any of the Jamaican Beaches is plan to spend 1/2 to 3/4 a day getting there from where you start, and the same back. So, a 7 day vacation is really 5, 5 is more like 3, and at the price of airfare, now I recommend staying as long as you can afford.
Beaches Negril Resort and Spa Ultra All-Inclusive
Norman Manley Blvd.
Negril, Jamaica

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