Spring Break in Corpus Christi - Mustang Island

We enjoyed a few days on camping on Mustang Island and the sights and sounds on Corpus Christi.

Spring Break in Corpus Christi - Mustang Island

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Our trip was taken the week of spring break and we decided to camp. We choose to go to the Corpus Christi area and camp at Mustang Island. Corpus Christi is home to Waterburger. There are several on every street corner. I think there are like 26 or so in the city.

We had a really good time during the day but at night we had a few problems. Our 2 year old son seemed to get kind of sick while we were there. I think maybe allergies or something like that. So of course camping outdoors in the humidity by the beach did not really help that. However during the day were able to play and see a few things. Well we spent quite a bit of time driving around looking for stuff to see and do. I have to tell you this beach area is not what we were used to. It is a pretty secluded area and there really is not much around.

We did find Port Aransas and Aransas pass. We took the ferry over to Aransas pass and drove around for a while, not much to see there either. However, Port Aransas did have more to see. There were all kinds of things to do and see. Hotels, restaurants, shops, and the beach. Mustang Island is a barrier island so most of its inhabitants have been preserved and so I believe this is why is not very built up. There are natural sand dunes and other wildlife that exist but you are asked to leave them alone.

We camped at Mustang Island State Park and it was right on the beach. However, it is more like an RV camping area and everything was very open. To my surprise it was not very loud for it being spring break. There were a few college students that camped there as well but not too many. It was a fun trip and a great place to go maybe nest time we can stay longer. ${QuickSuggestions} I would first make sure you have a map. Getting to Mustang Island can be a little difficult if you do not know where you are. There is the Corpus Christ Bay area, Corpus Christi Beach and then Mustang and Padre Islands, which also lead into Port Aransas. So there is a lot going on and a lot of places that are all beach area. Once you find the Islands do not be surprised at how secluded they fell. There are not many hotels or businesses around this area. At one end is a State reserve which, there is a small fee for and at the other end is a State Park. Mustang Island is mainly a wildlife area and most of it has been preserved. There are a few places and a few hotels and businesses but for the most part it appears as though the young spring breakers come and park right out on the beach and chill for the day.${BestWay} The best way to get around Mustang Island and then of course Corpus Christi is going to be by car. To get to Mustang Island or Padre Island you have to cross a bridge over the bay. The island is pretty big and also leads right into Port Aransas. Vehicle will get you from all these places the best. I do think they have taxis and that might work as well but I think to better your time you will want a vehicle. We went during spring break so there was a lot of traffic and tons of cars on the island. I do not think walking would be very safe in this area as it is not really a very busy area. Mainly just the beach.

Mustang Island State Park

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Mustang Island State Park is a pretty secluded place. It is right off the main road but there is nothing else for a few miles around it. There is an RV like campground, which is just about 40, or so slots that have water and electricity for RV’s to hook up too. We were one of the only tent campers there. When we booked our site we were not aware that the campground was like this. We expected it to bee just like other places we camped.

There was a place were you could camp right on the beach, but you could not have an open fire and there was no electricity or water. The beach was only about 110 yards from where we were so it was not too far. But it was not what we had in mind. There is only one bathroom with showers for that whole campground.

The camp ground was very quite and we had no problems as far as our stuff being bothered ( with people right next to you and being right by the road) It was pretty pleasant camping and the people that were around us were quite nice.

The cost for camping is $8 for primitive (which is right on the beach with no water or electricity) and $16 for the ones with water and electric hook ups. And then $4 a day for entrance. Some people just pay to use the beach during the day.

The beach is very clean and a nice beach to play on. The only thing I would warn you of is there is lots of Portuguese- man -of -wars that wash up on shore at night and they are still very much able to sting you. So be aware of walking along the beach. Look out for them. They are a very blue color and they look like balloons that are deflating. You can also see other things like barnacles, seaweed, and other little living things that get washed up.
Mustang Island State Park
Highway 361
Port Aransas, Texas, 78373
(361) 749-5246

Waterburger Field

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Home of the Corpus Christi Hooks (Houston Astros farm team). This ballpark is very much like Dell Diamond where the Round Rock Express play. Water burger field is a very family oriented place. There is plenty of things for kids of all ages from 1-year all the way to adult age.

Young age kids: there is a playground with slides, monkey bars, and swings for the kids to play on. There is a personal person there to kind of monitor the kids, but also request that the parents stay close by. The parents are aloud to play and run around with their kids but there is also a place to sit if you just prefer to watch.

Kids between 6 and teenage: There is a basket ball court, rock climbing wall, batting cages, a pool, and a huge area to just run around. There is also a place for the kids to watch the game if they prefer a more comfortable setting. There are hilly spots and rocking chairs in the outfield close to all the activities.

Big Kids/Adults: Of course there is the game itself. There are plenty of concession stands and a gift shop. Then there is also alternative seating for a more comfortable game with the kids or just whatever. For me I think the seating and the kid’s stuff is the greatest part. We are able to watch the game and not distract others trying to watch the game and for a 2-year old he can stay entertained as well as us. It really is a great experience for every one.

The stadium itself is located in a great spot it is in place that is easy to get to and convenient for parking. The view is great. It is located right in the Corpus Christi Bay so you can see the ocean and the USS Lexington and other ships from the stadium.
Whataburger Field

Corpus Christi, Texas

Port Aransas/Aransas Pass

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Port Aransas was probably the highlight of our trip. Like I have already mentioned before Mustang Island and Padre Island were pretty lifeless, but Port Aransas had more of what we are looking for. We spent most of the day in car driving around but that was because we kept expecting more and then found ourselves further away from that which we already found. In Port Aransas there is an HEB which was great because we needed to pick up a few things and did not want to have to drive all the way back to the main land. There were several souvenir shops, which always have endless beach, wear, shoes, kites, wave boards, mugs, cups, jewelry, tattoos, etc. Anything and everything you could want. There were also many restaurants and places to eat.

In Port Aransas is a ferry to Aransas Pass, which eventually will take you back to the main land (Corpus Christi). This ferry ride is free. You drive your car on the ferry and it takes you on a five-minute ride across the ocean. It is the only way from Port Aransas to Aransas Pass. It is pretty cool however, I though you would be able to get out and watch, but you just stay in your car and drive on and drive off. The line for the ferry is not too bad. On our way back it took about 10-15 minutes to get on the ferry. Once you on the other side there really is not much to see. There are several places to fish along the road but other than that we did not see anything worth sticking around for. So we took the ferry back to Port Aransas were we spent some time shopping.

There is also a beach in Port Aransas that is one of the most popular beaches in the area and is know for accommodating the family as well as the young college age crowd, we did not get a chance to see the beach but we sure wanted too. Port Aransas was what we were looking for and we enjoyed the little bit busier beach scene.

Padre Island/Mustang Island

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I have already mentioned that Mustang Island and Padre Island are pretty deserted and secluded areas. Compared to South Padre Island and other beach areas I have traveled to there was not a lot of stuff in the area. I kept getting confused and we drove around a bunch looking for stuff. It appears that what Mustang Island is good for is parking on the beach and staying there for the day hanging out, drinking, and playing in the sun and sand.

Padre Island is the longest barrier island and hosts a National seashore, which protects many of the natural habitats and wild life that exist on this barrier island. The cost is $10 for seven days to enter and rive through. The bird watching area cost $5 a day. This National Seashore has a sea turtle recovery area and a bird watching area.

Mustang Island is located between Padre Island and Port Aransas. It is protected by natural sand dunes, which are not to be messed with. The main thing that exists on Mustang Island is the State Park. There are also some other public beach entrances and a few houses but mainly it is lots of land with sandunes and jetties everywhere.

Both were kind a disappointment because we were looking for a more active beach area. I think the place to be was Corpus Christi or Port Aransas. However we did enjoy the quite for camping and the laid back atmosphere.
Mustang Island State Park
Highway 361
Port Aransas, Texas, 78373
(361) 749-5246


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