A Visit to Jordan

The pink city of Petra and Wadi Rum.

A Visit to Jordan

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The Gulf of Aqaba is Jordan’s aquatic playground, standing on the Northern tip of the red sea. Surrounded by rugged mountains, it is Jordan’s only beach resort. From Aqaba’s town centre, the Borders of Israel, Sinai and Saudi Arabia are no more than a half hour drive away. The winter temperature here hovers around 25C, whilst Amman shivers around 5C. In summer, daytime temperatures in Aqaba are 35C upwards. There is over 12 hours sunshine everyday and in the winter the water temperature does not drop below 20 degrees.
Any one looking for resort-style atmosphere and facilities may be disappointed, and the line of tankers, less than 500m from the beaches are far from picturesque. The town promotes itself as a ‘resort’, but it is not nearly as developed as it pretends to be. The beach is dirty, and half of it is covered in cafes. On the plus side, away from the beach, Aqaba boast’s some of the world’s best scuba diving by day or night. Enjoy the crystal waters of the Red Sea, and when you dive there is over 500 species of coral, and 1200 species of fish. It is illegal to remove, buy or sell coral, and to take coral goods on an aeroplane.
Aqaba was an insignificant fishing village until Arab Forces with TE Lawrence (Lawrenceof Arabia) wrestled the port from the ottomans (Turks).
Aqaba Castle (Mamluk Fort) is worth a look. The castle was built early 14th century by the crusaders Danger and Annoyances Women Travellers have received various degrees of harassment from local lads on the public beaches, and foreign women will feel far more relaxed (but not necessarily more comfortable) wearing loose shirts and baggy shorts.${QuickSuggestions} The travel brochures all talk about the wonderful waters of the The Red Sea at Aquaba. Not my experience at all. In fact , wild horses could not pull me into the sea anywhere near Aquaba.
It is not too long to walk around most of the town of Aquaba. If you start, say an hour before sunset, then you will really see the town coming to life.${BestWay} Anywhere in Aqaba is accessible on foot.

Movenpick Aquaba

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After previous experience of Movenpick hotels, this was a huge letdown. Our room was at best grubby and the level of service was poor. There was also extensive building work going on during our stay.
Movenpick Aquaba
King Hussein Street
Aqaba, Jordan, 77110
+962 (3) 2034020

The Rovers Return

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Yes, right in the middle of Aquaba there is a pub called The Rovers Return. Pictures of Bett Lynch, Jack and Vera and all the gang. They offer reasonable food too. Maybe not hotpot!
Rovers Return
The Gateway Complex
Aqaba, Jordan
962 3 2032030

Wadi Rum

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We only did a day trip to here but wish we had arranged more. Many people stay overnight in the desert and that's what we'll do, if we visit Jordan again.
Wadi Rum Protected Area
Southern Jordan near Saudia Arabia border


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Soul-stirring, ‘Rose Red City’ of Petra, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Petra is the legacy of the Nabataens, an industrious Arab people who settled here more than 2,000 years ago. For centuries the Nabataen Kingdom endured, until the Roman Emperor Trajan annexed the kingdom. By 16th century Petra was lost to the west after 300 years, 1812 a Swiss Traveller rediscovered it.
Petra’s appeal comes from its spectacular setting inside a narrow desert gorge. From the main entrance, you walk into the chasm (or siq), that ripped through the rock in a prehistoric quake. The cliffs walls soar to 80 metres. You pass insciption’s in ancient languages and rock cut chambers carved into the sandstone. Petra’s most famous monument is The Treasury which appears dramatically at the end of the chasm. In Petra there are literally hundreds of rock cut tombs and temple facades, funerary halls and rock relieves . There is a 3,000-seat theatre from early 1st century A.D.

However, many photographs you have seen, nothing prepares you for your first sight of The Treasury. Carved out of the rockface it really is a magnificent sight.
Ancient City of Petra
Petra Gates To El Khasneh
Ma'an Governorate, Jordan


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