Late Night New York

This is a twenty-somethings guide to the best spots for dancing and drinking.

Late Night New York

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by xine on April 6, 2001

Hitting Bereket's after a late night of drinking and dancing at Ludlow Bar and Rivertown Lounge; wandering around St. Mark's place with the pierced and tatooed; satisfying the munchies at Veselka; clubbing and bar-hopping in the Lower East; sobering up at Gam Mee Ok in Koreatown; karaoking til 6 a.m.; seeing the sunrise in Battery Park. ${QuickSuggestions} For the early starters, many bars have 2 for 1 happy hour or 50% off for drinks on weekdays and even weekends. Just to give a couple examples: Rivertown Lounge on Orchard St. has 2 for 1 beer and well-drinks from 4-8pm every day. 2 drinks usually run a very reasonable $5! Nearby is La Linea which has daily happy hours from 3-9pm. Beer and wine is $2.50 while other drinks are $1 off! We ordered 2 amaretto sours and 1 Coke for just $8!

Women should look out for clubs with ladies' night where the cover is either reduced or waived!${BestWay} Believe it or not, the subway is fairly crowded late at night, and a few times, I wasn't even able to sit down when I took the train home at 4 am!! I usually feel pretty comfortable taking public transportation home alone late at night, but it depends on which subway I'm taking and how familiar I am with the station and area.

The subway and public buses are not as frequent during the wee hours though, so taxis are the quickest and most convenient way to get home although much more expensive. If you can, share a cab with someone going in your direction!

Rivertown Lounge

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by xine on April 6, 2001

Rivertown Lounge is one of my favorite places to hang out. The first time I went here was for a co-worker's going away party. We liked it so much, we had future send-offs here as well.

Rivertown is quite spacious so it's a nice place for groups, especially if you go early and stake out a couple of those comfy red velvet couches. For those who are fidgety, there's a pool table in the back room to keep you busy. Drinks are inexpensive, but Happy Hour (from 4-8pm every day) is a steal-- 2 mixed drinks cost only $5! Great place to start off the evening and get drunk on the cheap.

Despite the trendy decor, the atmosphere is laid back. The crowd is mixed, but you'll see your share of young professionals, girls in black, and tube tops. Friday nights tend to be preppier and yuppier than Saturdays since the uptowners figure they're already downtown and make it their big night out on the Lower East Side.

The bouncer there is great! He's a large, 50ish guy with salt and pepper hair who acts in "B" movies and has a black belt. No messing with him!

Rivertown Lounge
187 Orchard St.
New York, New York


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by xine on April 6, 2001

For those of you who have finally outgrown fraternity parties and are looking for a more upscale place to dance the night away, Nell's is a good bet. The decor is beautiful and elegant. Wood-paneled walls and floor, large gilded mirrors, velvet curtains and glass chandeliers make you feel like you are in the home of the rich and famous. This is a two-tiered club with live music and dancing upstairs and a DJ and more dancing downstairs. Give your feet a break and recline one of the comfortable, upholstered sofas.

There is a different theme every night of the week at Nell's. I went on Wednesday night which was Cuban/Soul night when they played great Latin music all night long. On this night, the crowd tended to be thirtysomethings and older, with lots of Latinos strutting their stuff on the dance floor. Lots of amazing dancers at that, but for those who want to polish your moves before hitting the dance floor, you can practice in the "parlour" room downstairs. Everyone will be so busy either salsaing or watching those salsaing that they won't even notice!

If you're looking for a great night of dancing, but don't want to be sandwiched between 50 other sweaty bodies, you may want to check out Nell's! It's spacious so there's more room to move and less chance of cramping your style! Although Nell's is not in the height of its glory days, it's still very consistent and you're bound to have a good time. The crowd changes depending on the theme of the night, but Nell's tends to attract older (meaning those not straight out of college) and more sophisticated clientele.

You can get reduced discount passes from their website that are good for admission before 10pm.

246 West 14th St
New York, New York, 10011
+1 212 675 1567

Ludlow Bar

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by xine on April 6, 2001

One of my best night's of dancing was at Ludlow Bar. The music is great and the crowd is mixed (more frat than glam), but everyone there has a common love for dancing. Guys aren't shy about asking girls to dance so a fun time is had by all. The night we were there, a group of professional male hip-hop dancers happened to be there, and taught us some new moves.

Lately this appears to be the place where Upper West Side meets Lower East Side, and the crowd tends to be rather preppy and yuppy, particularly on Friday nights with the after-work crowd. The place reminded me of a fraternity basement so if you're looking to relive college social life, then you may enjoy this place. Otherwise, hit one of the many bars in this vicinity.

For non-dancers, there's a pool table in back and a bar with a good selection of beer. The dancing doesn't pick up until later in the evening so go early if dancing isn't your thing.

It can get pretty crowded so claustophobics beware!

Ludlow Bar
165 Ludlow
New York, New York, 10002
(212) 353-0536


Member Rating 3 out of 5 by xine on April 6, 2001

Venue is great if you're looking for dancing, drinking and lounging. There is no cover so if you decide it's not your scene (after all, this IS the Upper West Side), you can leave without beating yourself up.

After passing the coat check ($2 per item), you'll hit the bar and some couches. In the back room, there's a great area where you can lounge on these velvet pillow things. Kick off your shoes, stretch out and even take a little nap, or if you're one of those affectionate couples, cuddle up with your honey and go at it. (Actually, I'm just kidding about that last part. Please don't make out in public! It's disgusting for those of us who have to witness it, but it seems to happen a lot in that back room.)

Downstairs is the dance area which opens at 11pm. The dance floor is small and the music is mixed. When I first started going to Venue 3 years ago, the music was great and I danced 'til the place shut down, but lately, I haven't been so impressed with the DJ-ing. For those of you who don't want to dance, there are a few velvety couches down there for you to sit on and you can stare at the many lava lamps that decorate the place if no one on the dance floor catches your fancy. There's also a small bar downstairs so that you can keep your blood alcohol level at its maximum!

The crowd has changed over the years. It used to be preppier and a spot for Columbia parties, but, these days, it attracts a good mix of people.

505 Columbus Ave.
New York, New York

La Linea

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by xine on April 6, 2001

If you're planning on starting your drinking festivities mid-afternoon, La Lineais the place for you! Happy Hour is from 3pm-9pm every day, with beer and wine costing $2.50 and $1 off other drinks. No need to dress up to come here-- you'll see plaid shirts and jeans, tight black pants and halter tops, mini-skirts and knee-high boots as well as leather.

I like to come here on weekdays with my friends for Happy Hour. Two amaretto sours and one Coke set us back only $8. Not bad for Manhattan! The couches are comfy-- white faux leather, lighting is dark, and music is good. In the back room, the DJ plays anything from hip-hop to funk to reggae. The atmosphere is very relaxed and there's no sense of pretentiousness among the patrons. It's a bit on the divey side but a great place to chill out after work and have a few good laughs with friends. Another bonus is its prime location. After you liquor up here during Happy Hour, make your way over to the numerous bars and clubs in the East Village/Lower East Side.

15 1st Ave.
New York, New York, 10003
(212) 777-1571

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