The Big Easy

A visit to New Orleans post Hurricane of Doom.

Poncho's Mexican Buffet

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by IGoUgoCanGoTOHELL on August 13, 2006

After the Hurricane went through, the Metairie Area of New Orleans had a good bit of standing water, which lead to many of my favorite places being closed. But Poncho's will be coming back, or may already be open by now. Pre-flood, the food was just awesome, me and my friends and family would eat for a few hours, and keep raising the flag for free refills of food. And then top it off with some honey drenched Sophias. The atmosphere was just perfect for hanging out with friends, and enjoying some awesome Tex-Mex, and all the Honey you can drink.
Poncho's Mexican Buffet
3780 Veterans Memorial Blvd
Metairie, Louisiana, 70002
(504) 885-2432

Audobon Park and Zoo

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by IGoUgoCanGoTOHELL on August 13, 2006

In the past the Zoo in New Orleans took a bit of a back seat to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. While the FQ and BS are great for adults, not so hot for kids. Or rather I wouldn't want my children running around in that land of debauchery. The only downside to the zoo, is that you cant spend enough time there to see and explore everything. The Zoo plus the Aquarium of the Americas equals some of the most fun and educational fun you can have in New Orleans without having to deal with drunk people. Hopefully Both the Zoo and Aquarium get back to their former greatness, and even improve upon what they used to have.
Audubon Zoo
6500 Magazine Street
New Orleans, 70118
(504) 581-4629

Aquarium of the Americas

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by IGoUgoCanGoTOHELL on August 13, 2006

Easily the highlight of all the times I've been to the Aquarium has been when you get to rub on a shark. Now rubbing on sharks is easily one of the most fun things you can do while in New Orleans. Just don't push down too hard, they'll get mad, and attempt to eat you. The rates to get in are very far, and you get to spend hours seeing creatures of the deep. Very fun, and the best part is while your having fun your learning. Lets just all hope that it get backs to its former glory and even gets better.
Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
1 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130
(800) 774-7394

The New Orleans Hornets

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by IGoUgoCanGoTOHELL on August 13, 2006

Even the worst Storm in US history could stop the Sensational Rookie of the Year, Chris Paul. After having to play most of the season in OK City, the Hornets were able to play a half dozen games in the great state of Louisiana. After the Flood of the city, the New Orleans Arena became full of Mud and other disgusting stuff. But they've since got it cleaned up, and should be ready for full time duty in the 07-08 Season. If you get a chance see a Game at the NO, its honestly one of the best environments for a Basketball game. The Hornets are relatively new, but are very much loved. Go Spurs Go.

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