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Trinity Brewhouse

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by alighieri3 on July 12, 2006

This bar is attached to Trinity Playhouse, one of Providence's finest theaters. Perhaps taking a cue from its neighbor, it is filled with arts, from the artsy people who patronize the brewhouse to the hand-pained signs that advertise their rotating beer selection.

The house-brewed beer is great, and the selection ranges from light ales to hearty stouts. I especially recommend the Rhode Island IPA. The food is a bit more than your standard pub fare. After all, this is the Ocean State, so their menu features several seafood dishes: fish n chips, a fried fish sandwich, and sea bass. I highly recommend the sweet potato fries!

Upstairs is your typical pub scene, laid-back and comfortable. Downstairs, though, there is often live music. The music wafts upstairs, making it difficult to have a quiet conversation. If you're looking to hook up with your friends for a fun night out, rather than an intimate evening, it's best to head down the stairs where you can play pool or darts. There is no table service downstairs, but you can still order from the full menu.

I love this place, and try to swing by every time I'm in RI.

Trinity Brewhouse
186 Fountain St.
Providence, Rhode Island, 02903
(401) 453-2337


Member Rating 5 out of 5 by alighieri3 on July 12, 2006

The smells of Kabob n Curry waft by you as you walk down Providence's famous Thayer Street, with its trendy/alternative shops and cafes. It has always been that warm and wonderful smell that draws me in to Kabob n Curry.

The sense of comfort and warmth that I associate with Kabob n Curry's food (creamy, hot dishes - perfect to warm yourself on a winter night, or any night really) is matched by the restaurant's interior. The dining room is on the small side, and the restaurant is frequently filled with patrons, but it never feels crowded, only cozy and intimate.

The food comes to the table quickly, at the hands of a very efficient wait staff. The lunch prices cannot be beat (under $6 for vegetarian lunch entrees) and you can substitute naan for rice - naan always wins in my book! For vegetarians such as myself, there are a wide variety of entrees. I prefer the navrattan curry, but all of the dishes I've tried have been delicious.

The dinner servings are large enough for you to bring home leftovers. Although I always end up bringing food home when I visit for dinner, reheating it and eating it in my own kitchen just doesn't have the same feel as eating it in the cozy, sunlit setting of Kabob n Curry's dining room.

261 Thayer St.
Providence, Rhode Island, 02906
(401) 273-8844


Member Rating 5 out of 5 by alighieri3 on July 12, 2006

Waterfire is an experience. It is difficult to describe. It sounds far too simplistic to say that every few weeks, all along the river in downtown Providence, torches are lit, music is played, roses are sold, and gondola rides are offered. It sounds like a cheesy attempt to reconnect with Providence's Italian heritage. It isn't.

Instead, it is one of the most romantic, breathtaking events one could imagine. At your own pace, you stroll with a loved one along city sidewalks and streets closed to traffic, under antique bridges, over cobblestone walkways. You listen to masterfully selected pieces of music, mostly instrumental, played from dozens of speakers hidden along the winding river. It puts you in a serene mood, a light, happy mood. You can't help but smile at the vendors selling roses along the path. There are places where you can take a picnic basket and hop onto a gondola for a closer view of the torches. The sun has set, yet you are not cold, warmed by the flames that are frequently stoked by volunteers (dressed in black, so as to not call attention to themselves) who sail by and rekindle the flames often. You stop at a bench, hold hands, and enjoy...

At least, this has been my experience every time I have attended Waterfire. Simply not to be missed!

101 Regent Avenue
Providence, Rhode Island, 02908
(401) 272-3111

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