Mirassol- King of Coffee-Queen of Oranges

This major metropolis is situated just outside of my hometown, Sao Jose do Rio Preto. It is considered the largest commerical center of coffee in Brazil, as Rio Preto is its city for Oranges.

Mirassol- King of Coffee-Queen of Oranges

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Mirassol, located in the interior of the State of Sao Paulo, is very diverse in its commerce.

It excels in coffee, citrus products,among many other aspects as well.

It is a favorite for chacaras (summer vacation homes) too.${QuickSuggestions} It is a good side trip while visiting Sao Jose do Rio Preto,and accessable by way of the Washington Luiz Highway between the two cities.

The weather is wonderful year round, but with their share of 100-120 degree summer days. Although, less humid than most other areas of Brazil. ${BestWay} By all means consider a car or public bus for your travels.

Assi Palace Hotel

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The Assi Palace hotel is very comfortable with its nice sized air conditioned rooms and its proximity to the center of Mirassol. It is situated among many commerce establishments, banks, shops and post office. The rooms have internet hookup, telephone, fax and frigobar as well as color televisions and videos.
Assi Palace Hotel
Rua Rui Barbosa, 2117
Mirassol, Brazil
(017) 242-1821

Doces Covizzi

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This place is called Doces Covizzi. They have been known for decades for making fine sweets. My favorite is sweets made of peanut butter. You willfind a very extensive operation here, as they manufacture sweets in large quantities. Be sure to take your sweet tooth.
Doces Covizzi
Rua Benjamin Constant
Mirassol, Brazil

Gruta Park

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Gruta is a location close to the center of town which is part of the Mata Atlantica Reserve. The park was once a very attractive weekend outings location, but with passage of time, it has been a restoration political problem.

It has always seemed that area politicans many years ago had promised restoration of the park before elections and promises never materialized later.

In the past, it was once a very popular location for relaxation, with swimming pools and a small restuarant. Presently, the Gruta reserve presents a bigger problem than before.

Several years ago, a few monkeys were brought to the reserve. In time, with the presence of no predators to them, their population grew even larger. Today, there are about 30-40 monkeys there, and one of the only predators of monkeys in the normal sense of the food chain appears to be jaguars. I can not confirm if jaguars were brought in to control the food chain. If so, possibly this comes from the occurence in today's news of an attack from a jaguar. Not sure though.

The problem remains that the area where the monkeys reside in Gruta is too small, since their population has grown unrestricted and they have formed groups between themselves. The scarity of food may be an issue,since the Gruta is merely too close to the center of town. The thoughts in town are that the monkeys leaving in search of food, heading towards town, may attack small children. So, until this issue is solved, I do not suggest you visiting the Gruta reserve, consider safety always first, and enjoy your trip.

Gruta Park
Just outside from the center of town
Mirassol, Brazil

A Dog Named Freud - A Family's Best Friend-Noticias Populares News

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Got the morning news for this Sunday for Mirassol. It was published by Noticicas Populares News. It is a very strange occurence, so unique that felt fellow travelers would be amazed. Logically, you need not rate this since it doesn't truly relate to travel,other than warns you to watch where you are while in Mirassol for only the present time.

Here is the breaking news for this morning:
A street dog not owned by anyone, called Freud came to the rescue of a family in Mirassol, whom was cornered this morning. The attacker was none other than a onca pintado (jaguar), which is not native to this part of the state. The jaguar was discovered as it was following a 5 year old boy home to his farm. Upon entering the farm, the mother of the boy was permitted to enter her home unharmed with her young son, when Freud, the unowned dog came to their protection. Freud commenced a brutal fight with the jaguar,and unfortunatly did not survive the attacks on his neck by the jaguar. The mother and their son were unharmed. Freud had survived the attacks long enough to allow the jaguar to be run off the farm. Since the attack, the Forestal Police and Federal Firefighters are attempting to locate the jaguar in the area of Barra Grande water reserve in Mirassol. The jaguar is blamed for the deaths of one other dog and eight cattle. The news article was published by Noticias Populares. Occurrences as such are extremely rare, but can happen anyway. Just thought I would share this news article with my friends. For those not familiar with a jaguar, here is a picture of one from the article. I'm sure the jaguar will be caught very soon and taken to Gruta, which is a federal park reserve just outside from the center of town or somewhere else.

Some Thoughts for the Tourist Shopper

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When i was married about 17 years ago, our family traveled to Mirassol to purchase furnitures manufactured by hand of the highest qualities around.

Mirassol has been known for their craftsmen for many years. Among our favorites has been Casa Verde Ltda and Moveis Santo Antonio de Padua Ltda.

When traveling to Mirassol, there is a unique possibility for the tourist to "export" some of the very beautiful crafts made in Mirassol. You could arrange for a freighter departing from Santos, along the coast of Sao Paulo. You can place your purchase in a shipping container departing to your nearest home port of call.

Santos is a very large port and the busiest one in Latin America. Consider these thoughts, for as you tour the interior of Sao Paulo state, you shall begin to view many different manufacturing plants which provide their skills for export already.

Most manufacturing companies located in the interior of Sao Paulo in effect would retail the product to yourself, therefore eliminating the middle man in the transaction.

Consider the options of smart buying even when simply for yourself. In Mirassol, the two furniture manufactures whom have always make skilled crafts can be located at these addresses when you get in town.

Casa Verde Ltda.
Rua Ernani da Gama Correa,3500

Moveis Santo Antonio de Padua Ltda.
Rua 2,115
Distrito Industrial
telephone (017)242-4804

You shall see many crafts such as handmade carved doors, dressers, and even wall units which will excite you. Good luck and happy shopping. Prices are good.


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