No Problem in Negril, Mon

This was a Spring Break trip, but we managed to avoid the Spring Break crowd at times (even though we had fun going to Spring Break parties too). Jamaica was a very laid back place and the people were really friendly.

No Problem in Negril, Mon

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by Aya on March 28, 2006

The highlight of my stay in Jamaica was probably the road trip to the Black River. We met a local guy at Rick's Cafe who took us to a lot of places, and he was the one who drove us to St. Elizabeth. The drive there was nice because the scenery was beautiful. On our way back, we stopped over at Lover's Leap and Pelican Bar; the sunset and starlit sky were both amazing.${QuickSuggestions} Apparently it isn't very safe to walk on the beach at night. I actually didn't do it so I don't know if that's true. If you are a group of just girls, be prepared to be harassed everywhere you go, especially at night. But don't be rude to everyone—some people mean well and it's nice to talk to some of them. A lot of people in Negril seem to be very open about love and sexuality.${BestWay} In Negril, it's possible to walk to a lot of places. But if you want to get from somewhere along the 7 mile beach to the West End (which is where the cliffs are), you should take a cab. Just negotiate a price before you get on. We paid about 300 Jamaican dollars (for 2-3 people) for a ride to the West End from where we were staying.

White Sands

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Aya on March 28, 2006

See White Sands is a very basic but adequate guesthouse, especially if you don't intend on staying in your room for long. I stayed in a standard room for a couple of nights; we had a fairly spacious room with A/C. The shower pressure wasn't that great, but other than that, it was a nice room. It wasn't right by the beach, but all we had to do was walk across the road. The beach-side rooms tend to be a little noisier because of the music and people on the beach. I stayed at the one-bedroom apartment right by the beach for a few nights and really liked it. There are three single beds in the living room and one queen-size bed in the room. There is one kitchen and bathroom. The water pressure in this shower was a lot better. The room was a bit dark, but that was the only problem we had with it. The people who work there are laid-back and helpful. You can book a round-trip shuttle from the Montego Bay airport to the hotel through them. They left a note the night before to remind us of the check out time as well as shuttle time, which I thought was very helpful. The food at the restaurant is good and the drinks are cheaper than a lot of places in Negril. They were out of callaloo (green vegetable) when we ordered it, so they actually sent someone to buy it for us! The Seven Mile Beach is beautiful, and they have plenty of beach chairs on their property.
White Sands Negril
Norman Manley Blvd, PO Box 60
Negril, Jamaica
(876) 957-4291

Three Dives

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Aya on March 28, 2006

We waited more than an hour for our food, but we didn't care in the end because it was so good! We all ordered jerk chicken (you can choose to have half or a quarter of a chicken), but they also had lobster and curried goat, chicken, fish, etc. The jerk chicken was so tender and it was by far the best one I had in Jamaica. It was so flavorful and the spices were blended right into the chicken meat. I ordered a quarter, and it came with callaloo and rice and peas (beans). And the toilet was surprisingly clean...

There was a bonfire by the cliff, which definitely made it a romantic setting. The place itself looks quite shabby, but I didn't find it dirty or anything. A lot of people were eating there, and no one seemed to mind the wait.

3 Dives
Norman Maney Boulevard
Negril, Jamaica

Cosmo's Seafood Restaurant and Bar

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Aya on March 28, 2006

We went to eat here after a local guy recommended it. There seemed to be a good mix of locals and tourists. You can sit on a table, on the beach, by the bar, or in the Polynesian looking hut. The service was fast and the waiters were generally friendly.They had the usual conch dishes (like conch fritter, conch soup, curried conch), lobster, fish (snapper and cod), and of course, jerked chicken, and curried goat. We ordered fish sticks and stuffed crab backs for our appetizer, and they were both good. The sauce that came with the fish sticks was especially good (full of spices).For the main course, I ordered jerk chicken. It was good (but not as good as the one at Three Dives) and it came with extra sauce on the side. You can choose what side dish to have my friend ordered bammi (I think it's a deep fried mashed root vegetable), and it was SO good—I loved the texture because it was glutinous.We didn't have space in our stomachs for dessert but their coconut cake looked good. We ordered blue mountain coffee and I was surprised at how smooth and fragrant it was.
Cosmo's Seafood Restaurant & Bar
Norman Manley Blvd
Negril, Westmoreland
+1 876 957 4330; +1

Black River

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Aya on March 28, 2006

There were five of us, and we got a boat all to ourselves. Other boats were full (maybe around 30 people), but that might be because they were a tour group.The river guide will tell you a lot about the crocodiles and mangroves. The river looks black, but the water is really clear and you can even drink it! I tried and it tasted fine. The crocodiles are territorial animals so they are usually spotted at the same places most of the time. We saw four crocodiles in total. They are really calm and laid back—not aggressive at all. We even threw some chicken into the water and they just slowly came to eat it instead of snapping away.The mangroves are beautiful and some are very old. The boat ride was so relaxing. We were told that we could swim at one point, but none of us wanted to.The boar ride isn't that long considering how far away St. Elizabeth Parish is from Negril (Parish of Westmoreland) but it was definitely worth the trip. You can go do other stuff while you're in the area.
Black River Safari Ride
Near Negril
Negril, Jamaica

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