On The Sea

When I think of the sea and beach, I think of sand. Brighton is sans-sand, or anti-sand. The beach is composed of smooth, large pebbles and rocks. However, this town takes you back to the days of the turn-of-the-century with modern commodities.

On The Sea

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by Glamazon22 on January 2, 2006

One of the most memorable things was that I got to spend the day with Isha and get to know her better without the rest of the "gang" there.

Another one of the most memorable, yet funny things that happened was that there was a sea gull with a broken wing on the beach. After finding no sympathy for it, being that gulls are mean and nasty buggers, soon after, a cocker spaniel with his owner appeared, and as soon as the owner let him off the leash, the cocker took off in pursuit of the sea gull. Running at high speed, the sea gull saw him and tried away and over the beach ledge. All of a sudden, you see this dog run and leap over the ledge and out of sight to get the bird! ${QuickSuggestions} I was with a tour group with my friends, but here I found these options on how to get to Brighton from London:

National Express coaches run services from London and other major towns and cities around the UK. For more information call National Express on +44 0990 808080. Rail services to and from London Victoria are fast and frequent with Southern's 49-minute service. Thameslink trains also connect Brighton to London King's Cross and Bedford, and there are direct Intercity trains to Birmingham, Manchester, Scotland, and Wales. You can check the train times at www.trainline.co.uk. ${BestWay} Walking is the best way to get around here in Brighton. The town is small enough, plus there are lots of small side streets with shops that you get in lost in for days. It is also impossible to get lost as long as you know where the English Channel is; then you should be okay!

Brighton Pier

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It's a bit creepy to see an amusement park atop a pier. Knowing that roller coasters are so heavy and that the pier can only hold so much, I never really got over my fear, but nevertheless, Isha and I had fun riding some rides and gambling our money away on the slot machines they had.
Brighton Pier
Madeira Drive.
Brighton, England
+44 (1273) 609361

The Royal Pavilion

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Glamazon22 on January 2, 2006

Since the prince regent (later King George IV) first visited Brighton in 1783, his fantastic seaside palace, the Royal Pavilion, with its Indian domes and minarets and its Chinese style interior, has become a landmark not to be missed (it's impossible to miss!). And, thanks to his influence, some of the finest examples of Regency architecture in England can be seen in Brighton.

For a second, I felt like was in Morocco, but I was just in Brighton! With little time to go inside, I was able to just take pictures of the outside, but the tour guide was very informative and I enjoyed looking at it all the same.

It's hard to miss the Royal Pavilion. Basically, if you are walking towards the Channel to the pier, you will pass it!
Royal Pavilion and Museums
Pavilion Gardens
Brighton, England, BN1 1EE
+44 (1273) 290900


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