OBX (Nags Head)

A family-oriented but fun destination, the Outer Banks, North Carolina, is several different smaller cities formed from a collection of outer islands along the North Carolina coast to form the Outer Banks.

Our Tern

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Glamazon22 on January 2, 2006

Renting a house isn't cheap, but when you go with 20 of your closest friends and relatives, it becomes extremely reasonable. For $300 for the entire week, from Saturday to Saturday, we got to enjoy a house of our own.

There were three bedrooms with a shared bathroom, a pool table, and wet bar on the ground floor. On the second floor there were five additional bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. On the top floor was the fully equipped kitchen with two full-size dining tables and center island and entertainment/game room with two huge seating areas with two big-screen TVs and DVD players. Two hot tubs, in-ground pool, and loads of deck space are among the many amenities this house came with.

The only downsides were extremely thin walls and doors, so you lack privacy. As a 23-year-old, I was stuck with bunch of 50-year-olds and older or 15-year-olds and younger, so between the card playing and children screaming, I could barely find peace and quiet when I wanted it.

However, renting your own house with a bunch of people is priceless in memories and therefore worth it you choose to spend a week or more in the Outer Banks.
Our Tern
907 Lighthouse Drive
Nags Head, North Carolina

Carolina Seafood

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Glamazon22 on January 2, 2006

"Buffet" and "all-you-can-eat" sound like bargains in the heart of seafood country; however, this restaurant has less-than-to-die-for cuisine.

Not only were the crab legs overcooked and extremely salty, but the overall cleaniness of this restaurant was borderline nuclear toxic waste. Huge, overused dollar-tree plastic bowls were the choice for discarded shells, and most of the food was fried, overcooked, or tasteless. McDonalds would have been a better choice of restaurant than this place.

The tables are too close to each other and make it hard to get out of your seat to get to the buffet line in the back of the establishment. The staff was unfriendly and rude, and the only exception was our waitress, who was nice, but the rest--especially the hostess--made a big deal about the mis-count of people we had. We counted 18 or 19, and the actual number was 21, most of which were children. We even told her that we were perfectly fine with being split up--we did not care if we were together, and the only thing that mattered was that people who were paying for certain people had to be together--however, the hostess was hostile and rude and made the beginning of my experience start off in the negative range, which only went down further.
Carolina Seafood
Corolla / Duck, North Carolina
Duck, North Carolina

Jockey's Ridge State Park, Sand Dunes

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Glamazon22 on December 31, 2005

The Sand Dunes are the tallest active dunes on the entire East Coast, measuring 90 feet high and over a mile long. The sand is almost pure white and is extremely fine and perfect for walking barefoot. Sand being a natural exfoliant, and being the girlie girl that I am, I was excited to run around in the sand for an hour; however, the sand dunes are a natural phemon as well as a fun activity for everyone in the family. Children can fly kites, older kids and teens can learn how to sand surf, and people of all ages can learn how to hang glide. The winds that blow off the Atlantic Ocean provide enough strong winds to allow one to fly the most high tech of kites and hang glide. The park and dunes are, of course, free. We all went to a dollar store and purchased cheap kites because we only go once a year, and what is the point of having an expensive kite? Here is the official website: http://ils.unc.edu/parkproject/visit/jori/home.html. The site provides all you need to know about visiting one of the great things about the Outer Banks.
Jockey's Ridge State Park
Milepost 12, Hwy 158 Bypass
Nags Head, North Carolina, 27959
(252) 441-7152

Ocean Atlantic Rentals

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Glamazon22 on January 2, 2006

For $35, you can rent a bike for an entire week. One of the best ways to get around OBX is by bicycle, as there are plenty of sidewalks and piers to ride along and not a lot of parking sometimes. Be careful, however; being that most things are spread out, most people get around by car, and traffic, especially for the youngsters, can be dangerous. Stay on the back roads along the beach, and always pedal with your kids! Along with bikes, you can rent baby items such as cribs and baby joggers, beach chairs and umbrellas, kayaks, surfboards, grills, and event tents. If you prebook online, you can save 10%.
Ocean Atlantic Rentals
40809 NC Highway 12
Nags Head, North Carolina, 27959
(252) 995-5868


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