Ideas about Kyrgyzstan: DON'T GO!

Don’t go to Kyrgyzstan.

Ideas about Kyrgyzstan: DON'T GO!

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by LambX on September 7, 2005

Okay, okay, you’re saying, "What the heck? Why does he say that?" The only tourism Kyrgyzstan has from the West is the mail-order bride scam that they have to get single men over there, and then they give the shove-ho to these poor guys when they get back. It’s a scam.

Then I guess there are the rock climbers. Let’s see, what happened to the last Western rock climbers with any substance who went there? They got kidnapped. Sorry, it’s the truth. Kyrgyzstan is not good—in general "fun" traveler terms, that is.

If you’re a single guy thinking of going there to meet a woman, you would be so much better off going to Amsterdam. Oh, the vibes really are low there.

The only good thing you will get out of the trip is being able to give handouts to handicap children. ${QuickSuggestions} They don't like people from the West, trust me. But they do a good job of pretending. Anyway, if you are one of those really rich people who say, "Let’s go for the adventure thing," or, "Let’s change the world," thing, I would highly advise going to rural Montana or the backwoods of West Virginia before going to Kyrgyzstan. Then, if you are one of those missionary types on a crusade to save people, well, make sure you have G. Soros backing you.${BestWay}

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