Restaurants and hotels of St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a treasure trove of exquisite and romantic places to dine. The food is great, the service impeccable, and the prices very competitive with other major cities in Europe. Hotels, once scarce, abound. They are world-class, and here are the best.

Restaurants and hotels of St. Petersburg, Russia

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In summer, visit world-class art museums and take canal tours during white nights. Go to the Peter and Paul Fortress, and after seeing the entire island, get into an MI8 Russian helicopter and fly over the city for spectacular photo opportunities! Depending on your age, do some nighttime pub crawling for some really wild experiences. Take a serious look at the unique architecture of St. Petersburg while shopping for great deals in amber and Russian lacquer boxes. Go to a Russian banyan and experience the once-in-a-lifetime sensation when birch tree branches are used to flog your back. Listen to the world-class philharmonic and attend a ballet performance at the Mariinski and Hermitage Theaters. Enjoy some of the finest cooking in the world. We did it all! I can’t wait to get back this winter, when I will bundle up and ride a troika on the grounds of Pavlovsky and Tsarskeyo Selo! ${QuickSuggestions} Keep your money in more than one place. Ask the hotel to maintain your passport and visa. Ride the metro, except during the peak hours from 8 to 10am and from 4:30 to 7:30pm hours. Call for a cab in advance and they will be four times cheaper. Don’t exchange money at your hotel’s bank, as it is too expensive--use any bank on the street. Read the exchange rate before making the transaction. Eat in a café from time to time to save money and enjoy a Russian experience${BestWay} Walking is best and will make you feel right at home. Be careful, as drivers are not necessarily pedestrian friendly. Be aware that the trams stick way out on the turns, and avoid getting hit by the rear of the cars. Use cabs you have prearranged from your rooms and do not let the driver stop for any reason--such as to buy cigarettes. Trolley buses are very inexpensive, but be careful of pickpockets when they are overcrowded. Stay away from gypsy beggars in the streets. They are dangerous and are quite capable of stealing anything they can take.

Corinthia Nevskij Palace

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by marcopolo on August 25, 2005

I have stayed in many hotels in St. Petersburg and count the best ones as good as any in America or Western Europe. The Nevsky Palace on Nevsky Prospect is one of my favorite five-star hotels. It is located in a great part of the city, and the staff could work in the best of American hotels. The various restaurants in the hotel boast world-class chefs, and the business center is well appointed and open a large part of every day.

The rooms are spotless and boast large, comfortable bathrooms with all of the necessary amenities. The beds are large and firm, and you may request fresh linens every day if that is your desire. The television offers cable news, Leno and Conan O’Brien at night, and all the current movies on various pay channels.

The buffet breakfast consists of more items than I can list. Suffice it to say, the on-site chef will make you an omelet to order and you can choose from a standard American breakfast or revel in fresh salmon. There are over a dozen choices of various meats and sausages, cereals, a dozen choices of fresh pastries, and a myriad of beverages that you can enjoy.

The hotel is absolutely dependable about getting you to the airport or train station on time, and the transfer fee is cheaper than hiring a cab for that purpose. There is a fully qualified medical doctor on call at all times, and the one time we called on him, he proved to more than up to the task.

I remember that last October, we ordered in the upstairs dining room, the Lands Krona, and the food was a little slow in coming. We were in danger of missing the train to Moscow, and the chef provided the meal in a picnic basket for six people free of charge. That level of service is not standard for all of Russia, and it is quite easy to get spoiled at the Nevsky Palace.

The hotel offers a full range of guest services to include a spa, an exercise room, a range of massage services, any type of excursion in and around St. Petersburg, and translators upon request.

Corinthia Nevskij Palace
Nevsky Prospect, 57
St. Petersburg, Russia, 191025
(7) (812) 380-2001

The Bargation

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After 6 years of school in St. Petersburg and over 140 visits, I am finally getting around to writing about my favorite Georgian restaurant! The Bargration is a great place to eat. Its interior is clean and cozy. In the winter, sit by the open-flame oven and enjoy the cozy flames licking at the dish of the night. In the summer, sit opposite the front door in the cozy corner and enjoy watching the well appointed of St. Petersburg come and go. The dishes are authentic, and if you are not familiar with Georgian food, you are in for a very special treat.

No matter what you order, start out with the fabulous Adjarien Khachapuri. It is the best bread I have ever tasted. It is Georgian bread made with cheese and eggs and is not for those on the Atkins diet.

For a main course, I recommend the Bargration. This specialty of the house is veal brisket, baked potatoes, tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms, and additional large mushrooms stuffed with cheese.

Desserts range from fancy fruits to ice cream, and either is a good choice.

If you want to eat a little lighter, there are a myriad of dishes from which to choose. There are over 30 cold appetizers and an equal number of hot appetizers to choose from. There are 20 main dishes, and lamb is certainly a good choice in any form. Pastries are available, and if one is in the mood for fish, you can choose from salmon, trout, or sturgeon.

The wine list is extensive, and a superior bottle of Georgian wine can be had for around $20.

A couple can experience an exceptional fine-dining experience for less than $75 for a full-blown four-course meal, plus a full bottle of wine. For cigar aficionados, you can select from an impressive list of genuine Cubans.

5 Liteiny Prospect
St. Petersburg, Russia
+7 272-7488

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