Buenos Aires, the European Latin America

Argentina is one of the most beautiful countries in South America, and its capital, Buenos Aires, is a unique city where you will find many things to do at a great price. This journal includes pictures, places to visit, and tips of how to use your time effectively.

Buenos Aires, the European Latin America

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Plaza de Mayo:
This plaza is very important to political and social events in Argentina's history.

You can go every Thursday at 3:30pm, and a group of women called the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo(May-Plaza Mothers) walk around the plaza, protesting about the deaths that occurred in the war.

Some other buildings are in Plaza de Mayo like the Casa Rosada and the Metropolitan Cathedral. While you are at the Plaza de Mayo, you can buy corn and feed the pigeons all over the place.

Casa Rosada:
Casa Rosada is the official presidential house and government offices. There is a balcony on the building where the country's leaders speak to the people and its where Evita Peron use to speak to the Argentineans.

Catedral Metropolitana:
Metropolitan Cathedral a nice but not impressibe building, but it holds a lot of history, which is interesting for people who want to know more about the country. If you are interested, get in!

The Congress Building:
El Congresso is quite impressive. Finished in 1906 in an Italian academic style with some classical touches, the building is a four-storied rectangle and has two pavilions, one on each side. In front of the Congreso Congress building is another beautiful park. The park features the sculpture "Le Penseur" by August Rodin, along with a fountain sculpture "Monument of the two Congresses", an allegory that represents the Andes Mountains with the main rivers of the plains: Parana, Uruguay, and Rio de La Plata flowing into a large pool below.

El Obelisco:
The Obelisk is a memorial monument that has historical facts related to the Argentine history engraved on each of its four faces. its located on Av. 9 de Julio, which is a HUGE avenue.

Recently, it has become a tradition for the Obelisco to be the place where most demonstrations in Buenos Aires start and eventually going to Casa Rosada.

Bombonera Stadium:
Located in the Boca neighborhood its one of the most famous stadiums in South America among with the Maracana in Brasil.

Monumental Tower:
This tower is located in the center of the Plaza Aeron√°utica Argentina. It was built by British residents in commemoration of the centennial of the Revolution of May. The tower changed its name from "Torre de los Ingleses" (The British Tower) to "Torre Monumental" (Monumental Tower) but people still refer to it as the British Tower.${QuickSuggestions} As any big city , try to be careful while you are in this big city , Argentina is going through a difficult moment for their economy so try to be aware as in any big city and do not try to announce everybody you are a tourist in the streets.

Use your student card if you have one, and never exchange currency in the streets. You can get discount coupons at the tourist information centers, and try to book your hotel or hostel near downtown. You must go to see people dancing tango--you can do this at Caminito.${BestWay} Buenos Aires is really cheap to travel around, so once there, it's not expensive to travel by taxi, but make sure it's a legal taxi. You can also take the bus, rent a car for 100 pesos per day, or 40 dollars (gas is expensive there), but the best option if you don't have much time is to book a sightseeing tour.

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