Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags over Georgia is a great amusement park to escape to in the heart of Atlanta.

Six Flags Over Georgia

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Kataries on July 15, 2005

Six Flags over Georgia has become a large amusement park, and you actually need 2 days to do everything there. It is worth the price to get in the gate. Parking will get ya another $7 or $8. You can find coupons either on Coke cans or in Ingles supermarkets. If you live near the area, go for a season pass. For about the price of one trip, you can have fun all season long.

The park is divided into different sections, each with their own theme. One of the top rides is Superman, which you ride facing the ground, as if you were actually flying. The Great American Scream Machine is their classic wooden roller coaster and something you must ride. As one of the parks oldest rides, it remains one of the parks greatest thrills. The Great Gasp is a parachute ride that takes you up above the park and then drops you down slowly to the ground. This is a good alternative if you do not like the faster drop rides, as this is tamer. Now, if you like to be taken up and dropped to the ground with no mercy whatsoever, you need to head for the classic Freefall and the newer Acrophobia. If those don't do it for ya, skydiving should be your next hobby. The other coasters are The Mind Bender, with has two loops; the Georgia Scorcher, a standing-up roller coaster (get in the front for the ultimate ride); Batman the Ride, which is floorless, with your feet dangling beneath you; The Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags’ second wooden roller coaster, The Ninja, a metal, twisting, multi-looping, head-banging coaster; and Déjà vu, the coaster that shoots you out like a rocket - then you do the same track backwards.

Thunder River is still one of my favorite rides at the park. You load onto an eight-person round raft and go for a wild water ride down a river. It is great, and you WILL get wet. To help with the long lines, Six Flags has FastLane, where you reserve a time to ride a popular ride, go do something else, and then come back at that reserved time and hop right on.

To rest your tired feet a bit, use the sky buckets or the train to get from one side of the park to the other. The shows at Six Flags are really worth catching. They are really good, and you are missing out by not seeing them. Also, take time to stop and try to win your sweetie one of those huge stuffed animals. There is no shortage of different games to try your luck at. Tons of food stations keep you going, from burgers to funnel cakes. Also throughout the park are all the Looney Toon characters. Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck, and the whole gang can pop up anywhere, so keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready.

Six Flags Over Georgia
7561 Six Flags Parkway
Austell, Georgia, 30168
+1 770 948 9290

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