More English than England

Experience a bit of England close to home. There are lots of fun shops to walk through and great places to eat.

More English than England

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by cmp0129 on July 12, 2005

Take a city bus tour and familiarize yourself with the southern most tip of the island. Don't forget to sit on the top deck. Then lunch at the Empress Hotel; walking through the hotel is fun. Make reservations for afternoon tea, too. The little dessert cookies are exclusive here, and I never have had them before or since with afternoon tea.

Afterwards, walk over to the Parliament to enjoy the green lawns and water fountain. Then grab a Tally Ho ride. A two-horse drawn wagon is a more intimate way to see the city and Beacon Hill Park and is fun. Then you can spend the rest of the day shopping on Government Street. Stroll into Sydney Reynolds and check out the beautiful selection of china. The old building with the dark wood and familiar wood smell will bring you into another time. I buy a new piece of china every time from the Summertime Rose pattern. It's fun to watch my tea set grow over the past 15 years. At Rogers Chocolate Shoppe, the smell of chocolate will draw you in. Grab an ice-cream bar great to eat on a warm or cold day. Buying a few chocolates won't hurt either. Then hit Murchies Coffee Shoppe and grab a drink to go, and a croissant or something from the dessert counter will taste good.

Take a walk to Beacon Hill Park to sit, relax, or just visit the petting zoo. There are plenty of ponds with water fowl. The great blue herons are perched in the tops of the trees from April to June and fun to watch. There is lots of entertainment to see and experience on the waterfront in the inner harbor.

I still remember when afternoon tea was dressy, and if you weren't properly dressed, you were not allowed in. When a napkin fell onto the floor, a gentleman would pick it up for me. I would love to see old, proper etiquette come back. This was when traditional etiquette was part of getting away to Victoria. ${QuickSuggestions} There are plenty of coupons to use. Take advantage of them and you will save money. Using a credit card will give you the best exchange rate. Use an ATM will give you a good exchange rate and you don't have to use a currency exchange, which cost a fee.${BestWay} Getting around by foot is the best way, since everything is in walking distance. The inner harbor is fun to walk. City transportation is affordable, easy to use, and a fun way to see others parts of the city. There are various kinds of transportation to rent that can be fun to use.

The Empress Hotel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by cmp0129 on July 14, 2005

I was staying at the Empress Hotel. Mom and I had a room on the third floor in the left wing of the hotel. Elegance is everywhere in the hotel. It was in the antiques in the lobby and the hallway and in the bedroom, making the stay perfect. I would love to have some of these furnishings at home. The room was small and cozy, and the bed was comfortable. The hotel cost a little bit more then other hotels in the area, but it was worth it.
Fairmont Empress Hotel
721 Government Street
Victoria, British Columbia, V8W1W5
(250) 384-8111


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by cmp0129 on July 12, 2005

Excellent food with a great place to sit down and eat. Nice decor on the walls, comfortable chairs. A little loud during the busy lunch hour. Highly recommend the lunch buffet with the dessert bar. Sit down to a plate of wonderful chocolate Italiano dessert--one bite is like a party in the mouth. I have not tasted a better chocolate dessert before. The crème brulee is like I remember tasting in France. I love the roasted potatoes and the pasta dishes--dishes I get to eat from different parts of the world that I would not make myself at home. Nor would the taste be the same.
Empress Hotel
Vancouver Island, British Columbia
(506) 863-6310

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