Bergen...Breathtaking and Beautiful

Bergen is a spectacular destination if you are in Norway. The scenery and the people are equally enchanting. The boats, wharves, churches and history are so makes Bergen a special destination.

Bergen...Breathtaking and Beautiful

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by neworleanstraveler on December 29, 2000

Bergen is a treasure and visitors should allocate enough time to visit most of the landmarks. I feel that during my visit I most enjoyed:

- The Bryggen (historic row houses)
- Mariakirke (St. Mary's Church)
- Rosenkrantz Tower
- Floibanen
- Fish Market
- Hakonshallen
${QuickSuggestions} I found that during my visit to Bergen (July 2000) the crowds were very large. It was sometimes difficult to walk through the crowds at the market and near the Bryggen. I thought the best thing that I did was wake up early (around 5am) and take a walk on the town. The sun rises at around, there was ample sun and the streets were empty except for cleaning crews, fishermen and delivery men. I was able to see the sites of Bergen without people everywhere and was rewarded with great photos without tourists blocking the view!!

A second tip is to bring an umbrella and or rain poncho with you. It rains more than 200 days per year in expect some rain and don't let it spoil your day!${BestWay} Bergen is relatively small, but I found the streets to be more confusing than in other cities that I have traveled. At most hotel front desks, a Bergen city street map can be found which will definitely help you get your wits about you in Bergen.

Best Western Bergen

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by neworleanstraveler on December 29, 2000

During my stay in Norway, I have stayed in many very nice European style hotels. I expected the same in Bergen, I was surprised and pleased to find that this was the most "Americanized" hotel that I was to rest in Norway. I was rewarded in my room with a large queen sized bed with extra pillows and a luxurious feather duvet that I wished I could bring home with me. The room itself was very large with a full sized couch and desk. The bathroom had both a shower and tub and the towels were extra large and thick. All in all it was a most relaxing stay in Bergen.

The breakfast was hearty and the self made waffles were a hit in my book. Of course, my new favorite breakfast foods....liver pate, pickles and beets were available as well. Who could ask for anything more!!!!

I highly recommend the Best Western Bergen. It is located about 5 blocks away from the city center of Bergen.

Scandic Bergen City Hotel
Haakonsgaten 2
Bergen, Norway
47 55 233962

Restaurant Louisiana

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by neworleanstraveler on December 29, 2000

O.K. I have to admit....I traveled all the way to Norway from New Orleans, I set foot in Bergen and what do I see......a cajun/creole restaurant named Louisiana. How could a faithful resident of Louisiana not at least try the restaurant out?

I decided to give it a go and had dinner there one night. It was a very nice meal....but don't get me wrong it was nothing like eating at a good cajun restaurant in Louisiana!

It was however a valiant effort. I had a chicken stew dish with cole slaw. It was tasty, but everyone outside of Louisiana can't get our blend of spices nailed down.... they tried but it didn't have the kick that Southern Louisiana food has.

You have to give them an "A" for effort.

Restaurant Louisiana
Vagsalmenning 6
Bergen, Norway
(55) 546-660

Mariakirke (St. Mary's Church)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by neworleanstraveler on December 29, 2000

The Mariakirke is believed to be the oldest building in Bergen. It dates to the Mid-12th century and is of the Romanesque style. The church is truly beautiful both inside and out. The focale point of the church is it exquisite and ornate altarpiece and pulpit. The altarpiece is in the triptic fashion and can be opened and closed for certain events. The detail and the workmanship are stunning and to think that this was done several hundred years ago is even more remarkable. The pulpit was donated to the church was the Hanseatic merchants that frequented the church centuries ago. It depicts many religious scenes and virtues.

The church has an admission fee of 15NOK = 2USD and a small souvenir table is located at the rear of the church.

The church is easily found on foot between the Bryggen and the Rosencrantz Tower just a block down from the SAS Royal Hotel.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen Fish Market

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by neworleanstraveler on December 29, 2000

The Bergen Fish Market is a true sensory experience! If you like fish or not (I don't) it is a great way to spend an hour or so. Take your time and walk through the aisles of merchants as they hawk their goods to locals and the like. If this is your thing, perhaps you will buy a pound or so of cooked prawns to eat on the dock.

My favorite part of the visit to the market was watching the bird's dive bomb the boats unloading their goods on the wharves.

Besides the fish, other goods were available as well. Fresh flowers (the colors were brilliant), fruits and veggies were also all plentiful in the stands. Souvenirs can also be purchased at the market. The prices for the souvenirs were more reasonably priced here than at the shops in the Bryggen. I can say that the sweaters that you will find everywhere in Norway were not of a high quality at the market. I bought one in a local shop that was far superior to the one found in the market.

It was a highly entertaining...if not smelly afternoon!

Bergen Fish Market
Bergen, Norway

Bryggen Row Houses

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by neworleanstraveler on December 29, 2000

The Bryggen was the commercial center of Bergen centuries ago. The set of row houses that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List is set right off of the Bergen Harbor. You can stroll along and among these breathtaking timbered houses that now contain shops, artisans, museums and workshops. Each house is vibrantly painted in typical Hanseatic fashion. The Hanseatic League (a group of merchants from Germany) made the Bryggen a commercial success and was both given certain freedoms in Bergen, but later were isolated and shunned by the locals.

Enjoy walking through the houses that represent the past of Bergen. I especially enjoyed the Bergen Art Museum which is located among the row houses.

This is really THE sight to see in Bergen.


Bergen, Norway

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