Fiesta Americana Grand Cabo Del Sol

We stayed at Fiesta Americana Grand Vacation Club at Cabo Del Sol in a one-bedroom suite, which was very enjoyable and quiet, but needs better access. You will find Playa Grande in Cabo pretty comparable in quality and right in town.

Fiesta Americana Grand Cabo Del Sol

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There are fantastic swimming pools located throughout this large resort, with one used mainly by timeshare vacation club owners away from all the kids yelling and screaming all day long. It is very quiet for reading, and the pool water level is about 4 feet and 6 inches high, so that most adults can stand up in it if they get tired doing laps.${QuickSuggestions} See Skyauction and bid for your week. Go to the Google Internet search engine and enter Skyauction in the search field. Once at the Skyauction website, type Cabo in the search field and hit the go or search button. Have fun searching, but remember, Internet access at the Fiesta Americana is only available in the business centre at the resort and may cost you some pesos.

Be careful using the telephone at the resort for long distance calls. I made a one-minute call from the hotel to home to advise my wife that I got there safely and was charged a five minute minimum charge of $35 Canadian by the hotel long-distance carrier. A tad expensive, so buy a telephone card available in town for about 30 pesos, or $3.${BestWay} Locals catch the Suburban Cabos blue/yellow bus for about 10 pesos or the green express bus for 20 pesos into Cabo San Lucas or San Jose Del Cabo. There are bus stops at the top of the exit ramps located at the top of the overpass on the Transpeninsular Highway. It is a 20-minute walk into the Fiesta Americana Grand from the highway.

Fiesta Americana Vacation Club

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by latpoy on May 8, 2005

The vacation club is located about 5 minutes away from the main hotel reception area and is easily accessed by golf carts to and from your room. Our one-bedroom unit was located on the sixth floor of the seven-floor building, and we had the three-floor buildings located in front of our building right at the water’s edge. There are no nightwalkers here, as the drop-off is very severe and the pounding waves may keep some awake at night. Sorry, there is no ocean swimming either due to the strong ocean undertow. Use the resorts various pools which are lovely and you will arrive home safely.

All the rooms have an ocean view, and our one-bedroom came with a Jacuzzi and one and a half bathrooms. The kids loved the big 32-inch television in the living room and the 27-inch television in the master bedroom. The kitchen had a dishwasher, but the kids figured it was better to leave the dirty dishes in the sink, and then the maid would wash or load the dirty dishes in the dishwasher for a small tip every day because they were on vacation. We also liked having free access to the washer and dryer located on every even floor in our building, with ice machines on the odd floors.

We found the furnishings in good condition and had patio access from both the living room and master bedroom. The teak patio furniture was nice for stretching out on or just enjoying the beautiful views of the cruise ships sailing by daily.

This resort is about a 20-minute walk in from the Transpeninsular Highway at 10.3km and has bus stops located on both sides of the highway accessed by an overpass. A car rental is very appropriate in accessing this vacation club, unless you are on a student budget and can stay here by bidding on Skyauction if the hotel has availability at up to 75%-off rack rates. How about $250 per week!

It is possible to come by bus from the airport. You walk out of the airport terminal and follow the taxis and airport workers to the right who walk out towards the Transpeninsular Highway, which is about 2 miles away along the road fronting the Los Cabos International Airport. You can see the highway once you get out onto the main road in front of the airport. You catch one of two local buses for 10 pesos or the express bus for 20 pesos, which might get you there 2 to 3 minutes faster. Just tell the driver you want the Fiesta Americana Grand and you will be there in 45 minutes or so. You will see big numbers painted on the Transpeninsular Highway that tell you how far away you are from Cabo San Lucas at milepost 0. So, around milepost 10.3, you will see your bus go up a ramp at the top of the overpass to drop you off, but it does get hot, so you might consider catching a taxi at the overpass, as they come and go to the Fiesta Americana or Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar.

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