Off the Beaten Track in the Peruvian Jungle

100 miles in 10 hours on a pick-up. The street doesn´t deserve the name. But then you enter a pearl in the Peruvian rainforest: Puerto Bermudez on the little Rio Pachitea flowing slow down to the Rio Amazonas...

Off the Beaten Track in the Peruvian Jungle

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With a population of 2,500, Puerto Bermudez itself lacks highlights. But it’s maybe the best and cheapest possibility to make a trip to the unbelievable rain forest and area of the Ashaninka Indians, the local natives. And a Spanish gringo built one of the most relaxing places there: The Albergue Humboldt next to the river.

This small guesthouse was built by Jesus 7 years ago with his own hands, and now, with it’s lovely garden; hammocks; and the small, clean rooms, it’s a highlight of the very low-budget guesthouses in Peru.

Before Jesus settled down in Puerto Bermudez, he travelled over 15 years around South America - by bike! He can talk for hours and hours about his trips, and you listen with your mouth open. He makes delicious meals, and if you like playing chess, there is your biggest challenge. Or you just relax and read a book from his international library. Jesus knows the forest like his own pocket. He knows the best guides into the jungle and has safe contacts with the Ashaninkas. In the dark nights (there is no electricity from 11pm and on), you can listen to the frogs in the river and see dozens of fireflies, and in the rainy season, you can be witness to the expressive storms in the rain forest.${QuickSuggestions} To Puerto Bermudez, you can go by pick-up from La Merced or Pucallpa on a bad but interesting road. There are cheap buses from Lima to La Merced.

The best place to stay is the Albergue Humboldt - just ask one of the motorcar drivers. For a room with three meals, water, tea, and coffee, it’s more and less 5$ the day. Be prepared for the mosquitoes - it’s a malaria and yellow fever area! Rainy season is from December to April. ${BestWay} Puerto Bermudez is surrounded by the rain forest. The stuff in the Albergue Humboldt offers everything from 1-day trips to 10-day jungle-experiences with the Ashaninka Indians.

Albergue Humboldt

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Janosch on April 4, 2005

They offer dusty but clean rooms, a library; a kitchen (you can cook yourself if you’d like); and a garden with palm trees, star fruit, and hammocks. Shower with cold water. There is no electricity at night.
Albergue Humboldt
Puerto Bermudez
Amazon River, Peru, Peru
005 (163) 230020

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