Boarding in Jackson Hole

I went expecting some fantastic snowboarding and came away completely delighted, if a little bruised.

Boarding in Jackson Hole

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by jim on April 2, 2005

Clearly, the biggest highlight for me was the amazing skiing and snowboarding. I had heard that Jackson Hole had some challenging (to say the least) slopes, but that doesn’t do it justice. I was like a little kid exploring an amazing number of incredible trails, bowls, terrain parks, and off-trail slopes. There is something for everyone, but this is definitely a resort geared toward the intermediate or advanced skier.

I also loved the scenery in Jackson Hole. The Tetons are breathtaking, and over 90% of the land is protected, so you will see so much unspoiled nature. You have to pass through a massive elk refuge. You see the elk right next to the roads, and there are hundreds of them. ${QuickSuggestions} We bought groceries and cooked in every night. We missed the Jackson Hole nightlife, but we were absolutely wiped out after snowboarding all day. Jackson Hole provides a challenging mountain, and you will be happy if you don’t have to move too much at dinner. You can get some groceries at the little market at the Jackson Hole resort, but you need to go into town for the main grocery store if you really want to cook. The smartest thing to do is to grab the groceries on your way from the airport to avoid the 1.5-hour trek back and forth after you have arrived.

My only other tip is to get a car (see below for more detail). ${BestWay} The Jackson Hole resort is about 20 minutes from the actual town of Jackson Hole, and about 40 minutes from the airport. The realty company we used to book our lodging advised us to get a cab from the airport. This worked out fine and cost about each way, but we wished we had rented a car. A couple of times, we went into town (via a taxi) to get groceries. This was a bit of a hassle. Also, we probably would have explored the town a bit more if we had our own car. Of course, there are shuttle buses that take you to any part of the resort and into town if you are patient enough. Once in the resort, the shuttles are very regular. Plus, you can walk to most of the resort once you actually arrive, unless you are in some of town homes farther up the mountain, like Moose Creek, where we stayed.

Moose Creek Townhomes

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by jim on April 3, 2005

This trip was a bit of a celebration, so we wanted to splurge on the accommodations. We contacted the Jackson Hole Resort Lodging office (), and they recommended Moose Creek townhomes in the Teton Village, right next to the slopes. I have to say that we were absolutely delighted by the accommodations at Moose Creek.

The Moose Creek townhomes were magnificent. First, they were located on the slopes, so we could literally strap on our boards and coast down to the first lift and then, at the end of the day, board right to the front door of our unit.

Second, the accommodations were the perfect mix of rustic-mountain and luxury. There was an incredible amount of space in the three-bedroom, three-bath condo. Everyone loved their bedroom, and the open-top floor was a great place to congregate, hang-out, eat, and play games. The living room, dining room, and kitchen all run together on the top floor, but you had plenty of solitude on the lower levels if you wanted to chill out, read a book, or hang out in the hot tub. We loved the furnishings, the foosball table in the living room, the large moose head in the dining room, and everything else about the place. Third, the views of the mountain and the valley below were awesome. You got a really good sense of what you were up against on the slopes just by looking out the window. Jackson Hole truly is a beautiful place, and it was nice to be able to appreciate it from our condo.

Finally, all of the little things were well-taken-care-of. There were videos and games in the cabinet in the living room. Easy-to-follow instructions for everything in the unit and in the Teton Village were provided. It was also easy to check in and check out, and the resort lodging office was available when we had any questions.

We paid about $750 per night, and it was worth every penny. I strongly recommend Moose Creek if you are going with a large group or family.

Moose Creek Townhomes

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
1(800) 443-8613

Snowboarding in Jackson Hole

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by jim on April 3, 2005

I think that Jackson Hole scares away some people because of its reputation for difficult slopes. On the one hand, I completely understand the sentiment. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a serious mountain. I have never seen more difficult slopes. Take the typical difficulty ratings (i.e. green, blue, black, diamond, etc.) and knock everything up a notch (or two) versus what you are used to. I went down some blue-rated slopes that I couldn't believe weren't some type of black diamond. I definitely took some spills due to the difficulty and the amazing amount of powder. But I don't want to scare anyone away, because this is a great ski resort.

Once I got a feel for the mountain, I found some awesome trails and slopes. The resort is huge, and you will never get tired of the different options. You can also find something for everyone. The extreme skier/snowboarder is definitely catered to at the resort. But we also found plenty of slopes that my Southern-raised (synonomous for hasn't skied much) ten-year-old nephew could enjoy. We did make a mistake of taking him down a blue run on our first trip down the mountain (it was hard and too much if you haven't skied in awhile). The Apres Vous quad lift is a good place to start as a warm-up for everyone in the group. I went up almost every lift and explored the bowls extensively. I was oftentimes in over my head, but I was wise enough to avoid any drastic mistakes. You will see on the lift going up what you absolutely can't handle. There were typically "bail-out" options if you change your mind about a particular run. But be aware of some of the lifts. If you take the tram (which is different than the gondola) up to the top, you had better be ready to buckle up your helmet and let loose.

A couple of things I really liked:

- The snow and powder were amazing.

- There were no crowds. We never had to wait at a lift for more than 5 minutes.

- The scenery was breathtaking.

- The facilities were all world class and very well taken care of.

What more could you ask of a mountain resort? I will definitely be heading back to Jackson Hole next winter.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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