Women's Basketball in Knoxville

I ended up in Knoxville to see the U of A women's basketball team play in the first round of the 2005 NCAA tournament. While here, I also got to see the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.

Women's Basketball in Knoxville

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Obviously the highlight of the trip was seeing the Arizona Wildcats beat Oklahoma 72 to 69. I also enjoyed seeing Polkey’s and Sybil Dosty’s jerseys in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.${QuickSuggestions} ${BestWay} We rented a car because we had to come back to the airport hotel for the pep rally on the day of the game. We found the rental price very reasonable at under $20 a day. We could have walked to the game and Hall of Fame from our hotel if we had wanted.

Hilton Downtown

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We stayed on the top floor of the hotel. We found the hotel nice and the employees very helpful. When we discovered that the soda in the machine came out warm, they quickly gave us cold replacements. Our room had a king-size bed and a fold-out coach. The toiletries were the usual soap, shampoo, and conditioner, and there was also make-up remover and mouthwash. Although neither my mom nor I wear make-up, we found it a very thoughtful amenity.

The view from our room was spectacular. We could see downtown Knoxville. On the other side of the building you can see University of Tennessee.

Hilton Knoxville
Knoxville, Tennessee, 37902
865 523-2300

The Market Cafe at the Hilton

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We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant one morning. The only breakfast options are the continental or full buffet. The continental buffet looked a little lacking in the fruit area, which is why I usually go for the cheaper option, so I instead went with the slightly more expensive full buffet. The full buffet included freshly made waffles; an omelet bar; and the usual eggs, bacon, etc.

We also had dinner here one night. We had great stuffed mushrooms and a nice warm, small loaf of bread for our appetizer. For dinner my mom had the meatloaf and I had the shrimp scampi. The food was great.

The only complaint with the restaurant is that we had to wait 15 minutes before anyone came to seat us when we went to dinner. It looked like they only had one person working outside the kitchen, but since there were few other diners, he still did a great job of serving us once we were seated.
Hilton Knoxville
501 W. Church Avenue
Knoxville, Tennessee, 37902
(865) 523-2300

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

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There is no mistaking that this building has something to do with basketball. On the roof is the world’s largest basketball. This basketball is 30 feet wide, weighs 20,000 pounds, and has 96,000-plus pebbles.

Before entering the Hall of Fame exhibits, you are shown a movie that illustrates the history of women’s basketball. Imagine playing basketball in skirts, as they did 100 years ago. The first exhibit after you leave the theater contains more information on the first 100 years of women’s basketball, from the first tip-off to the NCAA championship.

After walking past a version of an early locker room that looked more like a storage closet, you enter an area that resembles a modern locker room. It is very lifelike, from the lockers containing uniforms and mementos from some of the nation’s best players and teams to the benches with player statues. The most interesting thing about this area is a television screen that plays real coaches giving locker-room lectures.

In the next area I do not remember what was on the ground because I was paying to much attention to the jerseys hanging from the ceiling. The jerseys represent last season’s high-school and collegiate All-Americans and WNBA All-Stars. Two of the jerseys were of interest to me. One was Polkey’s U of A jersey and the other was Sybil Dosty’s Salpointe jersey, the U of A jersey being of interest to me because I go to the school and have been watching the team for about 7 years. The Salpointe jersey was of interest because it was one of the high schools I went to and Dosty was there at the same time.

From here you can go to the lower level, where you can test your shooting, dribbling, and passing skills. There are three baskets, one of which resembles what basketball hoops looked like in the early days of women’s basketball. It was fun to try the different drills and the early hoop.

Returning to the upstairs’ exhibits, you will come upon statues that form a huddle with room for you to join. In the huddle you can hear what coaches said during timeouts at actual games.

The last exhibit is the actual Hall of Fame containing the names of all the inductees. Here you can learn about their lives and careers. Two of the inductees are Pat Summit and Tara VanDerveer.

Hours are 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm to 6pm on Sunday,
Women's Basketball Hall of Fame
700 Hall of Fame Drive
Knoxville, Tennessee, 37915
(865) 633-9000


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