Gobbling Up Thanksgiving Turkey in NYC

My parents came to NY for Thanksgiving and it was quite an event for all of us!! I'd never been a Thanksgiving hostess before, but New York has lots to offer during the holiday season...so it was pretty easy.

Gobbling Up Thanksgiving Turkey in NYC

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There is something to be said for getting away on Turkey Day and not having to cook!! We ate Thanksgiving dinner OUT and it was great! The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular is a MUST SEE. One of my favorite memories is hustling my folks on an off of the NYC subways.${QuickSuggestions} Bring lots of warm clothes. The weather was very chilly while my parents were in town and you have to do lots of walking to see the sights in NYC. Gloves and hats are a must. Insulated underwear isn't a bad idea either since the wind is pretty strong sometimes.

If you want to catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, plan ahead. Check Macys' website (www.macys.com) and plan to arrive EARLY! They do NOT sell tickets and the best viewing spots are 'finders keepers'. We thought about going, but it was just too COLD and my parents didn't arrive until late the night before. Speaking of arriving late...

Plan on delays at the airports. My mom and dad flew the day before Thanksgiving and went home the Sunday right after. Both times they encountered delays and long lines, especially at LaGuardia in NY which is a constant pain!!

If you want to eat Thanksgiving dinner in the city, reservations are probably a must. Check the web for ideas: www.nyctourist.com and www.nycvisit.com. These are also good sites for scouting out hotels. My parents stayed with me so we didn't have to deal with this aspect of a holiday trip.${BestWay} The subway system in New York is the way to travel! Be sure to snag a map and plan your trip beforehand. Each trip is $1.50 (one way). You can purchase single tokens or MetroCards.

MetroCards are the better deal, if you plan to be on and off the subway system several times because you can get 'unlimited ride cards'. Check at the various stations for vending machines or with the attendants in the booths. Information about the system is also available on the web: www.mta.nyc.ny.us.

Walking is probably the best way to actually 'see' New York. The city is easy to navigate and the crowds aren't too bad, except for in shopping areas the day after Thanksgiving.

Finally, you can always grab a taxi, if you get lost or need a ride to the airport in a pinch. If you can arrange it, car/shuttle services are usually cheaper with regards to airport transportation. Check at the airport terminals for information. Many Manhattan hotels are actually stops along the various shuttle routes.

Friend Of A Farmer

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Friend Of A Farmer is well-known around town for brunch. I had never eaten here before, but I will certainly go back after our Thanksgiving meal. The restaurant had three seatings on Thanksgiving Day - 12:30, 3:30, and 5:30. My parents and I had reservations for the 3:30 meal. I don't think reservations are a must during the rest of the year, but on Thanksgiving they filled all the spots in all three of their seatings.

The restaurant has two floors and it is very charming. It looks like an old country inn and there is a nice fireplace on the second floor. The inside had been decorated with gourds and fall leaves. There were also lots of farm antiques hanging on the walls. The space was used very well and although there were a lot of people it did not feel crowded.

When we were seated there was already fresh eggnog and breads on the table. Along with the various breads we could choose from fresh cranberry or apple butter spreads. The breads were delicious and my parents enjoyed the eggnog. I don't really care too much for it.

We were given three choices for an appetizer: salad, corn chowder, or squash soup. We each ordered a different one and sampled them all. The salad was just that, a salad. The corn chowder was good...a bit of an onion flavor made it interesting. The squash soup was the most original dish. It was different, but good. A dark soup with a spicey flavor that reminded you a little bit of pumpkin.

Next we were served country pie which was a broccoli and cheese layered, quiche-like dish. There might also have been some carrots in there. It was very tasty.

The main course was wonderful!! The options were turkey and stuffing (of course), salmon, or ham. My parents and I went with the traditional and we weren't dissappointed. The turkey was very tender and the stuffing was homemade with raisins and all. There were also mashed potatoes and yams. Succotash was also served. Finally, there was gravy and it was yummy. The portions were just right too, not too little, but not heaping mounds of food either. Dessert and coffee topped of the dinner. We all had pecan pie (a southern favorite), but pumpkin pie and apple pie were also available.

There was a fixed price for the meal, $31.95 per person, not including soft drinks or alcohol. This was very reasonable compared with other prices around town. I called several places before deciding on Friend Of A Farmer and the next best price was $45 per person.

I must also say that the staff did a fantastic job. They were very attentive and super friendly. All of the food was served hot and fresh. My parents were very impressed with the dinner and even commented on the quality of the waiters/waitresses, who generally seem disintereted in New Yorkk at best.

I can't wait to get back here to try their brunch!! If it is half as good as their Thanksgiving meal was...

Friend of a Farmer
77 Irving Place
New York, New York, 10003
+1 212 477 2188

Sephora Times Square

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Sephora claims to be the future of cosmetics. Their philosophy is 'hands-on self-service'. The Times Square location is huge and very colorful. It is quite an experience for all of your senses. I don't buy many cosmetics products, but this was a neat place to browse and try various things out.

The sales people do not follow on your heels at Sephora. They are helpful, but not bothersome. Nobody sprays you with anything or attempts to get you to try some strange color on your face. You are encouraged to explore on your own. They sell everything from name-brand fragrances to lipstick and nailpolish to bubble bath and everything can be sampled. The selection is excellent (including many international brands) and the range of colors available is incredible.

The prices are comparable to Macy's and Bloomingdale's. Men's and women's products are available. When we went there were several cute gift ideas around. You could even create your own gift package. They also have a webpage for more info.: www.sephora.com.

1500 Broadway, #304
New York, New York, 10036
(212) 944-6789

Grand Central Terminal

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The holiday season is a fantastic time to visit Grand Central Terminal because there are so many extra activities going on. The train terminal first opened in 1913. After four years of renovation, the city claims that Grand Central is "grand again" and I agree.

Trains still arrive and depart from this station, so it is a wonderful spot to watch the 'holiday rush'...commuters are always hustling about. Be sure to walk into the main concourse and gaze at the beautiful ceiling decorated with images representing the various constellations. My dad also thought the chandeliers were impressive. Guided tours are available, but I think exploring on your own is the way to go. There are maps in various locations in the terminal and it is fairly easy to find your way around.

Grand Central has a new food court on the lower level with lots of options and ample seating. Grab a Kosher sandwich or snack on Mexican food. We just had a Coke. There are also lots of shops in the terminal that are open year-round (like the food court). You can buy everything from books to children's clothing here. Some of the merchants include: Banana Republic, Godiva, Origins, and Posman Books. You can also get a cup of coffee or pastry at almost every turn in the terminal.

We roamed through the Grand Central Market where different companies sell foods. The fruits smelled wonderful, but you can also find breads, meats, cheeses, flowers, and sweets. Watch for the free sample trays!!

For the holidays they have added a Laser Light Show in the main concourse. Watch the lights dance along the ceiling as you listen to seasonal music. The show is free and takes place every half hour from 11am-9pm, Nov.20-Dec. 31. The show is short, but kids will probably be impressed. My parents and I thought it was pretty cute, especially since it was free!

There is also a Holiday Fair. My parents and I walked through this area. There are over 70 vendors here selling crafts and clothing. Most items were a little pricey, but the various products are pretty interesting and original. We saw some beautiful jewelry and clothing. Don't miss the Merino wool products (somewhere in the middle) - great mittens! It doesn't take long to walk through the fair and maybe you'll find some inspiration for gifts. The event runs from Nov.20-Dec.24.

Check out the Grand Central website for information on guided tours and their calendar of events: www.grandcentralterminal.com.

Grand Central Terminal
87 E 42nd St
New York, New York
(212) 340-2210


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