Our Honeymoon in St.Thomas, USVI

On our 7-day honeymoon to St. Thomas, we stayed at Sugar Bay Wyndham Resort and spent some time on St. John, as well.

Our Honeymoon in St.Thomas, USVI

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by Cekimon on January 14, 2005

Must-sees include Magen's Bay on St. Thomas and Trunk Bay on St. John. ${QuickSuggestions} Bring snacks and bottled water. If you have snorkel gear or can buy some back home inexpensively and bring it, that'd save you some money. ${BestWay} Taxis can get very expensive very quickly. A rental car is a good idea if you're going to do a lot of driving and exploring, but if you plan to lay low most of your trip at the resort, you might be okay skipping the rental car. See if your resort offers free shuttles to major sites such as beaches and shopping downtown or to the Red Hook fairy boat.

Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort and Spa

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Cekimon on January 14, 2005

Best Things Nearby:
Honestly, the roads are kind of like a roller coaster, and even though the island is small, nothing really feels "close by."

Best Things About the Resort:
Lots of water sport equipment is available, such as non-motorized stuff like kayaks and snorkel gear.

Resort Experience:
This resort is actually an "all-inclusive" resort, and I didn't know that this would be a big deal when I booked the trip. They asked if I'd like to upgrade to all-inclusive status, and I said no, thinking we'd do a lot more exploring of the island and that we wouldn't spend all day, every day at the resort. However, the resort is mainly geared towards guests who are all-inclusive, and we didn't think the upgrade would have been worth our money since we don't consume a lot of alcohol. The upgrade would have been $75 a day per person. They give you a wrist band if you are all-inclusive. When we ate at their restaurant, it took forever to get our check because the staff isn't used to writing out checks. Our bill had to taken to the front desk to be rung up. It was very clear that we would have had a better time at this resort had we been staying all-inclusive.

The beach looks a lot nicer in the photos you see on the website. It's fairly small, with a lot of rocks at the end of the beach. The pool was okay, but the waterfalls made it kind of loud. The hot tub was most enjoyable.

It's also hard to find something to eat at this resort past 11pm or so.

I was fairly disappointed with the friendliness of the resort staff. No one seemed pleasant or eager to be helpful. We kind of walked away feeling "ignored."

The resort is not on flat ground, which means a lot of walking or waiting for shuttles. This is especially important to consider if you are, or are traveling with, a disabled person. The parking lot is very far from the front desk, and you need to be shuttled from your car if you rent one, as we did.

Also, there is a long wooden staircase going down to the pool and beach area. This was such a hassle to trek down every time for a swim and then be tired from swimming and have to trek back up.

The room was fair. It had a mini-fridge that looked like it needed to be cleaned. The bathroom looked kind of worn down, considering the website says the resort recently underwent a renovation. We had a good view from our room, overlooking a cove.

The two beds in our room felt very small for queen-sized beds. I'm convinced they were only full-sized beds, and we pondered for days whether we should ask to switch rooms.

I wouldn't suggest this place unless you are going to consume a lot of alcohol on the "all-inclusive plan" and don't plan on leaving the resort at all to explore.

There was a tennis court and gym we never checked out. If you are looking for a resort with a great beach and ease of getting around, this is not the place for you.

Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort and Spa
6500 Estate Smith Bay
St Thomas, 00802
(340) 777-7100


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